Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Custom Made Brackets

Albero goes on another small rant about some custom made brackets the Fire Department had made in order to mount the equipment props installed in the new firehouse. Albero claims these brackets were made and installed illegally. I challenge that assertion.

I stopped by Station 16 today and inquired about these so-called custom made “brackets” that has Albero wringing is his hands over. It seems the “brackets” are nothing more than steel I beams used to maintain the integrity of the equipment bodies as they where lifted and installed into the building. The “brackets” have been left in place to continue to brace and support the equipment through the many years of use it is destined to have. Anyone with any knowledge of vehicle bodies is aware that some sort of support needs to be in place in order to maintain its integrity. The only thing custom about these so-called brackets is that they are cut to length to fit each piece of equipment.

More importantly I was told the cost of the brackets were well within the parameters of the already approved budget for this particular phase of the project.

The “brackets” can be seen on Albero’s site in the photo showing the ambulance body being lifted into the building. They can also be seen on Wayne Barrall’s “Fire in the Hole” site. Scroll down to the Station 16 update segment and click on the photo to get the entire pictorial story.

Click here for Waynes site.


Inside Looking Out said...

Soapbox...How does his bizarre ramblings strike you as odd??? Simply asking an obvious question!!

TomCat said...

As if the council would know anything about the brackets. How long would it take to get the fire house built if every time a nut, bolt or nail that was substituted had to be approved but the council.