Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fall Colors

This morning after breakfast we went to visit some friends. In their front yard were two trees adorned in their fall colors. These photos truely do not do justice. The gold displayed in these leaves is just stunning. Our friends said they were even brighter a couple of days ago when it rained.

Soon they will be bear and the dreary winter will be upon us. Time was, it couldn't snow deep enough for me. I used to love the cold weather and looked forward to it. Now, I can't wait for Spring to get here.
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Bunker Britches said...

I'm with you.. Lets have a little snow on say Christmas eve to be able to get up on Christmas morning to a lovely white winter wonderland, just an inch or so, and then have it gone by say that 3 or 4 PM so the roads dry before night sets in. Before and after that, no temperatures below maybe 45 degrees at the coldest at night and a brisk 60 during the day.
Wishfull thinking I know.. but wouldn't it be nice? Cool enough to appreciate the changing of the seasons but not so cold we have to don layer upon layer to go out and shead layers to be in the house.

ashoreone said...

The Shores of Delmarva blog also has some cool fall shots at