Thursday, November 29, 2007

New BLOG on the Block

There's a new BLOG in the blogoshpere and I think it's worth a look. Titled "Off the Cuff" this BLOGER speaks frankly about issues at hand. No hate, no name calling and no profanity. Just simple facts as they appear.

I have posted a link on my link list or you can go to and have look for yourself.


straight shooter said...

Thanks for the plug. I said no profanity, but I've already broken my own rule. Seems like you just can't help it considering my post material. LOL. I promise I'll try not to let it get out of hand though..

Inside Looking Out said...

Read it and i'm loving it. It's fresh honest approach is as good as this site. Thank god we do have bloggers that can spell correctly without curse words being injected into the statement!! Thanks Soapbox for showing us another GOOD QUALITY blog.