Monday, December 31, 2007

Amatuer Night

WOW! Last day of the year. Got to remember to write ’08 on the checks starting tomorrow.
What are your plans for this evening? The wife and I will do our usual, watch the tube until around 10 pm and then hit the hay. I found out a long time ago the New Year gets just fine while I’m asleep. Beside, I don’t trust all the amateur drinkers out on New Years Eve.

Whatever your plans are for tonight, be safe! Here’s hoping everyone has a happy and healthy New Year.

Whats Up?

I certainly do not mean to detract from the wonderful homecoming of Lt. Groton today, but something strikes me as odd.

In one of Alberos photos Salisbury Firefighter Jon Gerity is shown shaking Lt Grotons hand. Below that post it shows 4 comments were made concerning that picture. When the comment count was at two, I read them and they both seemed to berate Mr. Gerity. When I viewed the post later there were 4 comments and all had been deleted by the BLOG administrator.

What was so damaging to the Albero cause to prompt such an action?
Inquiring minds want to know.

1st Lt Clay Groton

I have to give credit were credit is due and I must say Albero has provided a very nice photo spread for the arrival of Clay Groton returning home today from Iraq.

To Lt. Groton I say this---THANK YOU SIR!

My family and I appreciate your service more than you will ever know. We offer our prayers to you and yours for a prosperous and healthy New Year. God Bless You and yours.

Joe Perdue & Family

Sunday, December 30, 2007

New BLOGGER on the Block

I just had a request to add "Honest Opinions" to my link list. In his e-mail request he stated,

"This blog will contain many of ideas and news realted information. In no means will it have bashing or derogatory messages. Just a nice way to get involved with different people and have different ideas out there."

Sounds like it could be a refreshing change of pace. Give him a look. "Honest Opinions" is on my link list to the left.

Good Luck Opinions, and have fun!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Albero Falsely Befriends Jon Gerity

Albero breaks bad on straight shooter and calls him out for a face-to-face confrontation. The only problem here is the last person to take Albero up on this offer found himself in trouble with the law and now has to answer to a judge for his actions. Why than would some else try the same thing. Albero, in his demented manner, claims this challenge is justified because the shooter has allowed commenters on his site to say things about his family.

However take a look at Albero’s site and what he allowed to be said about Jon Gerity and his family. Albero has the ability to reject these comments and to end all that before it became public. But let’s be real. It is an opportunity to further slam the SFD and the administration at the Gerity’s expense. I only wish Jon Gerity could see through Albero’s ploy.

In some of the most recent comments, Albero is urging Jon to sue the city for liable/slander whatever the correct term is. He advises Jon to “confront” Davis Ruark have all the city computers subpoenaed. Albero claims Mr. Ruark is obligated to investigate. This in itself should prove to Mr. Gerity what an unreliable legal source Albero truly is. To begin with, Davis Ruark is the States Attorney. His focus is on criminal cases. Somehow I doubt Mr. Ruark is all that interested in the Salisbury News Enquirer, or the all the 4th grade bravado and playground name calling going on there. Nothing can be proven as to who said what and even if it could be it could it would only be a civil case. The States Attorneys Office does not handle civil cases.

This would mean Mr. Gerity would have to hire a lawyer, and possibly an investigator to spend hours on end to basically find out who hurt his feelings. Guess who the big winners are? You got it ---the lawyer and P.I. I don’t see Albero offering up any of his millions to Jon Gerity to finance such a quest.

It does occur to me however that if Mr. Gerity wishes to pursue this venture he should step back and carefully look at who is to blame for all of this slander to be made public.


As I said in the beginning of this post, Albero has the ability to stop any of the comments before they become public on his site. It is well know Albero moderates comments so why has he allowed all of this garbage to be brought to light about Gerity’s family, especially since he has often and loudly denounced mention of family in the past.

I myself asked some time ago to leave Albero’s family out of the BLOGs and I rejected comments on this site that referenced them. Albero now allows another family to suffer immense degradation so that he may further his cause against the SFD. Albero claims to be showing the world how immature and relentless the SFD firefighters are when in fact there is no proof what so ever that a firefighter has posted anything. What is proven however is that Albero has allowed this muckraking to become public. He has under the guise of being an ally freely provided the forum for the aspersions against the Geritys, and in that I say Albero is responsible for the despair the Gerity family now endures. How many times in the past has Albero used the word "respect"? How many times has he openly demanded "respect"? How much respect does he now show for the Gerity family?

However I offer this to Jon. E-mail me so you and I can make arrangements to meet for a cup of coffee or perhaps a beer. Together we can share dialog on the events of the past week and possibly the two of us will walk away with a better understanding of this debacle. You will find my e-mail address in the profile section to the left of this post. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Meet "Munch"

Meet "Munch" aka "Chewbacca". Munch weighs in at about 2 lbs and was rescued from the human society about a year ago by my sister. He is quite a character and so full of himself. His goal in life is to see how many "no-no's" he can steal and then play keep away with my sister or brother in law. Today it was a lens cloth for her glasses. He's a quick litte bugger too.

When I go to visit I always take a special treat for him and "Fritz". I get no peace until I am seated and produce the treats. "Fritz " is another rescued dog about the same size of Munch. He's a little skittish about the camera so I couldn't get his pic today. Maybe next time.

As a reminder the human society always has some good dogs for adoption. Thinking of pet? Give one of those guys a chance.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Take the crisp cold of a December night, add two generous parts of snow, stir in air so clear it tinkles.

Into a generous heart, mix the wonder of a little girl, the sparkle of a young boy's glance, the love of parents, and set gently before the chimney side.

Add the lightest touch of a reindeer's hooves, a sprig of holly, a scent of fir.

Set the mixture to rise in the warmth of a dream of good will to men.

It will be almost ready to serve when it bubbles with warmth and good feeling.

Bedeck with the light of a star set in the East, garnish with shining balls of gold, silver, and red.

Serve to the tune of an ancient carol in the middle of the family table.

Have a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year
Joe P. & family

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Redmen's Lodge Annual Christmas Project for the Needy

The Redmens Lodge in Fruitland was very busy today. Volunteers were wraping
presents in preperation for their annual effort to help needy families. Mrs. Pat Stevenson heads up the project and informed me it all started some 20 years ago with just a few toys and some boxes of food for a couple of families. Tomorrow when they hit the streets they will deliver 2 boxes of food, plus toys, to 91 needy families in the lower shore area.

The Redmen Lodge provides funding for this project through Bingo, BBQ's, Slot Machine revenue, and the profits from the lunches and dinners served at the club. The Redmen also recieve donations to the cause. The Eastern Shore Chapter of the Antique Truck Clubs of America donatied $1000.00 to the cause this year and many of the club members will be on hand tomorrow to deliver the food and toys. Some of those volunteering from the truck club will come as far away as Dover to help.

Each family nominated to recieve food and toys is investigated and the proper toys and types of food is bought accordingly. Mrs. Stevenson
informs me that without the help of the Redmen
many families would have litte to eat for
Christmas and many children would
not recieve toys.

Top Right, Pat Scharf carries a bag of wrapped
toys to the holding area for delivery tomorrow.

Center right, One of the many volunteers wrapping toys.

Bottom Right, Over 180 boxes of food cover the
tables in the large banquet room in the Redmens Lodge in Fruitland.

A huge tip of the hat to all those volunteer for this Labor of Love.

Merry Christmas!
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Friday, December 21, 2007

Albero Finally Speaks the Truth

While responding to a comment on his BLOG from Mike W. , Albero states--

"You are asking me to do leg work you know this administration would make it almost impossible for me to obtain. I don't have the time and I won't make that kind of effort. "

However I do believe if Albero had approched the administration in the correct form way back when this started, he could have had all the co-operation he would ever want. It was his initial attacks that brought things to pass, not the SFD.

The Albero Fire Department

Albero’s concept of starting his own fire department sure brought me to my knees. I laughed so hard I couldn’t walk.

