Sunday, December 2, 2007

Help Please!

I have a LCD flat screen monitor that just made passage to great electronic afterlife. I'm looking to recycle same monitor so that it may rest in peace and not damage the enviroment.

Is anyone aware of a local recycling entity that will accept said deceased piece of computor hardware?

Thank you in advance.


Hadley said...

The County Landfill will recycle them.

Also some retailers will recycle your old one when you buy a new one.

In fact ** I am NOT sure of this ** they may be REQUIRED to take the old one for recycling.

Chuck Norris said...

Wicomico County E-cycling

TomCat said...

Thanks Chuck, that is some very useful information.

Ernie said...

Take it to the dump in Salisbury by off nanicoke Rd. They will take it at no charge.