Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Today in History

Today, in 1975, Jimmy Hoffa was reported as missing. The infamous Teamsters President was last seen the day before in the parking lot of “Machu’s Red Fox Restaurant”. Mr. Hoffa was never seen again.

One can only wonder. After recent boastful claims in the BLOOSHERE of one having connections to families of note in NYC, is it possible a certain BLOGER could have inside information to this mystery? Perhaps solving this famous whodunit will be a future Major Breaking National News story that will be read here first.

Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmm.

Monday, July 30, 2007

All the news that is news

I'll bet the Daily Times is sorry they missed this one. Heather Zara has a part time time gig at Market Street Inn and has a DUI on her record. According to Albero this fact will apparently upset the judicial system in Wicomico Co. and will be of great concern to our Judges.

I wonder if pulling a rickshaw on the Plaza would have the same effect.

What wonderful news. You heard it from Albero first! Hope CBS and FOX picked up on it.

Albero pays a visit

joealbero said...
Dear Ret. Captain Joe:

I have most of the facts, I simply chose not to disclose them. I am NOT one of the Brothers and "I" have no right exposing some of the personal details. That's how "I" felt anyway.

Let it be known I know very well who you are as well, so you better be damn careful what you say. One step over the line with me Pal and you'll be visiting a lawyers office very quickly.

The mere fact that you'll attack the very Post I put up should tell your fellow co workers the kind of a$$hole you've become over time.

If you don't like my Blog, don't return. Again, let me explain myself VERY clear to you. Be VERY careful what you say because I will eat you alive in legal fees.

Don't be stupid and come back acting like a tough guy either because you have never met a man like me before and you'll regret it for as long as you life if you choose to screw with me.

Besides, I think your Post is tatseless and almost bragging rights. Very sad.

I've got a keen eye on you.

I am not in the least bit concerned that you know who I am. Please feel free to re read all of my posts and show me where I have been slanderous in any way. I have not called you any names other than your own. I have not threatened you in any way, nor have I used any foul language. You have done all of these things in a single post.

The fact that you know who I am is of no consequence to me. I did not publicly reveal my identity on the BLOG, but I have never hidden it either. What line is it I should be wary of crossing?

I can offer the same advice to you about visiting by my BLOG. If you don’t like it don’t return. I don’t have a fictional site meter and I have no idea how many hits I get and I really don’t care.

I certainly have not acted like a “tough guy” up to this point and I certainly do not intend to now, so that is one worry can rid yourself of. You are absolutely correct on another point. I have never met a man like you before, and I pray I never meet anyone else like you.

And by all means---keep your keen eyes on me. I like the attention.

More selective reporting

I have to say that Albero has placed an excellent post concerning supreme efforts of the members of Salisbury Fire Department in expressing their love and compassion for our friend and colleague Doug Brown. However in true Albero fashion he has selectively reported only some of the facts in a subtle effort to defame the mayor and city as a whole.

I can verify that that the retired firefighters quickly raised over $1600.00 for the post funeral reception for the family and friends, but I must clarify that the reception cost were approx $650.00 and the additional $1000.00 plus was given generously to the memorial fund for funeral expenses. I am aware this is a minor point but it shows that Albero has again only reported a portion of the story.
I am acutely aware of these figures because I was part of it.

I cannot at this point verify what was donated from the volunteer division, career division, or from the personal wallets and money clips of the members of the Salisbury Fire Dept. and friends of Doug Brown.
I do know in my heart that the donations were extremely generous and in all probability what Albero as stated in his BLOG is true. That being, all funeral expenses were covered and the family has suffered little financial expense in that respect.
Albero has stated accurately---This is brotherhood.
Giving the Devil his due – Thank you for an accurate but partial report.

