Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wee Winter Wonderland

Just enough snow snow today to make things look pretty for a while. Too bad it's a couple weeks too early. What we had today should have waited until Christmas Eve, stayed around until Christmas Day, and be gone by suppertime.

There was a time when the deeper the snow got the better I liked it. Cold weather in general was not a problem---I loved it!

Now if the temp drops below 60 degrees I'm ready to head south with the geese (or should that be "Old Crows"). Oh Well--such is the nature of growing old. Enjoy the snow every one. Especially the Kids.
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straight shooter said...

Did you get the fire department to help put lights on that tree? Shame on you!

Bunker Britches said...

The snow is pretty and as long as I could be inside looking out, fine with me. I have to agree with your sentiments regarding the cold weather though. I'd sure love to head south with the "old Crows".
I also agree with the snow being a tad early. It would be lovely Christmas Eve and into Christmas Day and be gone by evening.
I just can't get over the fact with the little bit of snow we did have that there were so many accidents!!! Can't people remember from year to year, even with the signs posted, that bridges and overpasses freeze before highways? Maybe they try to drive 4 wheel drive on snow and slush the same way they 4 wheel in the sand.
Thanks for the photo. Your place?
I should have had the oomph to go out last night and get some good photos of the houses and decorated for Christmas with the snow.... just couldn't get the rear in gear..

Soapbox said...

"Thanks for the photo. Your place?"

Yes--be it ever so humble. This is just about the extent of my decorations.

Bunker Britches said...

You are doing better than I, I did manage to get packages mailed but other than a piece of mistletoe give to me by a friend that is lying on my kitchen counter, decorations are zip, zero, nada so far.