Monday, August 27, 2007

Schools In! & Recycling

It’s a beautiful day! SSU’s fall semester is under way. Where I live it is important to be aware of this because of the traffic, both auto and pedestrian, using and crossing the streets. Often time it is wise to plan your day around peak periods of traffic near the college and College Ave. The three public schools on College Ave & Beaglin Park Dr. also add a tremendous amount of traffic in the morning and mid afternoon.

I made my weekly stop at the recycling station today. Is it my imagination or are more folks catching on to this concept? Not only have the bins filled considerably since my last stop but also on many recent visits I shared parking and conversation with many other folks depositing recyclables.

I started recycling in earnest 6 or 7 years ago. It took a little getting used to and soon it became evident that a little planning was necessary in order to make it easier. Some Rubbermaid containers, homemade wooden crates for newspapers and a ball sisal twine and you can be pretty much set. Recycle bins are everywhere in the county and if you plan things out ahead it is always easy to make a side trip to the bin when running other errands. We recycle all we can. Glass, bi-metal, aluminum, plastic, newspaper/magazines, cardboard, and plastic grocery bags all have a separate container around this house. I used to go to the landfill or transfer station about every 7 to 10 days. Now it’s once a month and sometimes longer than that.

Once you get hang of it and have a plan to make it work it’s really easy. The best part of it is---it doesn’t cost anything to deposit recyclables and as I said before---with a little planning it’s only a side trip and a few minutes of your time.

It’s the only planet we have! Let’s make sure it stays here for our kids.

Have a great day!


Historical Wit said...

Heck yeah! Reduce reuse and recycle! I worked on some interesting projects in college where we wanted to improve the quality and quantity of recycling, I have no idea what ever happened with that tho- should ahve kept up on it. I still recycle, down here in Princess Anne today is curbside pick up day and its free!

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Up here in the vale of the Gunpowder -- we have 1 and 1 collection.

One day a week is trash collection, the other rotates between paper/cardboard and glass/plastic/aluminum.

Great program. I love it. really cuts down on the amount of "garbage" I put out.