Let’s assume he can buy land and build a building as he claims he can. Good! We have a fire station in the city. Now the fact that the City finds itself in need of 3 stations currently, and has long term plans for another is certainly of no consequence. Albero is convinced that his one station should suffice any of the needs the citizen’s place upon it. Oh, and don’t forget the SFD covers a tremendous amount of area in the county as well. How soon will this building be built and where.? I certainly would like to see the feasibility study that will justify the location to accommodate his new fire dept.

How much equipment will Albero buy? Far less than SFD, that's for sure. First of all there will only be one staff vehicle and that will be reserved for Albero himself. Of course it will remain in Salisbury because that type of vehicle is not allowed out of state. How about fire fighting equipment? He says he could buy fire trucks. Just trucks Albero? How about a few engines too? Got any idea what those puppies cost?

He’s going to hire a full staff as well. They will be paid on “First Response Results”. Will someone please explain that to me?

Let’s see, Albero FD and Salisbury FD respond to a house fire. Everybody has to drive like an idiot to get there first and the winner collects from the homeowner. Yep—that’ll work. But as long as we are being stupid, what if the homeowner doesn’t like the first to arrive? Can they choose the second place winner instead?

HOLD IT! This would mean more than one fire department responding to a single house fire. According to Albero that is a no-no. No race---no winner---No "First Response Result"—no pay! I think that’s called a “Volunteer” Fire Dept. Albero. How many folks are going to do that for you?

Albero will build his firehouses in the “Hottest Spots” in town. How long did he take to do his feasibility studies for that one? And don’t forget he's going to ignore the west side of town. Who’s being racist and prejudiced now? A true fire department would not ignore anyone. Wait, I got it, He will just make his own district to cover just the areas that can afford to pay for his “First Response Result”. The west side being predominately poor (in his eyes) doesn’t qualify.

Who is going to train his people? MFRI special programs can do it. At a cost per student, per hour, per curriculum it should only run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

How many people will Albero have? Depends on the number of pieces of equipment. Salaries for those people? Let's be conservative and say the lowest paid will come in at $40,000. Maybe you can pay them all the same regardless of rank, experience or education. That would make everybody equal---that’s fair. How about benefits? You going to provide health and hospitalation for these folks? Let’s be conservative again, $4500 per year per employee. Hey!----these are bare bones figures. Want to add it up so far?

One engine $250,000
One truck $750,000
One medic $150,000
24 people $960,000 salary
plus $108,000 benefits

Plus maintenance, fuel, insurance etc, etc, etc.

And this barely scrathes the surface.

Albero guarantees he would get support from the County. That, I would like to see in writing. First of all I know of no other private enterprise the County (government) subsidizes. The County Chiefs surely will not support such a venture and in as much the County Emergency Services would be under no obligation to dispatch his Fire Department. Whats he going to do, listen to his scanner or depend on his mole to notify him of alarms via cell phone?

No doubt Chief See is shaking in his boots.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"Pity Me" Albero

Today I spent some time visiting the Salisbury Fire Department talking with some of the folks involved with the neighborhood sweep after the tragic fire on Washington Street this past weekend. I learned some interesting facts.

First let me say this. The smoke detector giveaway program has been in existence for about 15 years. I remember well when the duty crews would spend afternoons going door-to-door offering detectors and installation. If a detector were present, we would check to make sure it worked and install a new battery if needed.

In 2001, Chief Steven Brezler instituted the “After the Fire” program. Chief Brezler recognized the fact a neighborhood recently having a fire was in a high state of awareness about the dangers. With this sharpened perception of the danger, citizen more readily accepted the on site and immediate offer from the fire department to assist them in ensuring the safety of their home and family. The goal of this program was encompass about one city block. This by no means replaced or suspended the detector giveaway program already in existence; it was merely used as an enhancement tool in an area recently suffering a catastrophic fire.

On Tuesday night members of the Salisbury Fire Department met at Station 1 at 7:00 pm. Assistant Chief Gladwell whose job it was to organize the project briefed the team members on their assignments. Having received their instructions and required paperwork and material the teams left the station and arrived in the target neighborhood at about 7:30 pm, and set to work on the task at hand.

I am told there were 3 engines, 1 truck, 1 rescue, 1 squad, 2 support units and 3 staff vehicles in the convoy. 30 –35 members and officers of the department both career and volunteer manned all this equipment representing all three Salisbury stations. In all, a little more than 250 homes were visited. About 15 new smoke detectors were distributed (some of those installed), and more than thirty batteries were replaced in existing detectors. At many of the homes the occupants were away for the evening and the teams left letters explaining the reason for the visit and a cordial invitation for them to contact the SFD and arrange a time when it would convenient for someone to return. I am told there were 7 teams working and the operation concluded at about 9:45 pm.

Albero, under a thin veil of quasi praise continues to find fault with the operation of the fire department. In the past he has condemned news agencies for not attending events he felt worthy, now his beef is there were too many cameras on the scene. He feels slighted because he did not receive a cordial invitation from the department to attend. After the beating he given the fire department for months on end, why should expect anything less than what he got? He has also once again flip-flopped on his media/no media position. He now claims to again be a news source and not just an opinion maker. He even takes issue with one of the firefighters snapping his picture claiming they were “trying to make him feel uncomfortable.” How many photos has Albero taken of people without their permission, and for the sole reason of berating them? Albero takes great pleasure in arguing the point on the number of cameras present. What’s it to be Albero—too many or not enough? Either way he's not happy.
Not invited. To many cameras on hand draw attention away from you. Can’t decide if your media or not. Pity you? Not gonna happen!

Several persons I talked to today, at separate locations, have all agreed that A/C Gladwell got the ball rolling at 7:00 p.m. and 7:30 the event was under way. It’s not known how long Albero has had a defective watch, but maybe Santa can correct that by next Tuesday.

By holding the sweep in the time frame used it made it much easier for the volunteer members to participate, and caused much less disturbance to the neighborhood during the supper hour. I consider that being courteous and prudent.

Albero now has a post up that Salisbury Fire Department has denied requests from schools for visits from the Department. I can assure you this is not the case. Starting in the 1980’s the Salisbury Fire Dept has teamed up with the Ronald McDonald “Learn not to Burn” program and visited schools and presented programs annually. I know in the years I worked there if a school or day care center requested it, a fire engine and talk could be provided at any time.

It’s a no win situation for the fire department. Albero will manufacture 3 negative points for every bona-fide good one. He even questions the role Chief See played in the sweep. Chief See was there in a support role. One can only imagine what Albero would have to say had Chief See stayed at home. Of course not knowing the hierarchy of the department Albero has no clue as to what a support role is.

Many of the participants expressed how well the sweep went. They felt good about what they did. I understand the residents of the neighborhood were also impressed and thankful for the care shown to them.

In order to continue sweeps such as these it is necessary to have smoke detectors on hand. In the past generous donations from Delmarva Power & Light, Home Depot, Lowes, and others have been a tremendous help. But it is also donations from the citizens that help to maintain a supply of detectors at the ready. Albero sees fit to constantly ask you to throw away donation requests from the fire department, and then he berates the service at every turn. What would Albero’s take on the situation be last night if the supply of detectors ran dry due to lack of funds? I assure you, his hostility would run high.

The annual fund drive is now under way with the Salisbury Fire Department and I ask that each you be as generous as possible. Regardless of the size of the gift, you can be well assured if you need the Fire Department in Salisbury, they will be there.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

For The Youngsters

Dominick the Donkey---enjoy

Today in History - Pilgrims at Plymouth & Slavery Abolished

Today in 1620 the Pilgrims landed in America. Earlier the group had left a harsh political atmosphere in England and moved to the relative calm of the Netherlands in order to preserve their religion. Seeking to maintain their identity, they secured funds from investors and sailed for America on the Mayflower. Initially they sought to sail the Hudson River to find a place to settle but winter was upon them so they settled on Cape Cod instead.
Plymouth Colony was the second successful settlement in the new world the first being Jamestown.

Also today in 1865 the Thirteenth amendment to the Constitution was ratified ensuring that "neither slavery nor involuntary servitude... shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Albero's Class Act Reporting

Albero shows some real class in his “reporting” today. Wouldn’t a statement of fact be sufficient concerning the tragic deaths on Washington Street without the morbid description of the scene? Firefighters often go to great lengths to shield the public from such scenes and Albero sees fit to explicate what is better left alone. Has Albero no compassion for the families or friends of the victims?

