Monday, August 13, 2007

Angelic Albero

Instead of bring up ancient history from the court records maybe Albero would like to expose something of a more recent nature. More specifically I refer to the charges of assault, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and such against him.

Case Number: 0H00039760Tracking No:061001055566

02Location Code:03
WARRANTIssued Date:07/10/2006
Case Status: CLOSEDC
ase Disposition:TRIAL

Defendant Name:
DELMARState:DEZip Code:19940 - 0000

001Description:ASSAULT-SEC DEGREEDisposition: STETDisposition Date:01/12/2007

STETDisposition Date:01/12/2007

STETDisposition Date:01/12/2007

004Description:DISORDERLY CONDUCTSTETDisposition Date:01/12/2007

005Description:DISTURB THE PEACESTETDisposition Date:01/12/2007

Case Number: 0203SP006352003
District/Location Codes:
02 / 03Filing Date:07/25/2003Case Status:ACTIVE


Complaint Status: ACTIVE

Connection to Complaint:
13036 N SHORE RD
OCEAN CITYState:MDZip Code:21842
Connection to Complaint:


Caughtit said...

JJ, what gives??? This isn't lookin good for you.

Idiot! said...

Albero is Arabic?

Luckyduck said...

It does seem to say that, & he got mad at being called jihad joe, hahaha!

Caughtit said...


Is he confused and refused to pick one??? I thought he was EYE-talian??

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Yeah, I might have to go back to calling him Jihad Joe, since the court has officially labeled him Arabic.

Not to mention... since he has not petitioned the court to change the description, he must agree that he is Arabic.

Sue me now, Runaround Sue!

TomCat said...

The guy is seriously dangerous. Anyone know who the woman is? A fellow blogger?

jtragle said...

FWIW I am not Joe Albero, I'm the former vet for the zoo.

Ms. Jones works for the zoo, or at least she did when I was there and continued on after I resigned. I have no idea if she is still employeed by the zoo.

The peace order stems from Joe approaching Ms. Jones about an issue he had regarding attempts to reach his wife at the zoo by telephone. Mr. Rapp and another employee sought peace orders at the same time and from the same occurence. Those were denied.

I was not present during the incident. However I was in the zoo and in Joe's company the day after (IIRC) the peace order expired. At the time there had been some confusion over the size of the collection. Joe and I went there to take a head count. Interestingly enough the count we took reflected estimates made by Jennifer Albero based upon animal deaths she was aware of and her awareness of the size of the collection from her last days present. Mr. Rapp and another employee had been quoted in the paper previously claiming figures much higher.

When we went back to the Jaguar exhibit Ms Jones emerged from the office and approached us. She then leaned against the fence not 20 feet from our location and remained there gawking at us until we left. She didn't appear at all fearful at the time. The fence BTW is a split rail one and was probably a bit rotten at the time. Hardly a safe zone for a frightened woman.

I can also state that I viewed the document Joe received from the court. It specifically allowed him to bring Jennifer to the zoo and come in to meet with her for lunch etc. It appeared to be a somewhat neutered document as peace orders usually do not permit the defendant to enter the plaintiffs work place.

Make of this what you will.

Caughtit said...

no but I think we shouold leave her alone

Soapbox said...

Thank you for the comments Dr. Tragle. However the fact remains that peace orders are not given out like candy at Halloween parties. There must have been merit to the charge or the order would not have been issued.

JAAB said...

Joe's a bully, plain and simple.
I can not blame anyone for not wanting him on thier property or in their work place.

Idiot! said...

I started to respond to the doctor, but it became worth its own post on my blog. Hopefully it is not too long for this blog.


With all due respect to the Dr, who from what I see is an upstanding gentleman (Aside from the fact that I don’t get your point: She wasn’t running scared from Albero, so an Order of Protection was completely unwarranted? And with all due to respect, what were you doing with Albero in the zoo, the same place he was banned by law, on the day he was allowed back in? You would think that a normal grown man would take a little more tactful approach to re-integrating himself into the zoo again, instead of barging right into said place the moment he was allowed. That action, in and of itself is an extremely disrespectful, antagonistic, and immature move. On second thought, maybe your integrity and judgment needs to come into question.)-

Why does everyone continue to make excuses for this man?

Well, he was concerned about the animals, so he should be allowed to threaten his wife's coworkers and boss.

"Well, he is a little 'abrasive' but he has given the Mayor a hard time and I don’t like the Mayor, so he is a benefit to the community."

This man surrounds himself with co-dependants who allow his ego to get bigger and more unchecked.

He has alienated every single major group in the area, but there are still people that continue to stick up for him. Who out there besides, the two dissenting councilwomen and a handful of Camden Avenue malcontents still support him? How desperate for affirmation is this group that they must associate with Joey?

He is a bully. I’ve gotten in scuffles and disagreements and have rubbed plenty of people the wrong way. From drunk frat boys, to ex-girlfriends, ex-girlfriend’s boyfriends, co-workers, family, etc. I have never had even a fraction of the problems that he seems to have, much less go so far. And as most people that read these blogs can tell, I can be a very unagreeable person and am never without strong opinions and convictions. How can I be bullheaded, Joey can be bullheaded, but how does he have significantly more brushes with the law?

Maybe I am wise and mature beyond my young years(contrary to what my parents, most of my friends, and every old girlfriend has ever said) but I cannot imagine these socialization problems with adults going half as far as Little Joey takes them.

Oh, this is just the Jones incident. Oh, this is just the Chief incident. Oh, this is just the Rapp incident. Oh, this is just the Jannace incident. Oh, this is just the Robinson incident. Oh, this is just the Mayor incident. These have been all out battles, not just tiffs. I have heard excuses for all of them and it pisses me off. These are not singular incidents, these are an interconnected string of events, show a pattern of anti-social behavior that is increasingly erratic and antagonistic. Luckily on these sites we have are able to construct a timeline of events that shows an out of control man on the verge of snapping any day at the slightest provocation due constant excuse making by those around him like his family and the doctor.

Soapbox said...

Actually I believe the incident discussed occurred prior to Albero being banned from the zoo. This was one of many incidents that finally led to the court order and plea bargain agreement put in place after his wife was no longer employed. That aside, I believe the rest of your comment has merit.

Idiot! said...

"I was not present during the incident. However I was in the zoo and in Joe's company the day after (IIRC) the peace order expired."

My comment was directed towards that day after the order had been lifted. The above quote led me to believe that Little Joey had walked right into the zoo as soon as possible, and was not about a previous experience the two shared in the zoo with the claimant present.

If I misinterpreted that statement incorrectly, and the doctor was not in the zoo with Albero the day after the restraining order was lifted, then I deeply apoligize and I will edit my post.