Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fire Department Turf War?

I believe the Daily Times has certainly made this sound much worse than it is. It is quite understandable that Hebron FD would like to keep the territory in question as it could mean a source of revenue for them. On the other hand I am sure they are accepting of the fact when services are being paid for through taxation, that service is expected by those taxed.

Not wishing to reopen the argument about the new Salisbury fire stations location, I will say this expanded territory for Salisbury does indeed help justify a station on the west side.

Annexations are going to occur in all directions from the city core. Neighboring department will again loose territory and the City’s burden will increase. Mutual aid agreements are in place to ease this burden. Possibly there is way for the Salisbury Fire Department and neighboring fire departments to share in the revenue received from target areas. A plan of this sort may already be in place and it is something I am not aware of.

It is not often serious disagreements arise between fire departments in the county and the Chiefs association usually successfully mediates any problems that arise. All concerned realize the end result and ultimate goal is to serve the communities and the citizens.

Wicomico County Fire Departments excel in that endeavor.

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