Sunday, August 5, 2007

Additional Thoughts About S.F.D. Platoons

I would like to comment further on the proposed plan for institution of the platoon system in Salisbury Fire Department. I tried to keep the earlier post as brief as possible while at the same time I tried to present all the pertinent facts to the plan. Reading some remarks on The Watch Desk, I feel I should have included a few other thoughts as they were relayed to me.

That being simply this.
It is well realized that some questions and problems may arise with the shift times proposed. Concessions can be made. The overall goal is to provide as much staffing as possible without creating a hardship on the members of the platoon and at the same time provide a method for each member to maintain his or her good standing. It is not now, nor has it ever been an attempt to separate the wheat from the chaff. No one is trying to drive anyone away. This entire concept was developed to provide a win-win state of affairs for all concerned.
In order for the volunteer corporation to survive as a whole, the integrity of it's rules and bylaws must be preserved. The rule in question here is the 35% attendance obligation by the members. Those that feel the rules do not apply to them merely work to tear down the organization.

Now another question arises. What are the personal goals of the membership in general? Will the members band together in the true fashion of brotherhood, or will each member now consider them selves an independent entity? What was it Abraham Lincoln said? "A House Divided Cannot Stand". Instead of pre-maturely condemning the platoon plan, members should seek to improve the concept and contribute ideas and efforts to it's success. Nothing is etched in stone, but a comprehensive system needs to be in place.

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joealbero said...

"Nothing is etched in stone."

That's completely untrue. The Chief laid down the law and told everyone this is how it is going to be. You're making it sound as if these Volunteers knew what was coming and played a roll in NEGOTIATING such demands.

You are one sided and way off base here, period. Typical politics on the Eastern Shore. Joe, I think you just laid out who you really are and who you stand behind. It's not a Brotherhood. It's a Dictatorship!

How dare you bring in the "Brotherhood" portion in an atempt to make these men and women feel as if they jumped ship because they didn't follow what the higher up are demanding! Very Sad!

I want it VERY well known, I speak only for myself and NOT for ANY single Fire Fighter. This is MY opinion, not theirs.