Friday, December 28, 2007

Albero Falsely Befriends Jon Gerity

Albero breaks bad on straight shooter and calls him out for a face-to-face confrontation. The only problem here is the last person to take Albero up on this offer found himself in trouble with the law and now has to answer to a judge for his actions. Why than would some else try the same thing. Albero, in his demented manner, claims this challenge is justified because the shooter has allowed commenters on his site to say things about his family.

However take a look at Albero’s site and what he allowed to be said about Jon Gerity and his family. Albero has the ability to reject these comments and to end all that before it became public. But let’s be real. It is an opportunity to further slam the SFD and the administration at the Gerity’s expense. I only wish Jon Gerity could see through Albero’s ploy.

In some of the most recent comments, Albero is urging Jon to sue the city for liable/slander whatever the correct term is. He advises Jon to “confront” Davis Ruark have all the city computers subpoenaed. Albero claims Mr. Ruark is obligated to investigate. This in itself should prove to Mr. Gerity what an unreliable legal source Albero truly is. To begin with, Davis Ruark is the States Attorney. His focus is on criminal cases. Somehow I doubt Mr. Ruark is all that interested in the Salisbury News Enquirer, or the all the 4th grade bravado and playground name calling going on there. Nothing can be proven as to who said what and even if it could be it could it would only be a civil case. The States Attorneys Office does not handle civil cases.

This would mean Mr. Gerity would have to hire a lawyer, and possibly an investigator to spend hours on end to basically find out who hurt his feelings. Guess who the big winners are? You got it ---the lawyer and P.I. I don’t see Albero offering up any of his millions to Jon Gerity to finance such a quest.

It does occur to me however that if Mr. Gerity wishes to pursue this venture he should step back and carefully look at who is to blame for all of this slander to be made public.


As I said in the beginning of this post, Albero has the ability to stop any of the comments before they become public on his site. It is well know Albero moderates comments so why has he allowed all of this garbage to be brought to light about Gerity’s family, especially since he has often and loudly denounced mention of family in the past.

I myself asked some time ago to leave Albero’s family out of the BLOGs and I rejected comments on this site that referenced them. Albero now allows another family to suffer immense degradation so that he may further his cause against the SFD. Albero claims to be showing the world how immature and relentless the SFD firefighters are when in fact there is no proof what so ever that a firefighter has posted anything. What is proven however is that Albero has allowed this muckraking to become public. He has under the guise of being an ally freely provided the forum for the aspersions against the Geritys, and in that I say Albero is responsible for the despair the Gerity family now endures. How many times in the past has Albero used the word "respect"? How many times has he openly demanded "respect"? How much respect does he now show for the Gerity family?

However I offer this to Jon. E-mail me so you and I can make arrangements to meet for a cup of coffee or perhaps a beer. Together we can share dialog on the events of the past week and possibly the two of us will walk away with a better understanding of this debacle. You will find my e-mail address in the profile section to the left of this post. I look forward to hearing from you.


Anonymous said...

Dude, this is JJ's MO. First he befriends the person, hoping to win them over with his charm. When that doesn't work he then he starts withe the "well you're not man enough" crap. This is because he doesn't have the debating skills and or the education skills necessary to actually converse and rationally conclude any disagreement. With this done, and still no satisfaction, JJ then attacks you and your family. He has nothing left to try to god you into responding to him and his taunts.
Sift through the responses on different sites. He does this constantly

gull92 said...

Excellent post, Soapbox. Thanks for bringing sanity to the discussion! Hopefully Mr. Gerity will take you up on your offer.

Bunker Britches said...

I don't know Mr. Gerity, and I only know Mr. Albero through his rantings. I do know that you are one to seek and promelgate the truth of a situation. I also think that Mr. Albero has brought this degredation on Mr. Gerity and think he should be held accountable. Rape is a strong accusation and so are the other accusations and inuendos floating around cyberspace in the form of Mr. Albero's blog. Apparently, regardless of the accusations and inuendo Mr. Gerity has not called it quits on his marriage regardless of the "truth" of the situation. I can't imagine the heartbreak and hurt for him and his family. I wish them the strength to prevail.