I feel that it is important to add a few facts that Albero has chosen to omit.
Mayor Tilghman, Mr. John Pick, and Council Vice President Gary Comegys did indeed appear and attend the services for Firefighter Doug Brown. Possibly others from the city administration did as well, but with all the old friends, co-workers, and fellow retirees in attendance it was very hard to keep up with all those present. If I have missed any city officials, I humbly apologize.
The point is that city administration did not in any way shape or form ignore the accomplishments of Firefighter Doug Brown.

Furthermore, I can tell you this. The number of uniforms present was astounding. Not only the Salisbury Fire Department and the local county departments were there, but I saw Anne Arundel, and Montgomery county personnel there as well. They were not simply representatives from those departments—they were Doug’s friends.
Again, if I missed anyone representing another department, I apologize.

I personally know of a retired Firefighter from Montgomery County that traveled from his current home in Georgia to attend this service.

Pardon me, I have digressed in Doug’s honor.

Albero has omitted another fact. Chief See and Deputy Chief Hoppes performed a very touching flag presentation to the family at gravesite in Doug’s honor. Albero’s dislike for Chief See apparently spills over to the extreme omissions of this honor for a lost brother in his "expertise" reporting.

A friend of firefighters indeed. No Thank you---I'll pass.

Doug was so loved.

Next time Albero, Post all the facts. Not just what is fed to you from your mole?

Friday, July 27, 2007

Albero is not your friend---take heed

Some friend Albero is to the Police and Firefighters he claims to be so fond of. I have no idea if the Mayor or John Pick has banned his site from department computers or if it is legal to do so. At this point the legality matters not. Should anyone within the city service wish to challange this order, all well in good.
It can be done at their personal expense or it may be backed by an employee organization that is willing to foot the bill. In the meantime if the city administration has indeed ordered this, it should be abided by.

Finding a backdoor to his site and encouraging it’d use is ludicrous. Regardless of the legality of such an order the employee must understand that blatant and flagrant violation of an executive order is grounds for dismissal. The issue of legality in this case is obvious questionable and would truly have to be examined closely by people far more familiar with point of law than Albero. Does anyone think that Albero would foot the bill for a city employee to prove his feeble minded point of view? Any such action would rest squarely on the shoulders of the dismissed employee and such a case would not be cheap.

Warning to police officers and firefighters. Albero is not the friend he claims to be. Getting any one of you dismissed by using information supplied by him will only further his agenda of vengeance against the city and may well leave you high and dry.

Do you think he really cares about you?
If you think he cares then I say---BLOG on with the city systems. The consequences will be of your own doing.

outscooped again

Albero says about the Dove Point story

"So you know, we are aware of the article written about Dove Point last month in The Daily Times but this does not piggyback that story.".......

Just wont admit he missed one.

Narrow minded at its best

Here we go again. What’s good for the goose is not good for the gander. Albero’s limited vocabulary and infatuation with courtrooms has led us to another lawsuit saga, this time against “Gunpowder Chronicle”.
I wondered why I awoke to earth tremors this morning. I know now it must been Gunpowder shaking in his boots.

Who is this mystery attorney that has sought out Albero. Frankly I believe that most attorneys have pretty full agenda as it is and really do not find the need to solicit clients in such a manner.

How is any thing Gunpowder stated any different than what Albero himself has said about other people. Name calling—anything from idiot to words I care not to post here.
Accusing the Chief of Police of being a stalker. Taking a half-truth about Chief See Deputy Chief Gordy and accusing them of wrong doing with equipment that is beyond its serviceable life. Indeed that equipment has now gained an additional use and can serve the fire dept for a long time to come.

I am also a tired of Albero demanding things of the city because he pays taxes here. I know a number of folks that pay more taxes to the city than he does. Does one building on the plaza truly make him a major taxpayer? The old synagogue may not be the smallest building down there on the plaza, but it surely isn’t the largest either. The way I see it, the tenants in that building truly pay the taxes with their rent. Albero is just the errand boy to deliver it to the city. If Albero’s panties are in such a twist over taxes, why did he even to bother to purchase the building anyway?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Today in History

1861 : McClellan takes command of the Army of the Potomac

George McClellan assumes command of the Army of the Potomac after the disaster at Bull Run five days prior. McClellan built the army into a powerhouse in the winter of 1861-62, although he proved to be a weak field commander.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Help for a Friend

On Tuesday I posted about the passing of a dear friend and colleague Doug Brown. After leaving the Salisbury Fire Dept. Doug had some very serious struggles with his health. This invoked a great financial strain on Doug and his family. In as much, the funeral expenses now imposed on the family are great.

