Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Coward's Way Out.

Albero has taken the coward’s way out AGAIN! Straight shooter over on the “Off the Cuff” asked Albero some very simple and direct questions concerning his continued rant about racism in the SFD. Answers to these questions, if given honestly, would lay to rest any doubts anyone might have about the issue. Many of the gaps would be filled in and a clarification for all to understand would be on the table.

The questions straight shooter asked are as follows:

1) Why did you say the NAACP was involved (oh excuse me, allegedly involved) in the Hostile Work Environment claim of Mr. Cropper.

2) Did you, or did you not speak to Mr. Cropper BEFORE you broke your news story (and I use term loosely) about racial discrimination and the promotions.

3) I know for a fact you spoke to Mr. Cropper AFTER you posted the allegations. When you spoke to him did he EVER tell you that he in fact had been called names? Or did he simply tell you he was hurt because of the change in attitude of his co-workers?

In this case, the time line of the occurrence of events is a HUGE factor and could tell the tale.

Albero’s answer:

joealbero said...
Answers: None of your business.However, they're pretty stupid questions. Nice try.

joealbero said...
Goodbye for good Off The Cuff. I'll not participate in your games any longer. Without me, you're nobody.

This is obviously a 4th grade playground answer and the coward’s way out of an intelligent conversation.

What’s so hard Albero? Just explain why the questions are stupid and we can go from there. You wont, because you can’t.

Even with Albero’s supporters a red flag should be flying high right now. If he is so honest, truthful and exact with is summations, then why he now in what he calls,” Damage Control”


Anonymous said...

The man has no answers to give you except those that will deepen the hole of lies he's already dug. I've seen this same scenerio out of this guy for a year now. He starts out with a thread of dubious information and spins an entire story around it filled with half truths and complete fabrications.

TomCat said...

"without me you're nobody" . . . roflmao . . . without Joe Albero none of us would exist. Please review the narcissist check list and you will find that cuff followed the button pushing instructions to a tee.

Soapbox said...

I agree. I wish I had the shooters knack for pushing buttons. He surely has it down to an art form.