Albero has stepped over the line on this one. He has allowed his quest for sensationalism and self-glorification to completely quell any commiseration that a normal human being should have.

Interesting also is his claim of the City mainly harping on renters to have smoke detectors and not homeowners. I would ask him to provide some proof of this. The City and the fire department have always encouraged the use of smoke detectors and never have distinguished any difference as to ownership of a property.

Fire knows no season, no individual, no financial status, and does not have the ability to pick and choose its victim. No one knows this better than the fire department and the men and women who serve.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Day It All Started

This is for all you history buffs.

THE DAY IT ALL STARTEDIt was March 6, 1836.

On that fateful day, Davy Crockett woke up and rose from his bunk on the main floor of the Alamo. He then walked up to the observation post along the west wall of this fort. William B. Travis and Jim Bowie were already there, looking out over the top of the wall. These three great men gazed at the hordes of Mexicans moving steadily toward them.

With a puzzled look on his face, Crockett turned to Bowie and said,"Jim, are we having some landscaping done today?"

Thanks Steve R.


Back on October 26th I had a post up about getting utility services on my prperty moved so I could construct a building on my property. Things have been moving a little slow but yesterday the contractor arrived at about 1:30 to dig the trench for the electric service. Brian & Michael were really nice guys and a pleasure to talk to. Brian said they would be done in about one hour to hour and a half. They opened the ground by hand at the transformer, dug the new trench to the splice site. At about 3:00 the rep from DP&L showed up to make the final spice. The cable in the ground had yet to be found. Out came the locating tools and an attempt to verify the cables location began. At around 4:00 a fourth person arrived and the location attemp continued. Now this would be the fourth person to locate this cable. The first was done in October, The second was done this past tuesday, the third was the DP&L rep yesterday and the contractor late yester afternoon. Everyone agreed the paint marks on the ground were accurate and the cable had to be there. They hand dug over seven feet deep and several feet to each side of the paint indicators and no cable has yet to be found.

Just at dusk, on a hunch, the DP&L rep dug in an area some 25 feet from the indicators. He dug on the marks that were supposed to be the telephone lines. Want to guess what he found? So now its after dark, no service has been moved, they cover up the trench as best they can (no headlights on the trencher) and leave me waiting for who knows how long for the engineer from DP&L to contact me again. I am also left with a mess in part of of my yard that didn't need to be there and my checkbook is $615.00 lighter for nothing.

Isn't life wonderful?
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Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Coward's Way Out.

Albero has taken the coward’s way out AGAIN! Straight shooter over on the “Off the Cuff” asked Albero some very simple and direct questions concerning his continued rant about racism in the SFD. Answers to these questions, if given honestly, would lay to rest any doubts anyone might have about the issue. Many of the gaps would be filled in and a clarification for all to understand would be on the table.

The questions straight shooter asked are as follows:

1) Why did you say the NAACP was involved (oh excuse me, allegedly involved) in the Hostile Work Environment claim of Mr. Cropper.

2) Did you, or did you not speak to Mr. Cropper BEFORE you broke your news story (and I use term loosely) about racial discrimination and the promotions.

3) I know for a fact you spoke to Mr. Cropper AFTER you posted the allegations. When you spoke to him did he EVER tell you that he in fact had been called names? Or did he simply tell you he was hurt because of the change in attitude of his co-workers?

In this case, the time line of the occurrence of events is a HUGE factor and could tell the tale.

Albero’s answer:

joealbero said...
Answers: None of your business.However, they're pretty stupid questions. Nice try.

joealbero said...
Goodbye for good Off The Cuff. I'll not participate in your games any longer. Without me, you're nobody.

This is obviously a 4th grade playground answer and the coward’s way out of an intelligent conversation.

What’s so hard Albero? Just explain why the questions are stupid and we can go from there. You wont, because you can’t.

Even with Albero’s supporters a red flag should be flying high right now. If he is so honest, truthful and exact with is summations, then why he now in what he calls,” Damage Control”

Friday, December 7, 2007

Day of Infamy

Today is “Pearl Harbor Day”. The day the Japanese attacked the United States American Naval Fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

I first learned about Pearl Harbor in elementary school. In Junior High School we learned of the events leading up to the attack, and did quite a bit of study on the following 4 years, basically ending with—We won! Than in Senior High we attempted to analyze it all not as a war but as a “Problem of Democracy”.

I wonder how the generation of today views Pearl Harbor and it’s aftermath. I sorely feel that those events are far too distant to be any concern to them, and maybe they are right.

I remember well asking my Dad about Pearl Harbor and I remember well the lesson I got that day. Pop had enlisted in the Navy in 1938 and received his basic training at Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Great Lakes Illinois. He was in San Diego the day the Japanese attacked Pearl. He knew his life would never be the same again, and neither would the world.

The battleships at Pearl Harbor were an eclectic fleet. Many of them were of Pre-World War I vintage. Although aging, it was a formidable force and the pride of the U.S. Navy. Relations with Japan were severely strained but even so it was not generally believed an attack so brazen would even be attempted from the small island nation, especially since they were so involved in the conquest of Indochina and the South Pacific. How utterly wrong we were.

The Fleet was severely crippled, but the resolve of the United States was far more than the Japanese had counted on. Many of the battleships that could be repaired were and in the process, they were upgraded and retrofitted. Moreover, new Battleships were built, a class of battleship known as the “Fast Battleship”. Battleships like the Missouri, Washington, South Carolina, Wisconsin, and South Dakota are all members of this class.
I have a special interest in the South Dakota, as that is the ship my Dad served on and his stories of that service are some of my fondest memories of him. But that is for another post.

Today we must remember the brave men and women of Pearl Harbor and that pivotal event that took us to war in the Pacific. As with all wars it was controversial. But nonetheless, a significant page in our history in the ongoing quest for the freedoms we enjoy today.

God Bless Our Veterans! God Bless America!

Albero Called to Task

Straight shooter over on “Off the Cuff” has an excellent take on the situation with Albero. It is well worth the read. Albero has made a comment on shooters site in an attempt to clarify some accusations made against Mrs. Albero. Regardless of what Albero’s explanation is, the documents speak for themselves. I’ll say no more on that.

So far as the situation within the Salisbury Fire Department, shooters take on that is equally accurate.

The racism remains an issue only because Albero wishes to make it so. He has taken the ungratified sentiments of one employee, and without proper analysis of the situation, has championed another employee and has created within the fire department community a rift of unequaled magnitude. All this to strike back at Mayor Tilghman for what is clearly an issue that should have been put to rest years ago.

The rift Albero created has gone well beyond the boundaries of Salisbury Fire Department. How do I know this? By the e-mails I receive from far and wide within the community of fire service personnel. Many, many of these people have been offended by Albero’s negative comments and generalization of firefighters as racist. The rift has extended to “The Watchdesk”, a website dedicated to firefighters and their concerns. Albero has no place there as he is not a firefighter and never will be. As an outsider seeking information or advice he would be welcomed. I am aware of one “civilian” that came to The Watchdesk a few years ago asking questions and very soon became a viable member of his local department and community. That was done courtesy of Wayne Barrall.

Albero comes to The Watchdesk as a malcontent. Though he says in many of his posts he is a friend of firefighters in general, his words of contempt speak volumes revealing his disdain of those in the service. Since it is evident that Albero has little knowledge of the fire service, and especially the Salisbury Fire Department, that disdain festers from the pseudo dogma of one unfit to lick the shoes of the newest recruit in the SFD.

I stated some time back Albero’s wife and grandson should be excluded from all the posts and statements Albero makes on his BLOG. I still believe in that and I refuse to reference them in my posts. However Albero himself has violated this creed. Recently he blamed a comment on straight shooters site as being created by his “better half”. That post was written as a casual observer and not as one involved in the incident it referenced. As straight shooter said, it was written in “Third Person” format. Now I am not a literary genius but I am aware that the “Third Person” is an exacting form of writing and not a form to be used on these BLOGS. Back to the subject at hand. By insisting his wife wrote the aforementioned comment, and by continually including his grandson as a shield and subject of injury, Albero constantly brings their being to the forefront. With that Albero opened the season on his family and any injury or hurt is squarely in his lap.