A memorial fund has been established to assist the family with expenses. Many of Doug’s friends have contributed to this fund to assist the family. I am reliably informed that the Salisbury Career Firefighter Association has contributed to this fund as well. These generous contributions will cover only a portion of the total cost. Doug served the City of Salisbury selfishly for 25 years. Any contribution, no matter how small will help tremendously. Wont you please consider this humble request? Thank you in advance for your help.

Contributions can be made to:

Firefighter Memorial Fund—Douglas Brown
C/O Farmers Bank of Willards
102 Milford St.
Salisbury, MD. 21804
Atten: Denise Littleton

It may impossible for me to provide names of individual contributors, but as soon as I can I will recognize any organization, or person if possible that opened their hearts to this cause. Thank you again, and God Bless.

Reached the end of my rope

Somehow I knew it would happen sooner or Later. I tried to be nice and requested from the very beginning to keep the language clean in the comment section. The comments must also have some merit. I am not opposed to negative comments or an alternative point of view, but I refuse to allow foul language, name calling, and what can possibly be perceived as threats.

Therefore, I will now make good on turning off the anonymous feature on this blog. Not all anonymous comments have been bad; indeed I have welcomed many of them. But now it has gotten to the point that a few have ruined it for all.

Sorry trivia buffs. If you could see the comments I have had to reject you would understand it has to be this way.

Thanks to all of you that have contributed sensibly. Please continue to do so.

P.S. I will continue to moderate the comments and reject those not meeting criteria.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Whats the point?

What’s the point in Albero bringing up a bankruptcy case from 13 or 14 years ago against Chief See? There is nothing there that constitutes the Chief being a deadbeat as Albero claims. It appears to me that normal procedure was followed in such a case. Anyone who has had to deal with the legal system in today’s world should know that there is no such thing as a cut and dried case. Especially if it concerns bankruptcy or divorce, and from I can gather this concerns both. There are continuances, motions to dismiss, appeals, and heaven knows what else to drag a case on and on. Mostly this is done to the benifit of the lawyers, and believe me they know exactly what they are doing in that respect.

Albero should be inherently familiar with the courts. By his own admission he has spent quite a bit time sitting before a judge, and it appears he will soon have somewhat of an encore.

My question remains---What’s the point? It’s truly nobody’s business but Chief See’s.

Farewell Dear Friend

This Thursday the Salisbury Fire Department will assist in the funeral of one of the finest firefighters ever to walk in the station. Firefighter Douglas L. Brown passed away earlier this week.

Doug was without a doubt one of the best. There was no task asked of him that he would not do. Be it on the fire ground or in quarters, if it needed to be done Doug was there. His courage on the fire scenes was exemplary. His knowledge and operation of equipment utilized was beyond reproach. His love for the fire service and his desire to help others can never be exceeded. His humor and wit maintained his fellow fire fighters through the toughest of times.

Doug also had a great love for the outdoors and nature. Hunting and fishing were among his best fortes. I know of no one that enjoyed it more.

Doug touched so many lives in his career. Both the men and women he worked with and the people he served. Indeed, many people walk this earth today because of Doug’s caring and dedication.

Farewell dear friend----I shall miss you

More trivia,please.

Anonymous said...
more trivia,please.

I can try.
To what extend is this request? More trivia questions, or just more trivia posts?
What trivia subjects are of your interest?

Pittsville Diner Still Has Its Place

Still has its place?
Albero makes this statement as if to say he concedes to the existence of this diner but if it went away---so much the better.
He is entitled to his opinion.

