Thursday, December 13, 2007


Back on October 26th I had a post up about getting utility services on my prperty moved so I could construct a building on my property. Things have been moving a little slow but yesterday the contractor arrived at about 1:30 to dig the trench for the electric service. Brian & Michael were really nice guys and a pleasure to talk to. Brian said they would be done in about one hour to hour and a half. They opened the ground by hand at the transformer, dug the new trench to the splice site. At about 3:00 the rep from DP&L showed up to make the final spice. The cable in the ground had yet to be found. Out came the locating tools and an attempt to verify the cables location began. At around 4:00 a fourth person arrived and the location attemp continued. Now this would be the fourth person to locate this cable. The first was done in October, The second was done this past tuesday, the third was the DP&L rep yesterday and the contractor late yester afternoon. Everyone agreed the paint marks on the ground were accurate and the cable had to be there. They hand dug over seven feet deep and several feet to each side of the paint indicators and no cable has yet to be found.

Just at dusk, on a hunch, the DP&L rep dug in an area some 25 feet from the indicators. He dug on the marks that were supposed to be the telephone lines. Want to guess what he found? So now its after dark, no service has been moved, they cover up the trench as best they can (no headlights on the trencher) and leave me waiting for who knows how long for the engineer from DP&L to contact me again. I am also left with a mess in part of of my yard that didn't need to be there and my checkbook is $615.00 lighter for nothing.

Isn't life wonderful?
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straight shooter said...

Put Joe on the case. He will single handedly get it resolved. No problem.

Salisbury News & Views said...

Must have been Fire Fighters digging a Joe trap in your yard. Ya that's it!

Oh by the way, Lowe's has grass seed cheap this time of year.ROFLMAO

Merry Christmas