Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Albero plays "I Spy"

Quote from Albero:
“…..Go look at my latest two posts. You're going to be amazed at what just happened at the new Fire Station. That See & Gordy, snagged once again!”

We are supposed to be amazed at what? Amazed because a worker went down in this heat? Amazed because an ambulance was summoned? He must be referring to the equipment being moved on the flatbed trailer.

What part of outdated, old, distressed, useless, un-serviceable, un-repairable, does he not understand? The fire engine and ambulance were basically junk. This entire subject was addressed on July 22nd on this BLOG. Albero apparently has a short memory. What they will be used for now makes them an asset for years to come. Recycling this equipment as a training aid & prop makes a lot more sense than giving it away or selling it for scrap. What do you suppose a simulator cost if bought new? Far more than what is being spent on this transformation I would wager. I know for an absolute fact there is a lot of talent and imagination with in the fire department. That talent will be put to good use transforming this obsolete equipment into new and ever changing challenges for the new and veteran fire fighters. I will bet good money that when it is said and done these training props will be as good as any manufactured anywhere.

What permits were needed to move this equipment. The load is neither too wide or too tall nor too heavy. The photos Albero presented shows the pieces are properly strapped down. Does it require a permit to move this type of freight? The move was far less than a mile and to move it early before traffic became an issue was wise. The time of day does not suggest any wrongdoing.

Albero’s claim if illegality is backed up with absolutely nothing. If Albero is so certain that a law was broken, why doesn’t he cite the section from the Maryland Annotated Code that covers such an infraction? Was a traffic law broken? Is this a DOT violation? Maybe the driver of the truck forgot to use turn signal.

The plans for this to be done have been progressing for months. I doubt seriously if this little operation was even an issue with the council and if it was I am sure it was addressed long before now.

Since when does the city council have the authority to approve or disapprove an engineered project such as brackets used to move or install equipment.
Please, please tell me what is illegal about these brackets.

Maybe the council should make daily treks to the site in order to inspect the mortar used to bond the blocks and bricks.

Why such an emphasis on this being YOUR equipment. Albero makes it sound like something has been taken from the citizens. Look again! It’s not been taken away; it’s just been relocated in order to have legitimate re-birth and life.


wbarrall74 said...

Joe A is a joke! You have a nice life getting up mad and going to bed mad. What does your wife think of you and your obession?
Tell me some thing positive that you and your site has done. For example.. Just today the crain operatior got hurt and you never said anything about his condition. Never once did you wish him well, did you?
Again what ever you can do to make the city look bad you will do it!

TomCat said...

Thank you for the excellent post Soap! I wish I could have said it as well. The citizens of Salisbury owe you a debt of gratitude for bringing clarity to the hilarity of Joe.

TomCat said...

JAAB, what the deal with making your blog private??? I want to be invited! Please??

o w grant said...

The city council are lay people, like most of us. They would have no idea what's safe or appropiate any more than I would. That's why they leave these things in the hands of the experts, and wisely so.

Can you imagine what sort of cock up the whole operation would degenerate into if C & C were supervising the thing? One would want to put the issue aside until she could hold a separate photo op to ask the public (and of course, Fearless Leader in Delmar) if they want the equipment moved this way.

The other would crunch numbers, and then spin them to indicate that the procedure can't be cost effective unless we down size the zoo.

Caughtit said...

Poor JJ, has NO friends, is short, and has a hatered for all optimists.wb, it doesn't matter if the crane operator was wished well or not. In JJ's world, it's "the COPY, DAMN IT"!!! JJ is like his own little National Enquirer

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Except that the National Enquirer gets held accountable when they outright lie and go around defaming people.

Runaround Sue is more like World Wide News.

Inside Looking Out said...

The real kicker is that he gets his jollies by going to all the other blogs and reading any and all comments about him, that's how sick and demented the guy is!!!