To use Albero’s own catch phrase—he has gone “Over the Top”. The time for generalization has come to an end. If Albero has a vested interest in the issue of racism than he should come forward now make good on his claims to sue. Otherwise it is time to cease the clamor and discord and return to reporting overflowing dumpsters and clogged fountain drains on the Plaza, a subject more commensurate to his expertise.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wee Winter Wonderland

Just enough snow snow today to make things look pretty for a while. Too bad it's a couple weeks too early. What we had today should have waited until Christmas Eve, stayed around until Christmas Day, and be gone by suppertime.

There was a time when the deeper the snow got the better I liked it. Cold weather in general was not a problem---I loved it!

Now if the temp drops below 60 degrees I'm ready to head south with the geese (or should that be "Old Crows"). Oh Well--such is the nature of growing old. Enjoy the snow every one. Especially the Kids.
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Crisfield Christmas Parade--A Cordial Invitation

I just recieved an e-mail from one of my former students down in Crisfield. He asked that I post an announcement about the Crisfield Christmas Parade. I took the lazy way out and did the old "Cut & Paste" trick. Here 'tis

"Crisfield is holding it's second annual Christmas Parade on Saturday evening at 6:00. It's being held on Main Street and ends at the Firehouse. It's not too late to register an entry.If any fire company ( YES THEY"RE ALL WELCOME! LOL!) wants to join in, come on down and they'll find a spot for you.

Plenty of good Restaurants to get a good meal before the parade, The Cove, Captains Galley, Watermans Inn, and Circle Inn are good choices.

Now this sounds like a decent family outing to me. I know it's a bit of a ride but look how much country you will go through and all the homes decorated for Christmas you might not see otherwise. And what about the food! I have yet to dine at the new Capatains Galley, but years ago that was a regular stop for me when I was in Crisfield.

Take note as well the invitation for any Fire Department to enter into the Parade. I know these folks and they will certainly make you feel welcome.

Thanks S.W. for reading my BLOG down yonder in Crisfield. Spread the word and stop in anytime.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hostile Work Enviroment at SFD

Yes! I have heard about the “Hostile Work Environment” action allegedly against SFD by the NAACP.

NO! I have no comment to make at this time

I say allegedly because at this very moment I have not spoken to anyone of authority involved and what I have heard from others is just hearsay.

I will try to find out if the rumor is true. However there is a strong possibility the only thing I will find out at this point is:
1) Yes--- there an action under way, or
2) No---there is not.

If there is an action under way I will not be held privy to it’s content until it is over and I can almost guarantee any info fed to Albero with be of the same clandestine quality he has received in the past, that being abstract at it’s very best.

However I can say with 100% certainty that Albero’s most recent post is about as accurate as shooting the moon with a BB gun. Albero speaks of the recent accident in Hebron involving a Fire Dept vehicle. He says:

“It's fairly obvious that since it was turned over to the States Attorneys Office, criminal charges are inevitable. OR WILL THEY? Remember, we have experience with Barrie Tilghman and her bullshit games…..”

Neither Mayor Tilghman, nor the Salisbury Fire Dept, nor any of it’s members are personel have anything what so ever to do with that accident. That matter is with the Hebron Fire Dept and Salisbury is in no way involved.

Additionally Albero also spews another misconception by stating:

“ ….Fire Fighters have retaliated with threats against me and one even came to my home threatening me on Thanksgiving and was ARRESTED for doing so…..”

Although not naming Salisbury Fire Department the insinuation is plain. It should be well known by now Wayne Barrall went to see Albero as a citizen and as a man and not as a representative of his home department and certainly not as a member of Salisbury FD, especially since he is not now, nor ever has been a member of SFD.

I urge readers to keep the two incidents listed above apart from Albero’s oral diarrhoea concerning SFD and the issues there of which he so ignorant.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Help Please!

I have a LCD flat screen monitor that just made passage to great electronic afterlife. I'm looking to recycle same monitor so that it may rest in peace and not damage the enviroment.

Is anyone aware of a local recycling entity that will accept said deceased piece of computor hardware?

Thank you in advance.

Albero's Big Surprise

Albero’s big surprise certainly held the parade audience in awe today. My guess is better than 90% of them looked at that dandy Dodge Ram with the magnetic SBYNEWS.COM signs and said------HUH?????

Albero has made such a to-do about the fire equipment being in local Christmas parades and yet the “Big Surprise” he provides is Pick-up truck with a 12” stuffed Santa in the back and some Andy Harris stickers. I suppose in his mind this much more entertaining than fire equipment to the children and even the adults watching. At least the fire equipment sends a message of fire safety for the holiday season and serves as a reminder that many men and women are there for the community regardless of the time year. It also allows more of the community see what their donations go toward in the interest of life and property.

It’s not like he didn’t have plenty of time to create something better. It was at least a couple months ago when claimed to be the first person to register an entry to the parade. I should think that in that period of time he could have least put a ribbon or two on that 4X4.

WAIT!!!------4X4???? Isn’t this the same type of vehicle Albero denounces when he sees a fireman driving one? How about those he photographed in the employee parking lot at DP&L. some time back and questiond the owers need for such a vehicle?

And for some really “Big News”, check his latest post concerning Lynn Cathcart. Near the end of his diatribe he speaks of Debbie Campbell and says, “she has ALWAYS impressed me as being on OUR side, the CITIZENS' side.” Since when did he become a citizen of City of Salisbury?

Just asking!

Friday, November 30, 2007

SFD Volunteer Retirement Plan (LOSAP)

Anonymous said...
Did you know that volunteer fireman once they reach 60 years old receive over $600.00 a month retirement check thru the city of Salisbury………..

The above is from the comment section on Albero’s recent post concerning the new fire station in Salisbury. Obviously the commenter is just as clueless as Albero. There is a volunteer “retirement” plan but the $600 figure is a little overstated.

The City of Salisbury funds the plan. It is not unreasonable for the City to do this, as Volunteers are just that --- Volunteers. This program, known as LOSAP, came into fruition in the late 1980’s and was designed to be a tool for retention and recruitment for the volunteer force of the fire department.

LOSAP = Length of Service Awards Program. It basically works like this. In order to be vested in the program the individual must volunteer for at least 5 years. Once vested the member will receive $20 a month for each year served, with a 25 year maximum. The math is easy. A member serving 10 years will receive $200.00 a month for their service. Serve 15 years, $300.00 a month. Once again this maxes out at 25 years for a maximum amount of $500.00 a month.

However there are a few “buts” to consider. First there is criteria that must be met on an annual basis. The member must attend a certain amount of training, must attend a certain percentage of corporate meetings, must maintain a percentage for alarm response etc, etc, etc.
The member’s performance in all these areas is reviewed annually. Members not making the grade are excluded from the plan for that year. In other words, it is not possible to sign up as a volunteer, do nothing for 25 years, and pull a retirement check from the city.

Another point to consider is a member cannot collect any of these funds until he/she reaches age 60. Therefore a member joining at age 20, making good each year on his/her obligation can “retire” at age 45. However the member still must wait another 15 years before drawing the pension. It is doubtful a member would cease to be a member at age 45. Anyone committing 25 years to the volunteer service would indeed be passionate enough about the obligation to continue to serve, and many do. It is very possible members would retire with much more than 25 years service and still only be eligible for the maximum allowed. My sources inform me there are currently only 3 members receiving the maximum benefit. This is a small price to pay for the savings these men and women have afforded the City for so many years of service for free.

I also understand, but as of yet have not verified, that othe local governments in the area also provide a similar plan for their volunteers.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

SFD Catering Service?

Albero is on a rant again about the new firehouse in Salisbury. As usual his lack of knowledge about the Department is blatantly evident. For some reason he believes there should have been a banquet hall or some similar facility included in the project. If such a facility had been included I wonder how much additional cost would be added and how much louder he would squeal.

The answer is quite simple. The fire station is city building and the city does not rent out its facilities for such occasions. Who does Albero expect to conduct such services? The crews on duty? Wouldn’t you like to hear that 911 call? “Sorry sir but I will have to send an engine from across town for this call, the duty crew at Station 16 have just started the main course for the Smith wedding party.”

Yes, other county departments have facilities for such events but that is part of their fundraising to keep the department going. The city of Salisbury is not in the business of catering, nor is the volunteer corporations in the city. To be truthful, I question the legality of the city engaging in such activities as this would or should serve as a profit-making venture, and that is not a function of a municipality.

Once again shallow thoughts and lack of research on Albero’s part has brought to the reasonable mind a tortuous opinion of a non-existent ideal.

The issue is far more complex than Albero would have you believe. But than again, complexity and the brain of Albero is about as compatible as #6 bunker fuel and H2O. It just ain’t gonna blend.

New BLOG on the Block

There's a new BLOG in the blogoshpere and I think it's worth a look. Titled "Off the Cuff" this BLOGER speaks frankly about issues at hand. No hate, no name calling and no profanity. Just simple facts as they appear.

I have posted a link on my link list or you can go to and have look for yourself.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Civil War Trivia

I recieved this from a friend. I expanded on it slightly

How many US Presidents do you know of were general officers in the Civil War?

Ulysses S. Grant, 18th President

At the outbreak of the Civil War he was appointed by the Governor of Illinois to command an unruly volunteer regiment. Grant whipped it into shape and by September 1861 he had risen to the rank of brigadier general of volunteers. He sought to win control of the Mississippi Valley. In February 1862 he took Fort Henry and attacked Fort Donelson. President Lincoln promoted Grant to major general of volunteers. Grant maneuvered and fought skillfully to win Vicksburg, the key city on the Mississippi, and thus cut the Confederacy in two. Lincoln appointed him General-in-Chief in March 1864. Grant directed Sherman to drive through the South while he himself, with the Army of the Potomac, pinned down Gen. Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. Finally, on April 9, 1865, at Appomattox Court House, Lee surrendered

Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th President.

He fought in the Civil War, was wounded in action, and rose to the rank of brevet major general. While he was still in the Army, Cincinnati Republicans ran him for the House of Representatives. He accepted the nomination, but would not campaign, explaining, "an officer fit for duty who at this crisis would abandon his post to electioneer... ought to be scalped."

James A. Garfield, 20th President

In 1862, when Union military victories had been few, he successfully led a brigade at Middle Creek, Kentucky, against Confederate troops. At 31, Garfield became a brigadier general, two years later a major general of volunteers. Meanwhile, in 1862, Ohioans elected him to Congress. President Lincoln persuaded him to resign his commission: It was easier to find major generals than to obtain effective Republicans for Congress. Garfield repeatedly won re-election for 18 years, and became the leading Republican in the House.

Benjamin Harrison, 23rd President

Harrison was a brigadier general fighting in the Atlanta campaign

William McKinley, 25th President

McKinley, while serving honorably did not achieve the rank of General. However he was a major during the civil war in the guard. Enlisting as a private in the Union Army, he was mustered out at the end of the war as a brevet major of volunteers.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fairmount Turkey Shoot

Fairmont Fire Company Held their annual turkey shoot today. We have attended this event for 5 years now. Todays weather was great, cool but with very little wind.
The Fairmont Fire Company is the newest company in Somerset County and this annual turkey shoot is one of their fundraisers. As usual there was a good crowd and plenty of shooters. Many of the prizes this year were power tools such as cordless drills, a compound miter saw, drill bits and driver sets, gift cards and more. Yours truly won a gift card from Sears, a Smith Island cake and the top prize of the day, a brand new Mossberg model 835 pump action shotgun.
This is the second year in a row I won the gun.

Last year it was a muzzle loading rifle with accessories. I immediately donated it right back to the fire company and let them sell another round on it. I got a tax break and they earned a few extra $$.
This time I think I'll hold on to the gun for a while.

Over on the right in the photos you can see one of the shooters taking a bead on his target while in the background others have finished and are returning their guns to the waiting area.

The second photo shows memebers of FFC waiting to judge targets while others are selling shots on upcoming rounds. The shells for each shooter is issued one at a time as the shoot progresses and saftey is a priority.

In the last photo you see part of the crowd in attendance. Shooters, family and friends watch the activites of the day. Many more folks are inside the firehouse enjoying the labors of the ladies of FFC. The kitchen was busy as can be with the preperation of oyster sandwiches, crab soup, clam chowder, burgers and dogs, not to mention cake, brownies and other sinful sweets on the bake table.

This event is held each year on the Sunday after Thanksgiving and starts at 1:00 pm. Lot's of fun for a good cause and a great way to meet new people and make friends. Maybe we will see there next year?

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Kids and the Fairmount Turkey Shoot

Another thing I like about the Fairmont Fire Company turkey shoot is that they don't forget the little guys and gals. Two of the rounds are dedicated to the kids and under close adult supervision they have their own event.

Of course they use a sub-gauge shotgun, a .410 to be exact, but it's all for the youngsters. The winner walks away witha crisp $20.00 dollar bill and a healthy respect for firearms and good competition. And, as you can see the use of hearing protection is encouraged and total safety is strongly emphasized.

Start 'em early--teach 'em well.

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Winning Target

Here is the winning target for the Mossberg Shotgun I won today at Fairmont Fire Company. The idea is get a pellet from your shot closest to the "X" on the card. The shot is taken from about 100 feet away so really this game is more about luck than skill. I have seen targets with only one pellet hole in it and it was a winner.

To tell the truth I had much better targets than this one today that were losers. The big winner today was the fire company, and thats what really counts.
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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Today in 1963---JFK assassinated

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, is assassinated on this day in Dallas Texas.
First lady Jacqueline Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connally and his wife were also in the same car. Vice President Lyndon Johnson was three cars behind President Kennedy in the motorcade, a very rare occasion indeed for the two top executives to participate in such a public event at the same time.

The event has over the years sparked much controversy. Conspiracy theories abound and any effort to try and sort out the “evidence” is mind-boggling.

What facts are sure is this. President Jon F. Kennedy died on this day in 1963 by an assassin. He was 46 years old and the youngest President this country has had.
Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in as the 36 th President of the United States @ 2:39 Pm this day.

The United States and the World in general suffered a great loss and was changed forever.

We have persevered.

Happy Thanksgiving

Good Morning Everyone and Thank You for visiting.

I would just like to offer a Happy Thanksgiving to all and ask each of you to pleases remember all of our American troops at home and abroad. The work these fine men and women do is the reason I am able to sit in the comfort of my home and write this and you are able to sit in the comfort of your home and read it.

Think also of the men and women on the domestic front working to keep our homes and properties safe. I am speaking of the Police Officers and the Firefighters on duty this day. Forget not the volunteer Firefighters that may be required to leave their homes and families to assist those in need.

There are many others as well such as hospital workers attending to the needs of the sick. Mass travel workers doing their best to see to it others can be home for the holiday. The list goes on and on.

My plans for the rest of the day is simple, help prepare the meal, help consume the meal, find some place to hide during clean up.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. May you be Blessed with Peace and Love

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

SFD Recruit Class

Meet Jennifer White.

Jennifer is from Fruitland and is currently in the Paramedic program at Wor-Wic Tech Community College. Jennifer joined the Salisbury Fire Dept. in August of this year and is enrolled in the current academy class being conducted by the Dept. Additionally Jennifer has served four years in the United States Marine Corps.

Jennifer tells me she has quite a desire to serve the community in general and hopes to test for a carrer position with the SFD in the future.

No doubt Jennifer will be an asset to the Department and the community.

Good luck Jennifer, and Thanks for all you do!
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Oldtimers Breakfast

Every two weeks or so a group of Retirees from the Salisbury Fire Dept. Meet for breakfast. Most often we go the Daytons Restaurant but occasionally we meet elsewhere.
The conversation somtimes is about the fire department but often times it's about our daily lives today and our families. This time of year deer hunting is a great topic as many of us in the past hunted together. Several of the guys ride motorcycles in good weather and talk often revolves around bikes.

We usually have around 10-12 people attending but this morning we had 13.
While we were working or volunteering at the fire dept we stayed in touch on a regular basis. Now it's meetings like this that keeps us up to date with one another. It's good plan and very enjoyable.
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Monday, November 19, 2007


In the Maryland Section of the cemetery at Gettysburg is a simple marker indicating the location of 22 unknown soldiers buried there. The methods of identifing bodys so well known to us today did not exist during the Civil War. Often times parts of uniforms with company insignias were all that could identified as to the body recovered. I often wonder how many mothers of the era never had closure as to the whereabouts of their sons during this horiffic time in our history.

Pictured here is the monument in the cemetery at Gettysburg. Near the base of where this monument now stands is where Lincoln delievered his famous "Gettysburg Address". If you have never visited Gettysburg and are interested in history I strongly suggest you go there. A one day visit will not do justice to the overall experience. A new visitor center is slated to open this spring and I recomend everyone start there. Before you begin the battlefiels tour go the the "Electric Map" in the visitors center. The cost was $4.00 a person but after watching the map the battlefield tour itself is much more meaningful.

Take the kids! Don't let this period of history slip away.
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History Today, The Gettysburg Address

On November 19, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln delivered his “Gettysburg Address” at the dedication of the cemetery created to intern the dead from the bloodiest battle of America’s Civil War at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
More than 45,000 men were killed wounded or were missing after the three day battle fought on July1st, 2nd, and 3rd, earlier that same year. Lincoln was asked merely two weeks before the dedication to offer a few word to Consecrate” the ground. Legend has it the address was written on the back of an envelope during the train ride from Washington to Gettysburg. The address, just 272 words long has become one of the most famous speeches ever written.
Edward Everett, an orator of the day, spoke for nearly 2 hours before Lincoln. Lincoln’s address lasted between 2 and 3 minutes and has been immortalized as the single document most defining of equality for all men as being the reason the bloody conflict must continue.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

An American Veteran

This from "The Week" magazine.

Of the two million soldiers America sent to fight in WWI, only 1 remains alive. Mr. Frank Buckles, 106, of West Virginia is the last known living American WWI veteran.

Mr Buckles---We salute you and your service.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fall Colors

This morning after breakfast we went to visit some friends. In their front yard were two trees adorned in their fall colors. These photos truely do not do justice. The gold displayed in these leaves is just stunning. Our friends said they were even brighter a couple of days ago when it rained.

Soon they will be bear and the dreary winter will be upon us. Time was, it couldn't snow deep enough for me. I used to love the cold weather and looked forward to it. Now, I can't wait for Spring to get here.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Reading Level of the BLOGS

I found something interesting on another BLOG I read daily. To check the reading level of the BLOG you are viewnig. Go here, http// and enter the BLOG name you are interested in. The results are surprising and amusing depending on the BLOG name entered.

Thanks to "Howard" from "Delmar Dustpan" for this one.

Custom Made Brackets

Albero goes on another small rant about some custom made brackets the Fire Department had made in order to mount the equipment props installed in the new firehouse. Albero claims these brackets were made and installed illegally. I challenge that assertion.

I stopped by Station 16 today and inquired about these so-called custom made “brackets” that has Albero wringing is his hands over. It seems the “brackets” are nothing more than steel I beams used to maintain the integrity of the equipment bodies as they where lifted and installed into the building. The “brackets” have been left in place to continue to brace and support the equipment through the many years of use it is destined to have. Anyone with any knowledge of vehicle bodies is aware that some sort of support needs to be in place in order to maintain its integrity. The only thing custom about these so-called brackets is that they are cut to length to fit each piece of equipment.

More importantly I was told the cost of the brackets were well within the parameters of the already approved budget for this particular phase of the project.

The “brackets” can be seen on Albero’s site in the photo showing the ambulance body being lifted into the building. They can also be seen on Wayne Barrall’s “Fire in the Hole” site. Scroll down to the Station 16 update segment and click on the photo to get the entire pictorial story.

Click here for Waynes site.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Posting This Week

I had planned on a number of new topics and posts this week but a minor mis-hap has slowed me down a bit. Should be good to go in a day or two.

Thanks for checking in!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Armistice Day---November 11th

In Flanders Fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below

“We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.”

“Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.”

Major John McCrae, MD
Canadian Army

At the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, the Great War ends. (Later to be known as WWI)
Germany, destitute of resources and manpower, knowing invasion of the homeland was eminent, signed an armistice agreement with the Allies in a railroad car near Compiegne, France. Word spread quickly and the great battlefronts grew quiet. At the appointed hour cheers rose from the trenches on both sides and the former foes joined one another in celebration.

The poem “In Flanders Fields”, written by Major John McCrae, a surgeon of the Canadian Army. Major McCrae wrote the poem after he lost his dear friend, Lt. Alexis Helmer in battle on May 2, 1915. The day after his friend was buried Major McCrae penned his now famous poem while musing Lt. Helmers death and watching wild poppies sway in the wind at the cemetery where he was buried.

McCrae initially tossed the poem away but a fellow officer retrieved it and it was published by “Punch” newspaper in England in 1915.

On June 4th, 1926 a resolution by congress officially designated November 11th as “Armistice Day” in remembrance of the end of the war.
Congress approved an act on June 1st, 1954 to change the name to “Veterans Day” in order to honor all Veterans of the U.S. armed services.

In Canada November 11th is known as “Remembrance Day” in honor of their veterans.

God bless all of those who have served and died to keep us free.

Christmas Cards for Soldiers--correction

Last Wendsday I put up a post with an address urging folks to send Christmas Cards to Any American Soldier in Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC. A reader sent me the following message.

Unfortunately, because of security concerns, the U.S. Postal Service will not process, nor will Walter Reed Hospital accept mail addressed to "Any Service Member" or the like. Any such offering will be returned to sender (if there is a return address) or donated to charities.Click
for more information, and for suggestions for other ways to honor our service members.

I had attempted to research the information on Snopes, but I apparently did not use the proper Keywords. I apologize for the error. It really seemed like a good idea, but I can understand the caution.

Additional note.
I have deleted the original post lest someone misses this one.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

What Hath Albero Wrought

Today on Salisbury News, Captain Chris O’Barsky has a post up about his friend and colleague Lt. Lorenzo Cropper. In his post he describes how Lt Cropper feels betrayed by his “brothers” in the SFD after reading the posts and comments on Albero’s site. After reading the same posts and comments I can understand why he feels this way. Captain O’Barsky openly condemns those with-in the department that have spoken adversely of Lt. Cropper. I heartily concur with the Captain, as this is not emblematical of the brotherhood we have. Who is truly at blame for this sad set of circumstances?

This entire debacle was first aired publicly on the Salisbury News BLOG operated by Joe Albero. Albero has had a notorious vendetta against the city of Salisbury for a couple of years. In general, his bias is directed at Mayor Tilghman and anything concerning the operation of the city government including most every department head and past and present members of the elected council. Albero actively seeks to exploit anything he can perceive as wrongdoing with-in the city. It is this rancorous desire to bring harm to the City that has brought so much heartache to Lt. Cropper.

First of all Albero, by his own admission knows little or nothing of the operations of the Salisbury Fire Department. Obviously someone, or possibly more than one, with-in the department was very disgruntled about the recent promotions. This person(s), being of some intelligence saw in Albero an opportunity to air their displeasure without becoming public himself or herself. This person(s) fed Albero half-truths about the promotional process and, in an acrimonious rush to magnify his perceived malfeasance of Chief See, Mayor Tilghman, and the City as a whole; Albero endeavored to exploit whatever misinformation was tossed his way. Seeing opportunity to build hatred towards the city under the guise of supporting Lt. Cropper, Albero, by ploy of his informants, played the race card. Albero further fueled the controversy by allowing anonymous comments on his BLOG. Comments he blamed almost solely on firefighters. There may have been some “bad apples” from the with-in the department posting, but those apples are the same ones that used Albero as their mouthpiece in the first place. I believe by far and large most of the comments were of Albero’s doing, either by him personally or orchestrated by him through others.

Had Albero taken a different approach to the entire promotion issue, and sought through the proper channels to glean information that would enlighten readers rather than roil emotions, I do not believe Captain O’Barsky would feel so compelled to write a post defending his friend and showing compassion for Lt. Croppers well being.

Where does the blame lie for this sad state of affairs? Surely the bulk of it is at Albero’s feet. He has tried to make everyone believe he was Lt Croppers champion while at the same time tearing down the Mayor, the Chief, and the city. His only accomplishment with all of this has to been to plant seeds of doubt in Lt. Croppers mind and soul about his co-workers and compadres. This is not a business where you can afford to have doubts about the men and women you work with. Does Albero see the pain he has caused, not only with Lt. Cropper but also with the bulk of the Salisbury Fire Department? NO!
He offers no comment on the context of Captain O’Barsky’s post. He offers only a “thank you” because the captain signed his name.

I hope and pray Lt. Cropper will rise above all this. His knowledge and experience is valuable to the citizens he so well serves. His true friends are known to him and will continue to support him. Others with-in the department that have given bad information to Albero are also to blame for Lt. Cropper’s emotional quandary and someday they will be exposed for what they really are.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Coffee, Cookies,and Comedy

Albero has certainly done a lot of research on this one. I called the number shown and asked about the program, what it was designed to do and most importantly how it is funded. Albero would have you believe that the spending of restitution money for such a venue is a sin being commited by our local government. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

The number shown in his post, 410.546.5311 takes you to the Wicomico County Health Department, Cardio Vascular Health, Tobacco Use Prevention and Smoking Cessation Program. I spoke with Ms. Debbie Cooper RN. And was treated to an informative and pleasant conversation. The “Coffee, Cookies and Comedy” show is being held in con-junction with the annual “Great American Smoke-Out”. In this program the main attraction is a clown who, in real life, has lost a lung to cancer. I did not get any details on the show itself but even though it is a comedic program the message is serious and impelling

I asked Ms Cooper as just what exactly the Wicomico Restitution Fund was and how it came about. She was able to reliably inform me that the restitution fund is the Wicomico County’s Share of an award granted to the State of Maryland in a 1999 lawsuit against tobacco companies. The monies garnered in this award are to be used for programs such as “Coffee, Cookies and Comedy” in an effort to prevent smoking and to assist with the efforts of those wishing to quit. This fund also provides monies for programs in the local schools providing education to our children about the hazards of tobacco.

Also on hand the evening of the event will be vendors with advice and products for stress relief, smoking cessation assistance, and programs and brochures to assist anyone with the desire to give up tobacco.
Anyone wishing more information can call 410.546.5311 and ask to speak with the coordinator of the event, Ms Jennifer Johnson. If you are someone you know has a tobacco problem I urge you attend or invite your friend(s) to attend.

I haven’t a clue as to what Albero thinks this fund should be used for. The are specific limitations to it’s use and I am sure it’s use is monitored to ensure it is spent properly.

Albero wants to go and smoke a fat cigar at the front door in protest.
Mature-----don’t you think?

Albero Smacks BLOGERS Again

Albero, in order to boost his own ego, has once again taken to using a niggling post to villainize fellow BLOGERS. Oceanshaman put up an inspiring post about his life, the tribulations he has endured and his road to recovery from addiction. Albero places a nice comment to the post and then on his own site he slaps Oceanshaman square in the face. Oh---he says not, but the tone of the message certainly speaks for its self.

For some reason he believes I am part of the vast Tilghman Conspiracy against his labyrinthine vendetta he has for city government. Indeed the last time I even saw Mayor Tilghman was across the room at the recent promotion ceremony for SFD on October 22nd. The last I spoke to the Mayor was at the funeral of Firefighter Doug Brown on July 26th. How this makes me part of the Mayor’s “damage control” is beyond me. I am not at all sure if Albero even knows what damage control is. I am convinced that he, much like a cockatoo, merely repeats a catch phrase he has heard once too often all the while fluffing his feathers.

I am not known to carry matches so I am at a loss to remember when and which bridges I burned so long ago with the fire department. I beseech him to kindly list those bridges. No list will be forthcoming as I asked him twice to itemize the lies he claims I posted and as of yet he has not done so. I am not sure when my “fall from grace” occurred but it must have been recently. I have visited Station 16 a number of times in the last few weeks and was made to feel quite welcome by the upper management as well as the troops. So far as being a pawn to anyone, Albero should be welled attuned to that concept. After all his prodigious knowledge of the fire service is but a narrow thread fed to him from his petulant stoolies lacking the fortitude to speak for themselves or even to pursue redress by proper avenues.

Hmmm. Maybe I can send Albero $52.00 and a PIA request for that list.

Nawww—not really that interested.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

SFD Recruit Class

Last night members of the current recruit class for the Salisbury Fire Department continued with their training under the direction of firefighter Zack Bridges (center). Zack was assisting lead instructor, Assistant Chief John Tull with the finer points of the breathing apparatus used by firefighters while fighting fire. Also assisting was firefighter John Hitch. The exercise was to have each recruit become more familiar with the apparatus and learn to use the emergency connections in conjunction with a partner in the event of an emergency while operating inside a structure. Since the class was started in September, this was the ninth time the class had met for instruction.

Many of these students enrolled for this class as far back as July. I had the pleasure of talking briefly with some and them and found their backgrounds to be unique. One of the students hails from California, another from Miami Florida, and a third from New Jersey. They each arrived on the Eastern Shore for different reasons but all of them have honest desire to become firefighters. Assistant Chief Tull could tell me there are a total of 18 young men and women in the class and all of them are enthusiastic. The class is slated to graduate in December.
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Jefferson Davis Elected Today in 1861

Today in 1861,Jefferson Davis is elected president of the Confederate States of America. He was unopposed in the election. In reality the election was merely a confirmation that the Confederate congress had made earlier in the year.
Davis was a native of Kentucky, born in 1808. He attended West Point and graduated in 1828. Davis saw service in the “Black Hawk War” of 1832
Davis was a close advisor to Zachary Taylor during the Mexican War and was seriously wounded. Davis also served as Secretary of War under President Franklin Pierce.
Davis suspected that he might be the choice of his fellow Southerners when the Southern states began seceding after the election of Abraham Lincoln. In February of 1861, when the newly seceded states met in Montgomery, Alabama, Davis was chosen to lead the Confederacy. Davis was elected to a six-year term on November 6th as established by the Confederate constitution.

Jefferson Davis was the only President the Cofederacy ever had.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Today in 1862, Lincoln removes McClellan

Today in 1862 President Lincoln removed General George B. McClellan from command of the Army of the Potomac due in part to failure to pursue General Lee’s army after the Battle of Antietam. McClellan was given command of the Army of the Potomac after the Union Army was soundly defeated at the First Battle of Bull Run In Manassas Virginia. Early in 1862 McClellan led his army to the James Peninsula southeast of confederate capitol of Richmond. During the “seven Days” Battle McClellan was poised to take Richmond, but retreated when faced with a series of attacks by General Lee.
In August of 1862 Lee defeated Union General Pope at the Second Battle of Bull Run, and quickly enacted a plan to invade the North. President Lincoln called on McClellan’s army to thwart the invasion and McClellan met Lee’s army at Antietam Creek near Sharpsburg, Maryland on September 17th. Although widely contested to a victor, Lee opted to retreat across the Potomac back to Virginia. Lincoln urged McClellan to pursue Lee, but he refused claiming fatigue of his men and horses. McClellan did finally begin a half-hearted pursuit of Lee’s army in October, but it took nine days to complete the crossing of the Potomac and by now Lee was deep in Virginia and had rested and re-grouped his troops.
On November 4th Lincoln relieved McClellan of command and gave the Army of the Potomac to General Ambrose Burnside. McClellan’s next battle with Lincoln came when he won the democratic nomination for president in the 1864 elections. He was easily defeated.

Albero Splashes Down

Albero, as predictable as always, is once again blasting the Salisbury Fire Department Marine Division in their quest for a new Fireboat. He is in such haste to belittle the SFD he can’t even remember when he had his original post up. Today he claims it was “early last summer”, when in reality it was mid August. Great research Albero.

The idea of protecting riverfront property is not out of line. I invite anyone to take a morning boat ride down the Wicomico River and take a look at the private properties there. Than take an afternoon drive and check out these same properties from the land. You will begin to see just how un-accessible many of these houses are. Some are built basically on islands or small spits of land with very narrow driveways. Once on the property there is little room to maneuver equipment, or even room for multiple pieces of equipment. Since so many of these properties are well outside the hydrant area, any fir of magnitude would require a tanker operation requiring equipment to move in and out of the area to maintain water supply.

The commercial property along the waterfront is also a matter of great concern. The largest concern of course in the petroleum tank farms located there. If anyone has any doubt about the hazard posed by that, please remember February 1975. That explosion at the Exxon terminal rocked houses for miles and miles around. Before that incident was brought control resources from Wallops Island Virginia were being used and resources from Dover Air Force Base in Delaware were under consideration.

Salisbury is the second largest petroleum port in the State of Maryland. Scoff at that all you like but facts are facts. Millions of gallons of product flow through there every day on the land and on the water. Safety is paramount to the crews of the tugs and barges that navigate the local waters, but accidents do happen. Fairly recent to the waterfront is the Salisbury Marina. Shipboard firefighting is ball of wax all to itself. Often time the craft involved in accessible to land based apparatus and the need to approach and mitigate an incident such as this must be done from the water. It may even be necessary to remove the burning craft from its mooring to protect surrounding boats and structures. That’s a little hard to with out a boat capable of controlling the situation.

The Marine Divisions largest boat in a 25-foot pleasure craft. The pumping capacity is currently 250 gpm from a portable pump. In order to be sufficient a fireboat should have a pumping capacity at least equal to its land based counterparts. The pumpers in the Salisbury Fire Dept today are 1200, 1500, and 2000 gpm.

It is true the city fireboat is seldom used for firefighting. However in May of 1979 the fireboat was in service fighting fire at the Pocahontas offices on Mill Street. Once again in June of 1979 at the Benjamins fire on the downtown Plaza. Had a boat with a decent pump on board been available, it could well have been used when Mr. Bill Martins house burned in the not so distant past. Also again with the fire at Setter’s Run (?) sub division when a house was lost and water supply was a problem. It may, (I said may) have been possible for a boat to supply relaying tankers with water from the river without having a long run to the nearest hydrant. A 250-gpm pump is akin to putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. It’s a worthless act. So, the fireboat isn’t used that often for fighting fire therefore it isn’t needed. Using that rationale you should take the spare tire out of your trunk. After all you have 4 good ones on the road and you don’t need a spare that often.

Are special chemical needed to fight petroleum fires? You bet they are. Sometime these chemicals are used hundred or even thousands of gallon at a time.
Does Salisbury have these chemicals? You bet they do. The chemicals of which Albero’s commenter has spoken of is in concentrated form in 5 gal containers.
What bring these chemicals from concentrate to usable consistency for fighting fire?

WATER—that’s what. The chemicals are induced through the pumping systems and are apportioned to the proper mix and applied to the burning fuel. Sometimes this mix is applied from a distance. Sometimes it is induced directly into a tank. Sometimes hand lines at close range apply it. However it is applied, it can’t be done effectively with a 250 gpm portable pump and it must be done with a appropiate water/concetrate ratio.

Once again Albero questions why protection of this waterfront property doesn’t fall to the Coast Guard. Simply put—the Coast Guard isn’t here and as far as I know there is no plans to open a station here. Go ask the Coast Guard why. From Crisfield or Chincoteague, wherever the closest unit is stationed, it’s too far away to be of use to this area. Again---facts are facts.

Finally, the Times today clearly states that homeland security fund are prohibited from being used for a new fireboat. The $800,000 price tag is the upper limit to which a boat could cost. Albero want the insurance companies to pay for the boat. Does he think they will not pass on this expense to their customers? They will, and I assure you they will not pass it on to just those on the waterfront. Everyone will bear the expense.

I wonder----If Albero owned property on the waterfront would he scream if the city failed to have adequate protection for him?

Additional Thoughts
Albero mentioned that river traffic does not warrant bridge tenders. It seems the Sate of Maryland recently made that decsion. For what it's worth I find that to be a horrible turn of events from the SFD standpoint. Although there are longer active tank forms up in that harbor, there are many hazards that may require an immediate access by water. In all fairness Albero simply mentioned this as fact--he did not blame anyone or pass opinion on the matter.

Friday, November 2, 2007

My "Fat Trap" Answer to Albero

Well Albero, I guess its time for me to open my fat trap again. You are absolutely correct in that not everyone has time to devote to the BLOGS as you do. I have quite a bit going on right now and I have been quite busy.

Allow me to comment on the issues with the fire department. I felt like I expressed my opinion quite clearly. Of course not everyone agreed and that’s O.K. by me. I truly believe that you allowed anonymous posting on your site for the mere sensationalism of it and you got what you asked for. I do not believe all of the anonymous posters were firefighters. Some of them---absolutely, all of them no. Some of those that were firefighters are the same ones that comment on the Watchdesk for the pure sake of creating dissention. It works on that site and it worked on yours.

Now I am going to tread somewhere I vowed to my self not to go, but I feel it needs to be said. I am not sure who to lay the blame on for this, you or the gutless people who commented that obviously have little or no decency or compassion. I am speaking of the case involving Mrs. Albero. I blame you in part for the attacks on her because instead of shutting that subject down you fed into it.

I totally condemn those that brought the issue to light again because it had absolutely nothing to do with the subject or subjects at hand. The entire scheme was merely to create a diversion from the problems you perceived to exist with-in the fire department, and to cause you to rant more than normal. It worked and they laughed.

Anyone wishing to address those problems should be welcomed to do so, those that try to discredit your post by bringing up an issue long since settled, especially in the manner it was done, was way out of line. Another issue brought forth was that of your grandson. I have no clue to the circumstances that have brought you and Mrs. Albero to raise him and it is none of my business. If by doing so you have given him a better life, I feel that you both should be commended for it and his innocence should not be violated on these BLOGS.

Because of my belief in what I have stated I refused to participate in the pissing contest that took place on your BLOG last week. Yes, I just violated one of my own rules but I do feel that strongly about what I said. Your family’s business has no place on these BLOGS and those that have tried to make it so are to short-sighted and ignorant to see that. But for the grace of God they have obviously not experienced the frustration of long term injury or illness and dealing with an insurance company. I have and--- I can sympathize.
I do feel you should have shut that part of it down. You didn’t and that’s your choice. I shall say no more about it other than I can honestly say, I was not part of it.

I am sure I will continue to disagree with you on many issues. That is the nature of these BLOGS. However I will strive to stay in bounds---with you or anyone else.

I could have e-mailed this and kept it private. However I have been asked a number of times why I didn’t respond last week. I hope by posting it here for all to read it clears up why I didn’t.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Stay Out of Maryland

Westboro Babtist Church has been sent an $11 million message. Go here for details.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

New to the Shooting World.

Today at the Sinepuxent Rod & Gun Club there was a memebers only 5 Stand competition cosisting of 50 targets. Since we are a little outclassed by most of those shooting, we elected to pay the entry fee, get a meal ticket and conserve our ammuntion. Basicly we donated to the prize pool. Yes, that made the sanwiches a bit on the pricy side, but we also supported the club and our friends.

I tried to take some pictures of the shoot but the participants seemed to frown on having a casual spectator down range with a camera while the targets were flying. Standing behind the firing line proved to be futile as well due to the large crowd watching and I didn't have enough lens to reach out and grab the action where the targets were breaking.

So we socialized for a while, cheered on our favorite shooters and when the oyster sandwiches were ready we indulged.

The best photo I got today was of the young fellow pictured above. His owner brought him to the club today in order to get him used to gunfire. He seemed to coping very well with the noise because we had to wake him in order to get this picture. He is a real cutie and hopefully we will see him more often as he develops.
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