I have patronized the Pittsville Diner for more years than I care to remember. I have seen wait staff come and go. I miss some of the ladies that have waited my table and I have been elated that I only had to tolerate others for a short period. And I will say that this is not the only establishment I have had this experience.

I can say this about Pittsville Diner. The food quality has always been exceptional. Be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner I always knew what I ordered would be more than satisfactory.

The décor? I have no problem with that. I am not a NASCAR fan but I see no reason for condemning the management for choosing that theme. I am sure many folks are not fire fighters or fire buffs but that does not stop them from enjoying the theme of Station 7. I know for a fact Albero is not remotely close to being a fire fighter but he openly admits to patronizing Station 7. I am not a super sports fan either but I have been known to dine at “Break Time”, a well-known Sports Bar & Grill. I dine occasionally at the Wicomico Yacht Club and enjoy the nautical theme and camaraderie but,---- low and behold, I do not own a boat.

I have been to Station 7 restaurant. The food is good. The décor is interesting and is of a subject dear to my heart. But ---it aint nothing to write home about.
It truly lacks the down home personal touch that Pittsville Diner has. The extra little attention just wasn’t there. I didn’t feel rushed to finish the meal, but I didn’t exactly feel like I was welcome to enjoy a refill of iced tea or another cup of coffee.

I will go to Station 7 again on occasion. I do not think the place to be stellar by any means, but so far I found it satisfactory.

I have however found Pittsville Diner to be very homey, price friendly, consistent and of exceptional quality. I shall continue to patronize them on a regular basis.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Breaking News


It’s official. Drew Carey will be the new host of “The Price is Right” replacing Bob Barker.

This announcement invokes two great trepidations.

1) Rosie O’Donnells’s inevitable diatribe of discrimination.
2) Horse turd sized tears from Albero because I just scooped him.

Oh—the pain of being a BLOGer.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

New life for old equipment

Once again we find Albero spewing drivel on a subject he knows little or nothing about. The equipment at the Salisbury Fire Dept Training center that was been systematically dismantled is to be used as training props for continuing education and for certification classes. Lets take a quick look at the equipment.

The ambulance body you see there had reached its useful life as an ambulance and was converted to a vehicle to be used by the dive team. I am not sure how long this unit served as “Dive 1”, but as with any vehicle, time, mileage, and general use took its toll. Point being, this vehicle has had two complete and hard missions within the Department and the cost of maintaining it was prohibitive. I would doubt the resale of this vehicle on any market would net more than a few hundred dollars.

The fire engine at the training area was one of two purchased at the same time. And has again reached it’s useful life. It is my understanding that this piece suffered some major transmission issues, (among other things) and it also was cost prohibitive to attempt to maintain this piece. An attempt was made, as I understand, to sell this piece on E-Bay. Apparently there were no serious bids offered. As I said, this is a twin to another piece in the department. In order to maintain the twin as a reserve engine, parts were robbed from the now dismantled piece. The reserve engine is still in service. Now the question remained, what to do with what’s left? The idea of turning these derelicts into training aids came from within the dept. The idea was kicked around and was determined to be feasible. The ambulance body can be used to train E.M.S. personnel in a true setting. Working on a patient in a cramped enclosed space is a lot different than in a classroom. Pump operators and future pump operators now have a hands on prop to use to learn and understand the concepts of hydraulics on the fire ground. The hose bed will be used in training recruit firefighters in the proper storage and deployment of the hose lines. These are important and basic operations that need to be learned early. The cab of the engine can be used in Officer Candidate training and in advanced officer training. Some much of this training depends on role-playing and hands on application; this can prove to an invaluable prop.

I feel sure that the Salisbury Fire Dept will also be willing to share these props with other departments for training purposes and with the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute for the same reasons.

True—There are thousands of dollars sitting there in his picture. But that was twenty plus years and a lot of mileage ago. This is also equipment that is used hard. Giving this equipment another life as a training tool for a new generation of firefighters seems like a good idea to me.

