Friday, August 24, 2007

Responsible Reporting?

Albero certainly is on top of things. The “cell phone directory” hoax has been around for at least two years. Instead of verifying the information as true or false, he simply posted it as Gospel. The same is true with many of his other sources. A reader of his BLOG tried to steer him to a corrective action and Albero response was typical. It’s quoted below.

" A concerned reader sent it in and I passed it on. You do not pay to subscribe here and I do not have time to go to snopes for every single piece of information to please you........

Where is the responsibility in reporting like this?


TomCat said...

Good job on calling him out on that one. Go here for verification:

Joe certainly has time to go around to all the blogs, etc. but can't take time to verify a story? The man has absolutely no credibility

Chuck Norris said...

Joseph's postings are on the same quality of a typical blog. They are not representative of a site with the title "Salisbury News" or any site with the word "News" in the title.

Luckyduck said...

There is none since he is not a real reporter. if he was then his news would be ruthlessly researched before he posted it.

But for Joe its easier to take what he hears, change it a bit, then make that his truth.

Robinson1320 said...

It was just an excuse to say I called him.. back in june... Whats funny is, i thought my wife did it all this time by accident,
Now I noticed he has my number under two different names in his phone. I only have a cell phone. I do not have a home phone. I always said i did not call Albero. Now I know I DIDN'T.
This site is not anti JOE it is the simple truth and Joe "CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH".

Bunker Britches said...

The title of "gossip monger or "rumor monger" would be a good fit for Albero's Blog.
According to the Random House College Dictionary:
gossip - idle talk or rumor. esp. about the personal or private affair of others.
Syn.: heresay; chitchat; scuttlebutt; rumor; dirt; scandle.
gossip monger - a person especially addicted to gossiping.
rumor - a story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts.