Friday, November 2, 2007

My "Fat Trap" Answer to Albero

Well Albero, I guess its time for me to open my fat trap again. You are absolutely correct in that not everyone has time to devote to the BLOGS as you do. I have quite a bit going on right now and I have been quite busy.

Allow me to comment on the issues with the fire department. I felt like I expressed my opinion quite clearly. Of course not everyone agreed and that’s O.K. by me. I truly believe that you allowed anonymous posting on your site for the mere sensationalism of it and you got what you asked for. I do not believe all of the anonymous posters were firefighters. Some of them---absolutely, all of them no. Some of those that were firefighters are the same ones that comment on the Watchdesk for the pure sake of creating dissention. It works on that site and it worked on yours.

Now I am going to tread somewhere I vowed to my self not to go, but I feel it needs to be said. I am not sure who to lay the blame on for this, you or the gutless people who commented that obviously have little or no decency or compassion. I am speaking of the case involving Mrs. Albero. I blame you in part for the attacks on her because instead of shutting that subject down you fed into it.

I totally condemn those that brought the issue to light again because it had absolutely nothing to do with the subject or subjects at hand. The entire scheme was merely to create a diversion from the problems you perceived to exist with-in the fire department, and to cause you to rant more than normal. It worked and they laughed.

Anyone wishing to address those problems should be welcomed to do so, those that try to discredit your post by bringing up an issue long since settled, especially in the manner it was done, was way out of line. Another issue brought forth was that of your grandson. I have no clue to the circumstances that have brought you and Mrs. Albero to raise him and it is none of my business. If by doing so you have given him a better life, I feel that you both should be commended for it and his innocence should not be violated on these BLOGS.

Because of my belief in what I have stated I refused to participate in the pissing contest that took place on your BLOG last week. Yes, I just violated one of my own rules but I do feel that strongly about what I said. Your family’s business has no place on these BLOGS and those that have tried to make it so are to short-sighted and ignorant to see that. But for the grace of God they have obviously not experienced the frustration of long term injury or illness and dealing with an insurance company. I have and--- I can sympathize.
I do feel you should have shut that part of it down. You didn’t and that’s your choice. I shall say no more about it other than I can honestly say, I was not part of it.

I am sure I will continue to disagree with you on many issues. That is the nature of these BLOGS. However I will strive to stay in bounds---with you or anyone else.

I could have e-mailed this and kept it private. However I have been asked a number of times why I didn’t respond last week. I hope by posting it here for all to read it clears up why I didn’t.


TomCat said...

WTG! Nice job!

Richard Head said...

Soapy...better to have just posted it here. You know little JJG would have taken your email and turned it into a post on his site.

A nice well written response by you sir. A certain blogger could takes notes from you.

joealbero said...

Mr. Perdue,

Thank You! That was very kind and certainly well said. I can honestly tell you that if you do get the pleasure of ever meeting my Wife you'll clearly see just how wonderful a person she is.

Yeah, Husbands are supposed to say that but honest to God, she's the coolest woman I have ever met and many Fire Fighters who know her will tell you the same. As a matter of fact, I know of no one on earth that could actually own saying anything bad about her and be truthful.

You have certainly gained my respect from this Post, (for what that's worth) and I'll not forget it.

As for our Grandson, it's a sad situation, one in which I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. No child deserves to be second best to anyone or any thing and I can simply assure you, this child is living a FAR better life than he had in the past.

We never purchased the property we own with a child in mind but since things have changed for all of our lives, there isn't a cooler place on earth I could have ever dreamed up a kid could enjoy better. He's the best thing that ever happened in our lives together and he makes me proud each and every day. He loves to fish too! LOL I'm certain you can respect why I will not go public as to why we have him, that's not important.

All that being said, if you ever thought as a child, wouldn't it be great to live with this family or that family, Gavin lives that life right now and he couldn't be happier. Now that's cool, eh?


Joe Albero

Inside Looking Out said...

Well, i was sort of thinking that Mr. Albero had possibly considered that his "attack tactics" were a waste and simply "reporting news items" with a genuine, yet sensible comment is the true way to have a blog. I was wrong of course, he was on his typical attack mode over on "A Class Act" blog. I guess the infamous "Blue Pill" was taken around 2 PM, his "Green Pill" rantings were all done before then.

I see now he's so upset that the "nasty anon's" have subsided so much that it's driving him crazy. I suppose when you're filled with such hatred and contempt for others that when the tensions do in fact die down and nobody is shining the infamous "spotlight" on you that you're now even considering stirring the pot on another site. This man simply astounds me beyond belief that he needs the attention so much that he goes to such length to get it.

