Friday, December 7, 2007

Albero Called to Task

Straight shooter over on “Off the Cuff” has an excellent take on the situation with Albero. It is well worth the read. Albero has made a comment on shooters site in an attempt to clarify some accusations made against Mrs. Albero. Regardless of what Albero’s explanation is, the documents speak for themselves. I’ll say no more on that.

So far as the situation within the Salisbury Fire Department, shooters take on that is equally accurate.

The racism remains an issue only because Albero wishes to make it so. He has taken the ungratified sentiments of one employee, and without proper analysis of the situation, has championed another employee and has created within the fire department community a rift of unequaled magnitude. All this to strike back at Mayor Tilghman for what is clearly an issue that should have been put to rest years ago.

The rift Albero created has gone well beyond the boundaries of Salisbury Fire Department. How do I know this? By the e-mails I receive from far and wide within the community of fire service personnel. Many, many of these people have been offended by Albero’s negative comments and generalization of firefighters as racist. The rift has extended to “The Watchdesk”, a website dedicated to firefighters and their concerns. Albero has no place there as he is not a firefighter and never will be. As an outsider seeking information or advice he would be welcomed. I am aware of one “civilian” that came to The Watchdesk a few years ago asking questions and very soon became a viable member of his local department and community. That was done courtesy of Wayne Barrall.

Albero comes to The Watchdesk as a malcontent. Though he says in many of his posts he is a friend of firefighters in general, his words of contempt speak volumes revealing his disdain of those in the service. Since it is evident that Albero has little knowledge of the fire service, and especially the Salisbury Fire Department, that disdain festers from the pseudo dogma of one unfit to lick the shoes of the newest recruit in the SFD.

I stated some time back Albero’s wife and grandson should be excluded from all the posts and statements Albero makes on his BLOG. I still believe in that and I refuse to reference them in my posts. However Albero himself has violated this creed. Recently he blamed a comment on straight shooters site as being created by his “better half”. That post was written as a casual observer and not as one involved in the incident it referenced. As straight shooter said, it was written in “Third Person” format. Now I am not a literary genius but I am aware that the “Third Person” is an exacting form of writing and not a form to be used on these BLOGS. Back to the subject at hand. By insisting his wife wrote the aforementioned comment, and by continually including his grandson as a shield and subject of injury, Albero constantly brings their being to the forefront. With that Albero opened the season on his family and any injury or hurt is squarely in his lap.

To use Albero’s own catch phrase—he has gone “Over the Top”. The time for generalization has come to an end. If Albero has a vested interest in the issue of racism than he should come forward now make good on his claims to sue. Otherwise it is time to cease the clamor and discord and return to reporting overflowing dumpsters and clogged fountain drains on the Plaza, a subject more commensurate to his expertise.


straight shooter said...

Thanks Soapbox.

gull92 said...

If Joe perceived racism with SFD to be a problem, this was not the way to fix it. Issues of relations between people are resolved by one on one interaction, sitting down man to man and working through until a resolution is reached. Problems are not resolved by broadcasting to the world, airing someone's personal concerns for all to see. Joe's approach has turned brother against brother, creating problems where, in all liklihood, none really existed.

Ernie said...

Holy cow! That was 5 years ago! How time flies. One of the best decisions I have ever made. I look back on the chain of positive events in my life that that was the start of. Thank you for your help then, and over the years, Joe!

Soapbox said...

My pleasure Ernie

Inside Looking Out said...

Now he's even gone to bashing the elderly. One of his posts is vaguely discribing Mr. Bob Cannon as being like a GODFATHER of organized crime in the local government. This man will stop at nothing in attempting to bash anyone. Mr. Cannon is one of the most gentle souls i know of. The man is a pillar in the community and doesn't deserve being done like this.