Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Albero Smacks BLOGERS Again

Albero, in order to boost his own ego, has once again taken to using a niggling post to villainize fellow BLOGERS. Oceanshaman put up an inspiring post about his life, the tribulations he has endured and his road to recovery from addiction. Albero places a nice comment to the post and then on his own site he slaps Oceanshaman square in the face. Oh---he says not, but the tone of the message certainly speaks for its self.

For some reason he believes I am part of the vast Tilghman Conspiracy against his labyrinthine vendetta he has for city government. Indeed the last time I even saw Mayor Tilghman was across the room at the recent promotion ceremony for SFD on October 22nd. The last I spoke to the Mayor was at the funeral of Firefighter Doug Brown on July 26th. How this makes me part of the Mayor’s “damage control” is beyond me. I am not at all sure if Albero even knows what damage control is. I am convinced that he, much like a cockatoo, merely repeats a catch phrase he has heard once too often all the while fluffing his feathers.

I am not known to carry matches so I am at a loss to remember when and which bridges I burned so long ago with the fire department. I beseech him to kindly list those bridges. No list will be forthcoming as I asked him twice to itemize the lies he claims I posted and as of yet he has not done so. I am not sure when my “fall from grace” occurred but it must have been recently. I have visited Station 16 a number of times in the last few weeks and was made to feel quite welcome by the upper management as well as the troops. So far as being a pawn to anyone, Albero should be welled attuned to that concept. After all his prodigious knowledge of the fire service is but a narrow thread fed to him from his petulant stoolies lacking the fortitude to speak for themselves or even to pursue redress by proper avenues.

Hmmm. Maybe I can send Albero $52.00 and a PIA request for that list.

Nawww—not really that interested.


karen said...

That was a pretty crappy thing to do to Chris. Par for the course I suppose.

Gunpowder Chronicler said...


From what I hear, you have-- if anything -- "fallen from grace".

I think what you are seeing are Albero's three sources in the FD playing their agenda again. They are attempting to make you part of the "collateral damage" as they try to play their trade (FUD-- fear, uncertainty, and doubt).

Jihad and his allies have a serious issue: separating the personal from the professional. So when they have professional disagreements with someone -- say, over department policy -- this immediately becomes a personal deficiency.

Jihad Joe is the perfect Clintonian purveyor of the "politics of personal destruction".

joealbero said...

My guess is that this Blog is a kind of guilt reliever for you, since you bashed so many of the Leaders in the Fire Department before you left.

You never had anything good to say about the leaders there as well as the Mayor, yet now they accept you?

You better believe you burned bridges in the past and you'll do just about anything to get back in the good graces of those you criticized the most in the past.

Oh, so you know. This didn't come from just one Fire Fighter, it came from several. Oh, so Chiefy See knows, yes, many Fire Fighters still speak to me and know exactly where I've been going with MY side of what's going on within the SFD.

Sorry guys, looks like they'll be on yet another paranoia trip for a little while longer. Just remember, when they ask you about me, remember to say how big a jerk I am and all that good stuff. They'll believe you. ROTFLMAO!

As for you lying a moderating my comment, I'll not waste my time trying to recreate what I said. You could have pulled it back and you should have produced it in the first place. Nevertheless, it's your Blog, you have every right to do what you want.

joealbero said...

Chris is a Convicted Felon. I'm so sorry, I'm healed, I didn't mean to do it, I was on drugs and alcohol, it's had control of me all my life. Give me a break! The man was a lawyer and above and beyond any one of us here, knew better!

I do hope his life gets better. I do hope he recovers. I do hope his family can grow from this experience. However, it is what it is and the man broke HUGE laws. I do NOT forgive him for what he did, period. Oh, that's right, find the Lord and all will be forgive, I forgot. BITE ME!

joealbero said...

Oh, and why do I hope things get better for Chris? Because a Judge used his wisdom and placed a ton of trust in the fact that he believed Chris would become a useful citizen in our society. I believe in the wisdom of these Judges and Chris has a serious responsibility to deliver what he said he would do.

I will say this though. The FACT that he still hides behind oceanshaman and NOT Chris Llinus tells me he's not recovered at all. Man up Chris and use your REAL name.

Soapbox said...

...As for you lying a moderating my comment, I'll not waste my time trying to recreate what I said.

Nope---gone forever like I said. I asked to tell me how to retrive and you couldn't.

Cop out on your behalf.

Soapbox said...

Deleted comment to Karen.

Called Karen and Oceanshaman names.
Don't allow it.
When will you learn Albero?

Idiot! said...

Doesnt Albero's kid and stepkid have drug problems?

How can he be so mean about someone who is trying to make his life better?

He is an empty man with superficial love to hide his true narcicism.

This kind of response ties into what I was talking about on Gunpowder's site about the new decision to allow for sterile drug areas as a counteraction to the archaic rules and thinking on drugs that have caused more hurt then benefit.

The idea that drugs are bad and people that do drugs are horrible forever and need to go hide in the dark and can never be redeemed, gives no hope that someone can change their life and become productive members of society. What is the point of cleaning up if you are forever stigmatized and austricized?

Im sorry, but my bleeding heart just cant wrap my head around that. I may be a "Godless Liberal" but I know that the lessons I learned in CCD were meaningful and true. Where did that mean man's compassion and love go? But then again, Little Joey has taken many shots at religion, so that is further example of his lack of character.

joealbero said...

I give up. I'm deleting you from my list along with the others. Censorship with NO curse words! Good luck to you.

Soapbox said...

"I give up. I'm deleting you from my list along with the others. Censorship with NO curse words! Good luck to you."

I didn't say curse words I said name calling.

Deleting me? Promise?!!!

Soapbox said...

Albeo says of me on his site,
"....Although his Blog came out as part of the Tilghman damage control against Albero,...."

Then in the comments on this site,
(comment #3 above)

"... You never had anything good to say about the leaders there as well as the Mayor..."

Why am I rubbing elbows with the Mayor one place and the same day we are enemies on anther site?

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Because he might be bi-polar.

Also, censorship is an action by government, not private blog owners. Since Jihad Joe exercises a fair amount of comment deletion on his own blog, it seems seriously hypocritical for him to attack it here.

Of course, hypocrisy, they name IS Albero.

Richard Head said...'s hard for even Albero to comprehend what he says. All of the mold from that 10,000+ square foot house must have had an adverse effect of some sort.

Gunpowder will remember, the one with the 5,018 squrefoot "footprint".


Gunpowder Chronicler said...

And three stories!

(Actually, according to the state of Maryland, the basement is not a "story").

Hadley said...

Well soapy.

Anyone that beleives, and I mean BELEIVES like Joe does, that the little brush truck Of OC could draft enough water to feed all of the equipment that was on the fire ground at Hoopers, well he would believe the Moon is made of green cheese and all of the lies he tells about you.

Where are your site meter numbers?

Where are the instructions Soapy needs to recall your post, YOU said it could be done, well tell us how.

How can Soapy be the Mayor's boy in one of your postings and in another of your postings, "never have anything good to say about her."

I understand the old argument:

"Did too!"
"Did not"

"Did too!"
"Did not"

etc. etc.

But YOU argue:
Joe-"Did too"
Soap-"Did not!"
Joe-"Did NOT!"

TomCat said...

I thought Joe was going to stay away from the "Anti-Bloggers."