Tuesday, November 6, 2007

SFD Recruit Class

Last night members of the current recruit class for the Salisbury Fire Department continued with their training under the direction of firefighter Zack Bridges (center). Zack was assisting lead instructor, Assistant Chief John Tull with the finer points of the breathing apparatus used by firefighters while fighting fire. Also assisting was firefighter John Hitch. The exercise was to have each recruit become more familiar with the apparatus and learn to use the emergency connections in conjunction with a partner in the event of an emergency while operating inside a structure. Since the class was started in September, this was the ninth time the class had met for instruction.

Many of these students enrolled for this class as far back as July. I had the pleasure of talking briefly with some and them and found their backgrounds to be unique. One of the students hails from California, another from Miami Florida, and a third from New Jersey. They each arrived on the Eastern Shore for different reasons but all of them have honest desire to become firefighters. Assistant Chief Tull could tell me there are a total of 18 young men and women in the class and all of them are enthusiastic. The class is slated to graduate in December.
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Richard Head said...

That recruit class is a direct result of what Joe Albero said on his blog. It's all thanks to him after he called out the FD. LOL

Soapbox said...

Alberos first mention of racism and lack of diversity was on Oct, 9th I believe.
This class was well under way by then.

Good pick-up Richard

Richard Head said...

You would be correct sir. But why let the truth get in the way of a good story? Thank the good lord that he sent JA here to save us all from ourselves.

: )

Inside Looking Out said...

I think it's just great that the diversity is not SOLELY based on color, but gender, ethnicity, and age as well.

(OK, the fact that this group started months before Mr. Albero's UNFACTUAL claims did give me a giggle as well)