Maybe Albero should spend a little time, like 5 years or so, participating in fire department training before he spouts off about something he knows nothing about. At best he should re-evaluate his source of information with in the department.

Possibly Albero can explain this:

"....make a REAL attempt to sell it on Ebay."

What constitutes a real attempt? You put it on Ebay and it sells or it doesn’t . Is there some way to solicit bids? Please enlighten us.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Today in History

Two armies amassed in Fairfax Virginia. Each was sure this would be the day for one decisive battle to bring an end to their differences. History notes that within a few hours the army from the north was routed and the army from the south was too disorganized to pursue.

Nearly 5000 men were killed wounded or captured that day on both sides. The hopes of a quick end to hostilities were dashed and so began the beginning of one of the bloodiest conflicts ever on this planet.

Thus-The Battle of Bull Run, (or Manassas if you are from the South). The first great infantry battle of Americas Civil War.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Today in History

Today in 1969, Neil Armsrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first human beings to land on the moon.


What were the first words spoken from the moon?

Albero's Video Of The Year

Cecil B. De Milles he ain't.

Nuff said

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Todays best chuckle

Anonymous said...
Hey, the guy may not be articulate but at least he brings news and doesn't have a blog that simply criticizes others.

I agree with anonymous from the other day. This site is nothing more than another anti Albero blog and isn't worth the time.

July 19, 2007 7:01 PM

I allowed this comment to stand only because it’s so flipping hilarious! Albero doesn’t criticize others?

Let’s see, he has never been critical of:

Mayor Tilghman, Jim Rapp, John Jacobs, Mike Dunn, Lynn Cathacert, Shanie Shields, Chief Webster, Chief See, Deputy Chief Gordy, Carrie Sammis, Gary Comegys, Doug Church,John Robinson, Steve Sarro, Paul Wilber, John Pick, Rachel Polk, Bill Duval, me, ----My fingers are getting tired. Will someone please continue the list for me?

I meant to do that

While Albero rubbed elbows with revelers at the Tawes Clambake, Bill Duval over at duvafiles reported that representatives of the Wicomico Sheriffs dept attended a training session focusing on gang related problems. He made mention of the fact that apparently no one from Salisbury Police Dept attended this session in spite of the fact it was free of admission or registration fees. The point being that Chief Webster seems to still be in denial about gang issues in and about Salsibury.

Albero, feeling that he was “one-upped” by his nemesis on reporting this has provided the old “I meant to do that” defense. Claiming the event as non newsworthy. He further alludes that he and Sheriff Lewis are connected at the hip concerning matters such as these. He continues to enlighten us by providing valuable information that in the not to distant future Sheriff Lewis will conduct another session on this issue to a class of one. The Sheriff will be the instructor and the student—how interesting.

Quote from Alberos’ BLOG.

There will be another Seminar held in August in which Mike Lewis teaches himself at WORWIC.

Breach of Trust

It seems that Slick Ricky is trying his best to dupe the citizens and the county council early in his career. A careful manipulation of the budget has netted a favored few extra coins of the realm to the said favorites bank accounts.
Carefully concealed in a supplemental budget Slick Ricky slid this one in under the radar of all the council members.
All because, according to Ted Shea, these individuals have provided a “Stellar performance”. If that were the case, why would the sheriff’s dept need collective bargaining?

Sheriff Lewis should just proclaim stellar performance for all the deputies and the problem would be solved. Not that I am against collective bargaining. I signed the petition to allow it. Collective bargaining requires that the mediator provide proof positive the raise in pay is justified. Apparently this is not the case for the upper echelon.

Nearly $10,000 is the cost to fiancé this blatant show of favoritism. The solution is simple---deduct said amount from Slick Ricky’s salary.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Today in American History

Today in 1863 Colonel Robert Gould Shaw, commander of the 54th Massachusetts, led his black troops on an assault of Fort Wagner near Charleston South Carolina. After braving cannon and rifle fire the troops crossed the fort’s parapets and engaged in hand-to-hand combat. The 54th Massachusetts was beaten back with heavy casualties including Colonel Shaw. The Federal troops commenced siege operations in order to reduce the fort.

