Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fairmount Turkey Shoot

Fairmont Fire Company Held their annual turkey shoot today. We have attended this event for 5 years now. Todays weather was great, cool but with very little wind.
The Fairmont Fire Company is the newest company in Somerset County and this annual turkey shoot is one of their fundraisers. As usual there was a good crowd and plenty of shooters. Many of the prizes this year were power tools such as cordless drills, a compound miter saw, drill bits and driver sets, gift cards and more. Yours truly won a gift card from Sears, a Smith Island cake and the top prize of the day, a brand new Mossberg model 835 pump action shotgun.
This is the second year in a row I won the gun.

Last year it was a muzzle loading rifle with accessories. I immediately donated it right back to the fire company and let them sell another round on it. I got a tax break and they earned a few extra $$.
This time I think I'll hold on to the gun for a while.

Over on the right in the photos you can see one of the shooters taking a bead on his target while in the background others have finished and are returning their guns to the waiting area.

The second photo shows memebers of FFC waiting to judge targets while others are selling shots on upcoming rounds. The shells for each shooter is issued one at a time as the shoot progresses and saftey is a priority.

In the last photo you see part of the crowd in attendance. Shooters, family and friends watch the activites of the day. Many more folks are inside the firehouse enjoying the labors of the ladies of FFC. The kitchen was busy as can be with the preperation of oyster sandwiches, crab soup, clam chowder, burgers and dogs, not to mention cake, brownies and other sinful sweets on the bake table.

This event is held each year on the Sunday after Thanksgiving and starts at 1:00 pm. Lot's of fun for a good cause and a great way to meet new people and make friends. Maybe we will see there next year?

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Bunker Britches said...

If I had known about the shoot I would have gone. Probably not to shoot since I don't have a gun, but, I would have enjoyed the crab soup and other goodies...... I would have also HELPED you with the Smith Island Cake... I'd take it to the car for you..... Mine!!! LOL.

Soapbox said...


I should have posted about this earlier but with all the holiday stuff going on it just slipped my mind.
Next year I hope to have it up sooner.

So far as a gun goes---mine is always available as is my better half's. Just look us up and let us know you want to shoot.

Soapbox said...


"....I would have also HELPED you with the Smith Island Cake... I'd take it to the car for you....."

Don't count on it!

Historical Wit said...

Also they put on a hell of a crab feast and a fine oyster dinner.

pb said...

sorry I missed this...wish I'd known...did they advertise ?? How about notice on any of the upcoming events...oysters tend to get me to know when that's happening too...looks like everybody had a great time

Soapbox said...

They usually advertise in the "GO" magazine in the Daily Times. I did nor see it there this year. They also put up some posters in stores in Somerset County. I saw one @ "Winks Sporting Goods" in Princess Anne. As soon as you get a 2008 calendar mark the Sunday after Thanksgiving for this event.

Luckyduck said...

Its Fairmount actually....

Soapbox said...

My mistake--correction made