Friday, August 24, 2007

Roundabout---Lessons Learned???

I am not all sure what lesson anyone has learned from the Fruitland roundabout. I will admit I had some doubts at first, and I still believe the true test will come after school gets into full swing, but I use the roundabout several times a week at all hours and as of yet I have not seen any problems. Rarely is there any backup like what used to occur with the four way stop sign. I have seen tractor trailers negotiate the roundabout with no difficulty what so ever and there is a fairly high volume of truck traffic there.

Maybe Albero can also explain just what the Teamsters will do if “God forbid they find out about it”, referring to the one proposed on Naylor Mill Rd. That is truly funny. I am sure the teamsters have nothing better to worry about than a roundabout on a back road in Smallsbury. Any driver worth his salt won’t even give this thing a second thought.


joealbero said...


Not for nothing Dude but don't you think you could do some good with your Blog other than simply being an anti Albero Blog?

All the years you put in the Fire Department doing good for the community and now all you do is sit there attackinge many of the Posts I put up.

The traffic on that Round-A-Bout on Naylor Mill gets far more traffic than the Fruitland one. Maybe you just need special attention on a daily basis because you're not getting it at home, I don't know?

However, why don't you consider getting off your fat lazy a$$ and get out into the community and do something with your life. Think about it old man, you can't hate everything I say & present and you have to give credit that I'm at least out there trying. Then understand the many thousands of hits I get a day verses your what, 25 to 50 hits a day?

Oh well, once a brown noser, always a brown noser!

wayne said...

What are you doing to help the community? All you do is bash Salisbury! Because of you no one would want to live there! What good do you do?
By the way... there's an app waiting for you at the fire department.
Now you can try and attack me again... I don't care one bit about you at all...

Chuck Norris said...

I would think truckers would use the Bypass from route 50 to Northwood Dr.

Bunker Britches said...

So amazing, when verification of his "facts" or thinly veiled threats is requested Albero resorts to personal attacks.
Gggeeeeeee could that mean he is pulling this facts or threats from from thin air? (I would have used a different source but this blog won't allow that. tee hee)