Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Oldtimers Breakfast

Every two weeks or so a group of Retirees from the Salisbury Fire Dept. Meet for breakfast. Most often we go the Daytons Restaurant but occasionally we meet elsewhere.
The conversation somtimes is about the fire department but often times it's about our daily lives today and our families. This time of year deer hunting is a great topic as many of us in the past hunted together. Several of the guys ride motorcycles in good weather and talk often revolves around bikes.

We usually have around 10-12 people attending but this morning we had 13.
While we were working or volunteering at the fire dept we stayed in touch on a regular basis. Now it's meetings like this that keeps us up to date with one another. It's good plan and very enjoyable.
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Gunpowder Chronicler said...


Can't believe you posted that picture. Don't you know that before long, everyone of those guys will be stalked by the Jihadi?

I am surprised he isn't already accusing you of hiding a Klan meeting inside of an old-timers reunion.

Soapbox said...

Check out the third guy on the right. No Klan meeting here.

So far as JJ stalking these guys --
he'll be way out of his league with this crew. LOL

TomCat said...

What a great group of guys! I hope you all appreciate my tribute! It would be cool if Wayne Barrell could put together something similiar with local pictures.