Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Coffee, Cookies,and Comedy

Albero has certainly done a lot of research on this one. I called the number shown and asked about the program, what it was designed to do and most importantly how it is funded. Albero would have you believe that the spending of restitution money for such a venue is a sin being commited by our local government. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

The number shown in his post, 410.546.5311 takes you to the Wicomico County Health Department, Cardio Vascular Health, Tobacco Use Prevention and Smoking Cessation Program. I spoke with Ms. Debbie Cooper RN. And was treated to an informative and pleasant conversation. The “Coffee, Cookies and Comedy” show is being held in con-junction with the annual “Great American Smoke-Out”. In this program the main attraction is a clown who, in real life, has lost a lung to cancer. I did not get any details on the show itself but even though it is a comedic program the message is serious and impelling

I asked Ms Cooper as just what exactly the Wicomico Restitution Fund was and how it came about. She was able to reliably inform me that the restitution fund is the Wicomico County’s Share of an award granted to the State of Maryland in a 1999 lawsuit against tobacco companies. The monies garnered in this award are to be used for programs such as “Coffee, Cookies and Comedy” in an effort to prevent smoking and to assist with the efforts of those wishing to quit. This fund also provides monies for programs in the local schools providing education to our children about the hazards of tobacco.

Also on hand the evening of the event will be vendors with advice and products for stress relief, smoking cessation assistance, and programs and brochures to assist anyone with the desire to give up tobacco.
Anyone wishing more information can call 410.546.5311 and ask to speak with the coordinator of the event, Ms Jennifer Johnson. If you are someone you know has a tobacco problem I urge you attend or invite your friend(s) to attend.

I haven’t a clue as to what Albero thinks this fund should be used for. The are specific limitations to it’s use and I am sure it’s use is monitored to ensure it is spent properly.

Albero wants to go and smoke a fat cigar at the front door in protest.
Mature-----don’t you think?


joealbero said...

Get over me, will ya! ROTFLMAO! I'm sure the smarter people will see the irony of the whole thing. You, well, it was obviously too deep for you.

karen said...

The irony? Why is it ironic that this money would go to pay for a spokesperson to speak about the dangers of tobacco? I suppose it must be too deep for me too because I see nothing ironic about it.

Idiot! said...

You are talking about smoking a cigar in front of a cessation event. Where is ironic about that?

It is completely sophomoric if you ask me.

Idiot! said...


jinx, poke, you owe me a coke. or a date with your stepdaughter.

Richard Head said...

Make sure you inhale Albero. Take a couple of extra hard puffs if you don't mind.

karen said...

Haha Idiot! Can't give you a date with her...that's pimping her out remember?

Chuck Norris said...

The Great American Smokeout is this Thursday, November 15th. Commit to Quit or help a friend!

On Wednesday, November 14, 2007 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Guerrieri Auditorium at Wor Wic Community College, Renee Hicks, an accomplished comedian will be performing. Renee, now in her late twenties, was diagnosed with lung cancer, which she contracted from working in bars and clubs since the age of 18. She is a great performer and has an important message regarding second hand smoke exposure.

The event is free and open to all SU students. It is co-sponsored by the Tri County Tobacco Coalition, of which SU is a member. For more information about the event or quitting , contact Student Health Services at 410-543-6262 or by emailing:

Directions to the Event:
Wor Wic Community College is located on Rt. 50 East. To get there, take W. College Avenue to Rt. 50 and make a right onto the highway, as though you were traveling to Ocean City. Wor Wic Community College is on the right, approximately 2 miles from the turn.