Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Faire Approaches!

Kings and Queens
Dukes and Duchesses
Lords and Ladies
Peasants and Common Folk !

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

August 8th through October 25 On weekends marks the 2009 season for the Pennsylvania Renasaince Fair held the grounds of the Mt. Hope Estate and Winery in Manheim Pa. This is a victorian theme event with a full schedule of shows and programs inside the shire as well as family attrations for all ages. Several food establishments are also located inside the shire and the days can be easily filled with fun. It's not possible to see it all in one day so you may need to plan for a return visit. Need to know more? Click on the title of this post and it will take you the website for the faire. It's a great time for a reasonable cost.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Women Supporting Women & Chili's Restaurant

Now here is something to consider. The Chili's in Salisbury on North Salisbury Boulevard has designated the 15th day of each month as Women Supporting Women Day. Be sure to mention that you are there for Women Supporting Women and they will donate 10% of your check to our organization!

What a great way to support this worthwhile organization and at the same time treat yourself and family to some really great eats. An added bonus to this is Chili's now has a 2 for $20 section on their menu.
Split an appetizer, get two entrees, and share a desert for $20 bucks!
Now that's a great price for eating out. Couple that with the contribution to Women Supporting Women and you make a lot of people happy starting with yourself.
Click on the title of this post and it will take you to the Chili's menu site and you can see for yourself the great selections for this deal. Of course the regular menu is always available and 10% of those checks will also go to WSW if you mention them on the 15th of the month.
See Ya At Chili's

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Blue, The Gray & the Green?

America's Civil War, The War Between the States, The War between the North & South, The War of Northern Aggression, The War of Secession and other titles are all names associated with the conflict fought on American soil between 1861 and 1865. Another reference to this war is the War of the Blue & the Gray. This of course in a reference to the color of the uniforms worn by the two factions with the Blue being the Northern Federal Armies, and the Gray being the Southern Confederate Forces. Often overlooked and often unknown are some of the other color of uniforms seen on the battlefields. The differing colors held great significance to the units they were associated with and held much meaning if nothing more than distinguishing a certain expertise. Such is the case with the Berdan Sharpshooters.

Hiram Berdan, pictured at right, was known as the county's best marksman for at least 15 years before the war. He invented a musket ball and a repeating rifle. He apparently was a well educated man and was of some financial stature within the community. Mr Berdan has a long and colorful history all his own but what is of importance here is his service to the Union during the war. In the summer and fall of 1861 Hiram Berdan, with the blessings of General Winfield Scott and President Lincoln, form two sharpshooting regiments and he himself was named Colonel of the units. In order to gain admission to the sharpshooter corps Colonel Berdan had stringent requirements that must be met. One such requirement was that the shooter must place 10 consecutive shots in a 10 inch bulls eye at 200 yards. Not impossible but not an easy feat for the rifles of the day. When enough recruits were available the 1st USSS (United States Sharpshooters) were mustered into service with companies from New York, Michigan, New Hampshire and Vermont. Enough recruits to the corps soon followed to make the 2nd USSS a short time later. The uniforms for USSS regiments were of similar tailoring to the regular army but the frock coats, trousers, and forage caps were a distinctive green instead of the traditional union blue. These men were promised a bounty payment for supplying their own gun of sufficient quality to snipe with. The bounty was never paid. These men were promised additional pay for their expertise. This pay was never realized. The recruits were promised the new Sharps Breech Loading rifles. These rifles eventually were made available but only after the issued colt revolving rifles proved not to be as effective as promised. Still, the USSS regiment performed their duties with great precision and pride.

