Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mr Cannon & The Governor

Albero has a continued attack on the Daily Times over their apparent snubbing of the visit by Governor O’Malley to the Cannon residence last week. Did it ever occur to Albero that what he considers newsworthy might not be so important to those that have far more experience than in the journalism world? I know that such incidents have happened in the past and the Daily Times opts to wait until a Sunday edition to print the story in a forum more suited to give credence to the story. Let’s face it---While it may be a milestone event to the Cannons, and I am sure it is, a governors citation is not that earth shattering. I have no idea when or if the Daily Times will publish the story. I am sure if they do Albero will claim victory in shaming them into it and remind everyone he had the skinny first.

I have know Mr. Cannon far longer than Albero has and I am aware of many of his contributions to the community. I can assure you, publicity and recognition have never been his goal for his good work. If anything I feel sure he was a trifle embarrassed buy all the attention this past week.

Maybe Albero should spend some of his millions and buy out the Daily Times from Gannett. Then he could be the reporter, photographer, editor, and distributor (his paper would never be late and his coffee stale). What a waste of good trees that would be.

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