Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hostile Work Enviroment at SFD

Yes! I have heard about the “Hostile Work Environment” action allegedly against SFD by the NAACP.

NO! I have no comment to make at this time

I say allegedly because at this very moment I have not spoken to anyone of authority involved and what I have heard from others is just hearsay.

I will try to find out if the rumor is true. However there is a strong possibility the only thing I will find out at this point is:
1) Yes--- there an action under way, or
2) No---there is not.

If there is an action under way I will not be held privy to it’s content until it is over and I can almost guarantee any info fed to Albero with be of the same clandestine quality he has received in the past, that being abstract at it’s very best.

However I can say with 100% certainty that Albero’s most recent post is about as accurate as shooting the moon with a BB gun. Albero speaks of the recent accident in Hebron involving a Fire Dept vehicle. He says:

“It's fairly obvious that since it was turned over to the States Attorneys Office, criminal charges are inevitable. OR WILL THEY? Remember, we have experience with Barrie Tilghman and her bullshit games…..”

Neither Mayor Tilghman, nor the Salisbury Fire Dept, nor any of it’s members are personel have anything what so ever to do with that accident. That matter is with the Hebron Fire Dept and Salisbury is in no way involved.

Additionally Albero also spews another misconception by stating:

“ ….Fire Fighters have retaliated with threats against me and one even came to my home threatening me on Thanksgiving and was ARRESTED for doing so…..”

Although not naming Salisbury Fire Department the insinuation is plain. It should be well known by now Wayne Barrall went to see Albero as a citizen and as a man and not as a representative of his home department and certainly not as a member of Salisbury FD, especially since he is not now, nor ever has been a member of SFD.

I urge readers to keep the two incidents listed above apart from Albero’s oral diarrhoea concerning SFD and the issues there of which he so ignorant.


Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Another question: was Barrall actually arrested, or was he charged and served with a summons?

These are two very distinct actions.

Of course, it doesn't really matter, other than to prove the lack of fact in anything the Jihadi claims.

Jihad Joe always uses the "broad brush" to paint his pictures.

straight shooter said...

Gunpowder, Wayne says he was arrested but only as a formality, since he voluntarily met the investigating officer at the barracks at the beginning of her next shift. He said he was not read his rights, so I am not sure what that actually means. There were four charges, the judge dropped two of them and now he has to go to Delaware's Court of Common Pleas where the Terroristic Threatening charge will most likely be dropped if he pleads guilty to the trespass. So, after all that he will probably end up with a $150 fine at the most. Talk about a waste of taxpayer's money.

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Straight Shooter--

Well, this is my point. If "voluntarily" met the officer at the barracks, and then was taken directly before a judge or court commissioner, then he technically wasn't "arrested"... he was charged.

I know it seems like a minor point, but "arrested" in today's world has a deeply invidious image of the handcuffs, the perp walk, etc. that might not seem to apply.

If he was never taken into custody-- and since he wasn't read his rights, it doesn't sound like he was -- he wasn't arrested.

In the end, though, the lesson here should be simple: IGNORE JIHAD JOE. Don't confront him personally. Don't go to his house. You can't win that way. You have to use his own energy against him.

I wish Wayne all the best, and I hope that it really does boil down to just a $150 fine.

Bunker Britches said...

From what I have read on Albero's blogsite I think it could be put in the dictionary beside the words "yellow press", "sensationalism", "biased", "inflammatory", "libelous", “slanderous”, and prejudiced.

Inside Looking Out said...

Just my 2 cents worth on this issue. IF, and again i say IF, this "RUMOR" is in fact true, my sources say that they have to look no further than the OTHER person Mr. Albero had up on his crystal pedestal in regards to promotions in looking for a bigot and racist. Seems one person was heard more than a few hundred times over the years saying "that word" and also degrading as well, other cultures and races.

IF any call for a complaint was placed, something tells me it was actually placed by Mr. Albero in an anonymous fashion so HE could turn up the heat on the city's administration and nothing else. This is a man bent on nothing but harassment and terroristic actions on the City of Salisbury for actions on his wife..PERIOD!!!

Now he's bent on trying to show that all firefighters are nothing but bigots and racists and THAT IS SIMPLY UNTRUE!!! Are they perfect...NO, are they humans and may make mistakes..YES (at least they will admit they make mistakes unlike our hero Mr. Albero).

I'll place my test to Mr. Albero in this site as well,...ARE YOU WILLING MR. ALBERO, TO BE PLACED ON A POLYGRAPH AND WHEN QUESTIONED WHETHER YOU'VE EVER UTTERED THAT WORD/NAME/SLUR, ANSWER NO TO IT, BEING TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY HONEST??? I'm positive you can't say no to that question and be honest, then again, you're barely ever honest.

Have any persons in that department ever said that word, i'm sure some have and probably do regret it as society over the years has taught us all that certain names/words/slurs are just hurtful and damaging to others.

Here's your chance to shine Mr. Albero, show us all that you are perfect and have no faults, take the polygraph, we'll even send Soapbox & Off the Cuff to witness your total honesty!!