The 2nd USSS was sent to the Fredericksburg area in 1862 while the 1st USSS was tested the same year at the beginning of General McClellans Peninsula Campaign. The sharpshooters were called upon to man picket lines and forward rifle pits with the purpose of "picking off" unfortunate confederates, especially officers, that dared to expose themselves to the eyes of the green clad snipers. As the Union Army moved up the peninsula the sharpshooters proved their worth over and over again. Often their mission was suppress artillery fire from the confederates by "dissuading" the artillerymen from exposing themselves to load their cannon. At Yorktown a siege operation was used to take the city. The sharpshooters were called upon to protect the troops creating trenches and earthworks around the town while at the same time keeping Confederate artillery quiet and to dispatch any opposing snipers. The siege continued for several weeks with the Union constantly inching forward as the southern troops withdrew largely in part to the effectiveness of the USSS. On the morning of May 4th, the confederate defenses, many less than 50 yards away were empty. Six USSS men occupied that abandoned defensive works and that effectively marked the conquest of Yorktown.

Berdan corps was also used at Chancellorsville, Seven Days Battle, Second Bull Run and Gettysburg to name a few and remained active through-out the war.

Colonel Berdan's service however is not without controversy. He was apparently a very egotistical person and his contemporaries often refereed to him as a liar and as a coward. The Colonel chose to lead from the rear and was rarely seen at the front. He resigned his commission in 1864 and died in 1893 while playing a game of chess in Washington D.C. Colonel Berdan is buried in Arlington Cemetery.

And so, should you see a print or colorized photo of a Union soldier wearing a green uniform, look close to see if he carries an colt revolving rifle or a Sharps Breech Loading rifle both of which are pictured below. If so you are probably looking at one of Colonel Berdans Sharpshooters. These were men of exemplary shooting skill.

Colt Revolving Rifle

Sharps Breech Loading Rifle

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bikes and Trikes and Food and Folks........

.....and door prizes, and auction items, and a 50-50 drawing, friendship and fellowship, and most of important of all----------Hope for a Cure. All of this and more was to be found at the 5th annual Breast Cancer Poker Run, Ride for Awareness sponsored by Women Supporting Women held this past Saturday. Early Saturday morning the ladies set up the canopies for registration for all the motorcycle riders that would soon be arriving. And arrive they did! A little over 200 bikes and trikes registered for the 80 mile ride that started at the Redmens Lodge in Fruitland and took them to Princess Anne, Crisfield, Rumbley, Allen and back to Fruitland for a lunch provided by Phat Boys BBQ and the five card poker draw. All in all approximately $ was raise by this event to support this wonderful grass roots organization. Below are some photos from the days activities. Enjoy!

The registration table stayed busy for a while as the bikes arrived.

The parking lot and the adjacent field quickly filled with bike and riders.

One the beautiful custom trikes that participated in the ride.

Phat Boyz BBQ stayed busy after the ride was finished.

Without a doubt some of the best pulled pork I have ever tasted!

Bill Reddish of Delmarva Broadcasting was the guest auctioneer for the day.

Jennifer of Women Supporting Women assists Bill with items for sale.

Special thanks to all who contributed to the cause and made the event a success was displayed on the back of this years souvenir T-shirt.

All in all a little over $8800.00 was raised in this years event and once again, all money raised by Women Supporting Women stays in the local area and benefits local patients. All of the services provided by WSW is 100% free to those in need of their assistance. Click on the title of this post to be taken to the Women Supporting Website in order to learn more about their programs and to donate to this great grassroots organization.

Thank You!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Women Supporting Women 5th Annual Poker Run


Plan now to attend and ride in the 5th annual Poker Run Sponsored by Women Supporting Women. This year promises an 80 mile, 3 hour ride and the poker ante is just $20.00 and for an additional $10.00 a passenger can enter too. Prizes are listed on the poster to the right.

This years event is once again starting it's run at the Redmen's Tribe #149 on Clyde Ave. in Fruitland. Registration starts at 9:00 am and the last bike must be on the road by 11:00. There will entertainment, door prizes, a live auction, T-Shirts for sale and food and drink to enjoy all day. Kindly mark your calendars for this event and plan to attend.

Please remember, all the money raised in this event, and other Women Supporting Women events, stays in the local area to support local women who have or are suffering from this terrible disease.

Click on the title of this post to go the the Women Supporting Women Website for more information about this wonderful Ladies and their organization.

See Ya There!