Friday, August 24, 2007

Albero Visits Again

Albero's comment

"...Not for nothing Dude but don't you think you could do some good with your Blog other than simply being an anti Albero Blog?

All the years you put in the Fire Department doing good for the community and now all you do is sit there attackinge many of the Posts I put up.

The traffic on that Round-A-Bout on Naylor Mill gets far more traffic than the Fruitland one. Maybe you just need special attention on a daily basis because you're not getting it at home, I don't know?

However, why don't you consider getting off your fat lazy a$$ and get out into the community and do something with your life. Think about it old man, you can't hate everything I say & present and you have to give credit that I'm at least out there trying. Then understand the many thousands of hits I get a day verses your what, 25 to 50 hits a day?

Oh well, once a brown noser, always a brown noser!"

You are pushing the threshold again with the language Albero. I’ll let it ride this time.
Lets start at the bottom and work up.

1) I have never been a brown noser. Brown nosing is done to gain an advantage over someone, with someone. Who am I trying to get over on and with whom? I’m retired. I stand to gain nothing of significance with anyone.
2) I do plenty with my life. I am quite happy with my spouse, my volunteer time with the organizations I belong to, my son and my friends.
3) What I get at home surely beats taking pictures of horses rolling in the mud and out of focus bird photos. Now lets call that one even and keep the personal lifes out of it like you so soundly profess to do.
4) If you had really paid attention to the Fruitland roundabout you would know that it has relieved traffic considerably. The same will probably be true at Naylor Mill Rd.
5) I do more than sit here and attack you posts. I successfully point out to the rest of those reading these BLOGS the inadequacies of your feeble reporting.
6) You get thousands of hits? Prove it! I have no site meter and don’t care to have one. I have no idea how many hits I get and I don’t care.
7) I am doing some good with my BLOG. Otherwise you wouldn’t be commenting and complaining about what I say.
8) In your eyes I may be old, but I have done more good for the community in a quarter of my career than you will ever do in a lifetime trying to tear down Salisbury.

Have a nice day


Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Don't you just LOVE how Runaround Sue doesn't argue with you on the merits of your post, but immediately turns personal?

He never has any facts or useful analysis to provide, just rumor, innuendo, and accusation.

Character Assassination... they name is Runaround Sue.

Anonymous said...

Soapbox if your were a firefighter, I thank you. You have served the public above and beyond your call of duty.

As for JJ's comment: "However, why don't you consider getting off your fat lazy a$$ and get out into the community and do something with your life".

Hey JJ why don't you get out and do something constructive for the community. Taking pictures of dumpsters and people you don't like doesn't cut it. We all know you haven't done anything, because if you had you would be bragging about it and showing us pics of it.

Robinson1320 said...


Soapbox said...

I served in the Salsibury Fire Department Career Division for 28 years. Retired as a Captain. I also was a fire and rescue instructor with the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute for 15 years.

Thank you for your kind words.

soulshine said...

what i find interesting, is jj, aka runaroundsue, referrs to some blogers as old, doe he not think he will age, how sad and small of jj

TomCat said...

You have an excellent blog. You are honest. Therefore, you are Joe's enemy.

Anonymous said...

wow Soap! thank you for your service!! As for JJ....Gun's correct, he always attacks personally.

joealbero said...

Same old names making comments. LMAO!

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Runaround Sue--

Why don't you ask the Guvnah whatever happened with Sade Baderinwa?

Hadley said...

To: He Who Perjured Himself

As opposed to all of those many names making comments at YOUR pathetic excuse for a web log?

Hmm. Let me see.
Wife's (Wife No. 2 that is) daddy.
The Round Mound what that sells soap.
And, well that is it isn't it?
Katie has abandoned you. And we can't count the comments YOU post using one of your aliases.

Hadley said...


Why do you use the word verification feature?

Very few bloggers use it anymore. Since it is a pain in the behind for those who wish to post here, and it offers no advantages for the blog owner, why not disable it for a few days and see if you really need it.

With respect,

Soapbox said...

If you are refering to the comment moderation, it is because I do not allow foul laguage and some of the comments I recieve are quite vulgar. I do not wish them on the site even for short periods of time. I do allow some minor infractions to this rule but only when the comment is worthy of a reply.
I understand your concern and will think about your request.
Before anyone thinks me a "Holy Roller" I assure you I can swear with the the best of you. LOL
If you are not refering to comment moderation, than I am not familiar with the function you refer to.

Historical Wit said...

Runaround Jihad Orbital Alboro couldn't carry your jock without back pain.

And it maybe the same old names posting, but atleast we are all different people, not the same schitzo mind posting self infalting babble.

Luckyduck said...

I happen to like your blog. Joey doesnt cause unlike his stories yours actually have truth included & not just opinion on what you would like to think happened.

Soapbox said...

Thank you Lucky Duck, wit, Gunpowder, jcinsby, tomacat, and all others commenting here with approval. I shall endeavor to continue a BLOG worth reading and I appreciate the kind words and support.

Even with my substandard number of "Hits" LOL

Hadley said...


No, I am not referring to Comment Moderation. I have no problem with that.

I am talking about the "Word Verification" feature. It is the feature that requires a poster, ANY poster, to type in 4 to 7 random characters before they can post.

You can turn this feature off in your blog administrator settings.

It has nothing to do with YOUR ability to moderate.

Right now, before I hit "Publish Your Comment" I must type in oamdmwj.

Sometimes the letters/numbers combination can be difficult to read.

Look for this feature in your admin, disable it, most bloggers (Tomcat, Caughtit, DufaFiles, Idiot!, and others) have disabled this feature. I think you will find it will NOT make a negative impact on your blog, but rather make it easier for people to comment.

Finally, please be assured that I am only trying to be helpful.

With respect,

Soapbox said...

O.K.--Now we are on the same page. I have turned off word verification feature. If there is a problem I'll turn it back on. I don't foresee any problems at all.
Since it's my blog, it was not necessary for me to verify the words and that is the reason I didn't notice.

I certainly appriciate the help.

Hadley said...

I thought it might be that as the blog owner you did not have to "word verify".

Glad I could help.

¿Yh8? said...

same two words I always say...

Why Hate?

(this comment is HATE FREE)