This was the fourth time a black regiment had been used in battle proving once again they would fight if given the chance.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Community Losses

The town of Delmar, Maryland & Delaware lost a great friend and citizen. The Delmar Fire Dept. today lay to rest Kevin Morris. I personally did not know Kevin but I am aware of his contributions to the Delmar Fire Dept and the community as a whole. I also am familiar with his family. The Morris family has a long tradition of service with the Delmar Fire Dept. and there is every indication that tradition will continue for years to come. Rest in Peace Kevin. Walk with God and be blessed.

Another leader familiar to the Town of Princess Anne and to the Campus of U.M.E.S passed away recently.
I met Dr. Hytche several years ago when the fire-training center on the campus was being planned. I have never met a kinder,more pleasant individual in my life. It took but a few minutes of conversation with him to realize you were in the presence of a gentleman. A man whose demeanor demanded respect, but his personality was such that he returned thrice fold what he deserved. He shall be missed.

Dr. William P. Hytche’s service will on Thursday at 11:00 am.
The service will be held in the Ella Fitzgerald Center on the U.M.E.S. campus. It is fitting that the service be held on the campus Dr Hytche so dearly loved.

Anonymous comments

It seems that Anonymous comments have gotten out of hand. I don't mean the ones I have allowed so far, but the ones I refuse to publish. I will not allow the language that is being used to appear on this BLOG.

Read my first post. It's in the sidebar to the left. Anything can be said about anyone or anything as long as it's clean. Since Albero has made anyone he chooses to be a target I feel that turn about is fair play. Especially in light of the fact that I have been his target.

Hate BLOG? Don't think so. I never used the word "Idiot", or "Liar" when I refer to him. I have never insinuated that he has participated in shady or illegal works. I have not accused him of anything. I don't have to, his posts and actions speak for themselves. My post have been merely comments on his posts.

By the way Albero--Thanks for stopping by my BLOG. I'm glad you learned how to spell Somerset.

See! Some good came of it after all.

Education ala Albero

I have lived on the Eastern Shore all my life and I never seen a seagull sitting on a piling before. Thank goodness for Albero and his photographs. I also enjoy local history and quite frankly in all the years I have lived in the State of Maryland I was completely unaware there was a county named “Summerset”.

“Summerset”, is that where Albero took all the pictures of the sunsets? I have never seen a sunset before Albero shared his with us. Sea gulls and sunsets---very newsworthy wouldn’t you say?

Accusations are flying between Albero & John Robinson about stolen material from the Chiefs desk at the Salisbury Fire Dept. If this so, Albero had best caution his COEIU within the dept itself. I’m not in a position to promise any thing, but I am reasonably certain that if anyone gets caught perpetrating such and act, their next stop will be the unemployment office. Should this said perpetrator be a volunteer, he/she will need to find another venue in which to donate their time.
So far as the surplus apparatus being cut up and used as training aids, so what! Training aids such as this will be an asset to the dept for years to come. Does Albero think that a one-time pittance received for the old engine as scrap metal is more beneficial?

It’s obvious he has a mole within the fire dept, and in standard Albero fashion he has taken as gospel all that has been told to him. A real news agency would investigate both sides of a story and should, with reasonable thinking, draw conclusions as to what has, or is really happening.

Reasonable thinking and Albero is much akin to mixing water and gasoline. Shake it all you want---one will not blend with the other.

Is he missed in the Bronx?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Poker Run

I just found out earlier this evening that the Poker Run for Women helping Women this past weekend had 210 bikes entered. It was guessed that more than half the bikes had passengers. That’s a lotta folks helping the cause.

