Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Jefferson Davis Elected Today in 1861

Today in 1861,Jefferson Davis is elected president of the Confederate States of America. He was unopposed in the election. In reality the election was merely a confirmation that the Confederate congress had made earlier in the year.
Davis was a native of Kentucky, born in 1808. He attended West Point and graduated in 1828. Davis saw service in the “Black Hawk War” of 1832
Davis was a close advisor to Zachary Taylor during the Mexican War and was seriously wounded. Davis also served as Secretary of War under President Franklin Pierce.
Davis suspected that he might be the choice of his fellow Southerners when the Southern states began seceding after the election of Abraham Lincoln. In February of 1861, when the newly seceded states met in Montgomery, Alabama, Davis was chosen to lead the Confederacy. Davis was elected to a six-year term on November 6th as established by the Confederate constitution.

Jefferson Davis was the only President the Cofederacy ever had.

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