I still have yet to see any type of verifications to prove beyond any shadow of doubt that ALL those anon comments were in fact firefighters. He has dodged that question on several occasions and still does to this date.

My only comment in any regards to "family" is that i hope the young child enjoys simply playing in the house all the time. Mr. Albero lives on his computer and i'm sure is too busy for quality playtime. Then again i'm sure with all his great monetary fortunes(he'll tell us all about how rich he is)he'll simply "buy someone" to go take care of that.

It's a true shame that quality time with a loving child is so easily replaced by violent ramblings and attacks to people on a computer

RatChief said...

Capn Joe is most correct. JA's family should be "off limits" to anyone and everyone...if you dont like him (and that's certainly understandable), "man up" and deal w/ him and him only. His wife and grandson need not be demeaned. JA earns all the nasty and snide remarks all on his own.

However, these folks are certainly "angels" for simply living w/ the guy. LOL No one else could possibly pull it off!! LOL

Seriously though...

Leave the man's family out of whatever beef you may have w/ him. I'm sure that NONE of us would want our families dragged into pissing and name calling contests. Not only is it unfair, it is unethical and of poor human conscience.

JA...I dont like what you stand for nor do I care in any manner for your "tactics". You are full of $hit when it comes to things you feel you know about the Fire Service as you know NOTHING of it. One day, you come and you crawal down one of the long, dark hallways w/ one of us and you'll see that you cant is as color blind as it is indiscriminant about who or what it kills. You know little of the loyalty that many of us carry towards one another nor could you ever query that feeling UNTIL you've done what I just mentioned.

You do, however, have family...which by the way...any visually impaired individual could "see" that you love (such as you know the meaning of that particular word) very much. It is quite easy to see even for those of us who dont either like you or disagree w/ your philosophies.
Your family is "yours"...and should be left as such...untouchable by anyone on this or any other BLOG or forum.
I wont stand beside you for much, but I would to protect that family of yours...disagree w/ me all you me "racist" if you choose...I know better and I know right from wrong. When youre wrong, I'll tell you that I feel you are...but...I stand for what is right and good in this world and you would probably find that...given the benefit of the doubt from you...there are many firefighters in this area that would agree w/ these matter what you have to say about them. We risk our lives for complete strangers on a daily basis.

Leave JA's family alone ladies and gents...You should be better than that...
That's all I have to say about that.

Bunker Britches said...

Spoken or rather written, like a true gentleman. I am pleased and proud to see such a well written blog entry.

o w grant said...

I don't want to rain on this noble attempt to rise above the mud slinging at innocents, but I feel that we may have forgotten an important piece of the Albero issue: Jennifer Albero, who is an expert practioner of manipulation and s**t stirring.

She has knowingly initiated Albero's spate of revolting behavior against the city, its officials, and the private citizens, who she holds responsible for her being canned by the zoo.

I agree that usually spouses should be bullet proof, but in this case, she's every bit as guilty of his actions as he is. This makes her fair game when the subject comes up.

His grandchild, however, has to deal with being reared by a couple of pathological personalities, and does not deserve to have any more abuse heaped upon him. My prayers go out to him.

If I offend, I'm sorry, but I hold firm on this view. I hope I'm still welcome to post here.

Soapbox said...

O W Grant said:
......I hope I'm still welcome to post here.


You absolutely may.

joealbero said...


Thank You.

Inside Looking Out said...

I've not said a thing "AGAINST" his family. I simply pointed out that i believe having quality time WITH THE CHILD, should be more important than sitting at a computer and sending out his poisonous messages of hate for the City of Salisbury government. Children are a gift from God and should always be revered in that way. In NO WAY did i communicate anything upon his family members, simply pointing out that HIS priorities seem to be the blogs are more important than time with family. Time stamps on his entrys prove exactly what i'm sayin!!!! Since he brags constantly about all his riches, i know damn well if i were in his position, i'd be worrying about a shithouse town government like this one...YEAH RIGHT!! I'd be taking every moment possible to be with the family and i'd be showing the child this whole planet, not just this area.

Anonymous said...

What kind of man goes on and on ad nauseum about the virtues of his wife?

To put a woman on a pedestal and elevate her to godlike status is a dangerous activity.

A man who is confident in his wife's virtues would have no need to convince others of her virtues.

A man who lacks confidence in himself would feel the need to browbeat others with an illusion of saintliness to hide his own inadequacies.

Regardless, any man who roasts meats over a horse manure fired grill is alright with me - even if he is going through the motions of at least his second marriage.

Richard Head said...

Although no relation to yours truly, I do believe the "other" Richard has in fact answered his own question. It could be that the subject in question here isn't trying to convince us, but yet his ownself.