Thanks to all who participated and we will see you next year!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Friends and Links 2

WOW----That really wasn't hard at all.
After some trial and error and several visits to the help area I managed to set up a links area on my sidebar. I believe they are all working but if not would someone let me know so I can work on it. Thanks

On another note, Albero has seriously threatened us with his vacation photos as a hardship we must all bear in order to obtain our daily chuckles from his drivel.
It’s not that I do not enjoy quality photos of points of interest and matters of history, it’s just that the self-touting of personal accomplishment and the “in your face” boasting gets to be very old, very quick. It’s in his feeble mind that only he has a life.

It almost makes one to want to pity him.

Oh--the pain of curiosity.

Friends and Links

I have seen that many of you fellow BLOG owners have added a link to my BLOG to your sites. I appreciate that very much. I am still learning this BLOG thing and as soon as I get it figured out I will be more that happy to reciprocate the service.

Please be patient. It’s not easy for a computer illiterate like myself.
I will get there.
Thanks again for the links and your patience.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Poker run

I don't have any final figures as of yet, but judging by the number of bikes I saw early this evening, the Women helping Women Poker run should be a success. Thanks to all that participated.

I'll try to have some final figures by the first of the week.

Hey Robinson 1320---How about a show with someone from Women helping women and their cause?

Let me see if I can find a spokeswomen to answer the call.

I'll let you know.

Gotta be better than dead ducks at the zoo.

Twisted knickers

Albero seems to have his knickers in a twist because The Daily Times is requiring information in order to post a comment in the grapevine column.

Isn’t that the column where the posters are anonymous?
Albero wouldn’t post an anonymous comment now would he? After all he puts his name on all his posts.
Don’t think so---just ask him.


It occurs to me that he makes anyone wishing to comment on his BLOG register their information first. Talk about a double standard.

ALBERO------The little legend of Salisburg.

Good of the Community

The Delmar Fire Dept. will be hosting the 5th Annual Emergency Services Soft ball Tournament on July 27th, 28th, & 29th. Fire, Police and EMS organizations are invited to participate. Each team has a 3 game guarantee.

Wayne Barrall at 443-783-7753 for more info.

Let's get out there and cheer for our favorite team and support the men & women that serve us so well

Friday, July 13, 2007

What was

Michael over on “Monoblog” has put a photo up that is a scathing reminder of what was. Sorta rubbed Alberos fur the wrong way. He thinks he's seen Mr. Robinsons future as well.
If I were on vacation, the last thing I would want to do is carry along my daily routine. But then again, I have more to live for than making a fool of myself.

Cheer up Mr Robinson. With any luck this photo will fast become a thing of the past.
And really---When was the last time a 10 cent seer made an accurate prediction?

Poker Run

Women helping women is hosting their 3rd annual motorcycle poker run this Saturday, July 14th. Register @ The Redmens Lodge in Fruitland Md. between 9 and 11 am. I believe the entry fee is $15.00.

Lots of fun for you Bikers and it's for a great cause as well.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

First edit

I wondered how long it would take to reject the first comment. For the record I did just that @ 11:13 pm on 7/12/07.

I’m sure there’s more to come, but I laid out the rules on my very first post and I intend to stick to it.

Keep sending them Mr. Anonymous. I’ll keep rejecting them. Of course if your comments have merit, reasonable questions, or have an opinion that is not vulgar and pointless, I will be happy to allow them to stand.

Please---do not attempt to match wits with me. I do not like fighting an unarmed person.

In case you didn't see my first post--it's to the left of the page now and it's title is, "New to the BLOG world".

New Firehouse

I was going to let this issue rest but the Salisbury Fire Dept is really quite dear to me, and after reading some comments on other BLOGs I feel compelled to post once again. Respectfully of course!

