Sunday, December 2, 2007

Albero's Big Surprise

Albero’s big surprise certainly held the parade audience in awe today. My guess is better than 90% of them looked at that dandy Dodge Ram with the magnetic SBYNEWS.COM signs and said------HUH?????

Albero has made such a to-do about the fire equipment being in local Christmas parades and yet the “Big Surprise” he provides is Pick-up truck with a 12” stuffed Santa in the back and some Andy Harris stickers. I suppose in his mind this much more entertaining than fire equipment to the children and even the adults watching. At least the fire equipment sends a message of fire safety for the holiday season and serves as a reminder that many men and women are there for the community regardless of the time year. It also allows more of the community see what their donations go toward in the interest of life and property.

It’s not like he didn’t have plenty of time to create something better. It was at least a couple months ago when claimed to be the first person to register an entry to the parade. I should think that in that period of time he could have least put a ribbon or two on that 4X4.

WAIT!!!------4X4???? Isn’t this the same type of vehicle Albero denounces when he sees a fireman driving one? How about those he photographed in the employee parking lot at DP&L. some time back and questiond the owers need for such a vehicle?

And for some really “Big News”, check his latest post concerning Lynn Cathcart. Near the end of his diatribe he speaks of Debbie Campbell and says, “she has ALWAYS impressed me as being on OUR side, the CITIZENS' side.” Since when did he become a citizen of City of Salisbury?

Just asking!


Richard Head said...

Soapy...I wouldn't have posted this sooner but I laughed so hard I pee-ed my pants!

You gotta be kidding! This was his "SURPRISE"!?!?

It must have taken him days to ready the midget-mobile for the parade! The magnetic signs. The Dollar Tree Santa Claus.


I've been a little under the weather this weekend but this sure has made me laugh!

straight shooter said...

I was really impressed with the
4x4. I know everyone along the parade route was so happy to see him and his vehicle sending a Christmas message! I couldn't wait to gethome and tell all my friends!

Hadley said...
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Soapbox said...

The language was clean but the comment had no merit other than name calling.
Fair is fair---I had to delete it.

No hard feelings.

o w grant said...

OK, if this is his best work, just what do you think his input on the betterment of Salisbury is worth?

What about those on the council who promote his ideas? Hmmmmmm....

I'm embarrassed for all of them.

Luckyduck said...

My son went to the parade, he failed to mention that exciting 4x4... He was however VERY impressed with the horses, policemen & the fire trucks....

TomCat said...

I have a link to live video posted on my blog!

Bunker Britches said...

Tomcat, where is your blog? I'd like to see the video.

As for Albero, gee, did Harris pay for his gasoline to ride the parade route with the Harris Signs? Advertising his blog, advertising Harris, I suppose he could have advertised where he bought the truck for a little dough ray me as well. Oooh, I forgot. He doesn't need money.

SbyNewsUnedited said...

Anonymous said...
Your "FLOAT" should not even hae been allowed. What is "Christmas" about it? Delaware tagged pickup advertising SBYNEWS! And had political signs in the back.
Are you aware you paid $100.00 for a poltical ad? And the requires law now requires you to report such. The Jaycee's either have to refund your money or now give an equal amount to all other candidates running! GOOD JOB JOE!

4:50 PM

I just got this post? Is this true?

Soapbox said...

Not sure how true this is.

Anybody have any insight on this?

Soapbox said...
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