Sunday, December 23, 2007

Redmen's Lodge Annual Christmas Project for the Needy

The Redmens Lodge in Fruitland was very busy today. Volunteers were wraping
presents in preperation for their annual effort to help needy families. Mrs. Pat Stevenson heads up the project and informed me it all started some 20 years ago with just a few toys and some boxes of food for a couple of families. Tomorrow when they hit the streets they will deliver 2 boxes of food, plus toys, to 91 needy families in the lower shore area.

The Redmen Lodge provides funding for this project through Bingo, BBQ's, Slot Machine revenue, and the profits from the lunches and dinners served at the club. The Redmen also recieve donations to the cause. The Eastern Shore Chapter of the Antique Truck Clubs of America donatied $1000.00 to the cause this year and many of the club members will be on hand tomorrow to deliver the food and toys. Some of those volunteering from the truck club will come as far away as Dover to help.

Each family nominated to recieve food and toys is investigated and the proper toys and types of food is bought accordingly. Mrs. Stevenson
informs me that without the help of the Redmen
many families would have litte to eat for
Christmas and many children would
not recieve toys.

Top Right, Pat Scharf carries a bag of wrapped
toys to the holding area for delivery tomorrow.

Center right, One of the many volunteers wrapping toys.

Bottom Right, Over 180 boxes of food cover the
tables in the large banquet room in the Redmens Lodge in Fruitland.

A huge tip of the hat to all those volunteer for this Labor of Love.

Merry Christmas!
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straight shooter said...

Now THAT'S what Christmas is all about! Thanks for sharing!

Ray Wisniewski said...

Thank you Redmen's Lodge for making someones Christmas a bit better.