It’s true the new house is only .6 miles away from the current Sta. 16, (I’ll take your word on that distance) but the problem making the response to the new house is Rt. 50. Now please bear in mind that the majority of the men and women who work and volunteer for the SFD generally live south of Rt. 50. The highway is rarely and issue when responding to the station for an alarm.
When the new station opens, these same volunteers will have to contend with the traffic on Rt. 50 to answer the alarm. Like it or not, there is still quite a bit of “beach traffic” in the summer time even with the bypass taking the bulk of it. Face it, during the day at any time of year there is plenty of traffic out there. If the drawbridge is up, they must now find an alternate route to the station. That would Division St to Isabella, or Mill St. to Isabella. Either way there will be an additional traffic issue due to many, many, many other people also using these routes to escape the wait for the bridge. Now I grant you the odds of having an alarm at the same time the bridge is up are not that great but the occasional possibility does exist.
Does this alone warrant that a station not be built on the west side? Of course not. A station has been needed over there for years in my opinion.

There are answers for these issues. It may mean that response assignments will have to be changed. It may mean that additional personnel will need to be hired for 24/7 duty crews.

I would hope that the volunteer recruitment for the African-American community would increase. This would definitely call on a new resource and could at least in part be an answer to the RT. 50 quandary.

Possibly, many of these solutions are in the mix already. I would like to think so. Chief See & DC Gordy have certainly received a lot of bad reviews lately, and maybe they are not popular among the troops, but like it or not, they are both well learned. If thought has been given to response and district alterations, maybe it’s time to make it public. At least bring out the rough drafts and accept intelligent input for improvement.

So far as so many volunteers refusing to respond to the new station, I cannot believe it’s as bad as some “self proclaimed expert and fux pau spokesman” claims it to be. I assure you I have been around the fire service for some time. There are always those that grumble. Many of them look for reasons to grumble. But I can assure you, most of them grumbling or not will make the move to the new station and continue to do the absolute best they can for the citizens. And for those very few (if any) that do quit---well, you weren’t needed anyway because your heart just wasn’t in it to begin with.

All this is just food for thought. Civilized comments are welcome.

One final note----Contrary to the narrow-minded blogger with severe tunnel vision that believes I am the "Mare"-------------NOT!

Where's Albero?

What has happened to Albero? No late night posts yesterday and now this morning there aren't any new posts. I certainly do not idolize the man, but with out his drivel none of the other BLOGS have anything of interest. It takes from my morning routine when his posts are late. It tough to get myself started without my morning chuckles.

Surely he has not been silenced by counsel.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New Firehouse

It seems the new firehouse has been quite an issue lately. I have to admit, I have to question some of the items of contention myself. The cost associated with construction for one. I realize that they want to have a premier building and something to be proud of but 9-12 million (depending on whose figures you believe) for one building seems a little extreme. But---before I pass a final judgment on that I will wait for the finished product.

Location is another point. I certainly hope the builders have solved the problem of construction in “The Cranberry Bog”. Between unstable ground and methane gas (allegedly), I can see some very serious problems in the future.

Another concern that I don’t believe has been brought up is the access route for responses. The access to Rt. 50 is not so bad. The equipment can control that traffic light to work in their favor. What about the access to Isabella St? The corner is somewhat blind and has no traffic control device. I can see some serious traffic confusion there when the apparatus tries to get onto Isabella St. I see a lot of minor mishaps happening there. Also, some of the larger apparatus may have some difficulty maneuvering around stopped vehicles on the narrower Isabella Street.

I guess time will tell. I do wish the city had kept the current station 16 alive with at least 1 engine and Medic unit.

Chiefs lawsuit

How about the law suit Chief Webster has filed against Joe Albero? I certainly hope it goes in Chief Websters favor, at least in some degree.
It seems to me that Albero is some kind of crackpot. All his rants and raving about being stalked by the chief is simply hilarious. The only thing funnier is his "evidence" photos and film clips and recordings that prove absolutely nothing.

Albero hasn't come out on top of any courtcase he's been involved in recently. Shoot--he hasn't even broke even on one.

New to this

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to get in the blogging world of fun. As the title says this is my soapbox. I'll be happy to share with anyone about issues in and around Salisbury. Say anything you like about anything or anyone but keep the lanquage clean. I reserve the right to edit any comments made here.