Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Albero Trips Again

So tell us Albero, Where from all over the country did these fire fighters come from and what was their purpose of being at the work session? You have made a bold statement to such but then left us hanging there with no explanation or proof that it happened. From your photos I see 6 people in white uniform shirts and I recognize all of them as being from Salisbury Fire Dept. I know fire fighters, and if there were a reason for them to visit from all over the country concerning this fire station they would have most certainly been in uniform as a show of support.

That’s some real breaking news about absence of Gordy’s wedding band also. I shall certainly lose sleep over that one.

Physical fitness has been encouraged with in the fire and rescue services for quite a while. The existence of an on site facility not only makes it convenient for the members but promotes use of the equipment. I have no idea what a membership would cost at the gym across the street from the new firehouse but I would image even with a significant group discount the cost of 190 annual memberships would go a long way to purchasing and maintaining equipment in the station itself. Remember those memberships would need to be renewed annually. It’s my understanding that a liability issue also arises. It is quite questionable whether workman’s compensation would cover any employee or volunteer if they were somehow injured in a private establishment while working out with a city purchased membership. I am surprised you did not think of that since you are such a self-proclaimed workman’s compensation authority. It seems that the question does not present itself at all if the facility is department owned. Any member would also have 24-7 access to the fitness center in the station. Not so with the private owned gym. New recruits are required to pass a physical agility test. Would a private gym be willing to give up a portion of their establishment for the dept to us for a day, or even a half a day to conduct such tests? I am not 100% sure but it is my belief that the Hazardous Material and special operations teams are also require to pass annual physical tests in order to maintain certification. Again the workman’s compensation issue arises. Will the member be covered if injured during a special operation if he or she cannot provide current valid certification? The answer is a resounding NO! Let’s face this fact as well, not all the members will take advantage of the membership offered from a private gym and that too would be a great waste on money. How many memberships does the facility across the street maintain now? Can they accommodate another 190 members? What is the availability of equipment on the average? Is equipment well maintained? I know of several athletic clubs that have come and gone in this city in recent years. How long will the one across the street last? I hope they have a very long and successful life but the fact remains they could fold tomorrow. Equipment in house is there to stay.

I see no reason to be concerned with the absence of Chiefs Sees voice. His presence speaks volumes enough in that he is giving support to the work done by DC Gordy. DC Gordy is after all the project manager from the department at the direction of Chief See. It’s called delegation Albero. It’s an operational function used by military and para-military organizations to maintain a smooth flow of communication and task completion. It is not by any means passing the buck or shirking responsibility. You obviously never evolved past micro managing 101. This only proves once again you have no knowledge of the administrative or field operations of the Salisbury Fire Dept. Nada!
Your rants from left field are merely a result of casual observation and speculation. The lack of factual information contrives the warped and one sided misinformation you have mastered to present without any semblance of true reporting technique. As I stated before, you should educate yourself in such matters before commenting. Until you do---stay in the shallow end of the pool.

One more note. I was not present at the work session but what I once imagined of you has been confirmed. You can hold your head high in knowing that several people found you to be without a doubt the most annoying individual ever in their presence. With your rude remarks, rambling comments and physical presence obscuring sight and sound you have beyond a doubt made yourself #1 in their book. I leave it to the imagination to determine the appropriate adjective.


just hav'n a look said...


Back when the "employees club" was still in existance. FF Dickerson and my self approached Powerhouse about discount program. However, at that time they weren't interested because we could not give them firm membership numbers. With that said we next approached the YMCA in Salisbury. They will willing to let all members career and volunteer of all 3 stations join at a rate of $25 dollars for a Full usage plan and no joining fees..

There were exactly 2 members.. Myself and FF Dickerson... The major complaint was that if they want us to use it. They need to pay for it....

joealbero said...

Considering you get next to no hits per day I'll not waste my time in a lengthy response.

However, I never said there would be Fire Fighters coming in from all over the Country. I said there would be people involved in the PROJECT coming in from all over the Country and that did in fact happen.

Check your reliable sources again you Idiot because I was right and you were wrong.

As for the physical fitness thing, WHAT 190 STAFF? Open your eyes and ears fool, they have next to no one interested in going to that location. Granted, there might be some there when they get started because these fine men and women will be guilted into coming there so fires don't get out of control. Nevertheless, next to no one wants to be there and there won't be 190 Fire Fighters coming there from all over the City to work out, GET A GRIP!

The additional idea I had was to create and support business through membership in a Gym right across the street.

Kind of like the stupid a$$ Safe Room! These IDIOTS told of ONE story across all of America where someone actually used a room like this ONCE! Then there's the thought of there being a POLICE STATION almost next door.

I don't care what Fire Fighter supports that idea. If they do, they too are an Idiot! It's a massive waste of taxpayers dollars and it sends out the message that it should, this place isn't safe! My guess will be that the first person to actually use it will be a Fire Fighter.

See, now you got me to get lengthy after all and I didn't want to give you the additional attention but since you're that stupid, I thought I'd entertain you and your few Guests, like Robinson.

As for the few people that didn't like my reactions while in the meeting, they should have looked around because there were several people catching the same BS from Gordy, INCLUDING Council Members.

Might I add, I don't expect everyone to agree with me. I am NOT your Mayor, your Police Chief and not your Fire Chief. Instead, your leader, your Fire Chief sat there like one of Jerry's Kids stupidly uninformed and clueless. That's the facts, Jack!

Just havin a look, goes to show you no one wants to actually participate and it's a bad investment.

Soapbox said...
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joealbero said...

Oh, Just hav'n a look, I should also add, MAKE THE TAXPAYERS PAY FOR IT INSTEAD, RIGHT?

Please don't take me wrong as YOU did NOT get the proper raises and the Taxpayers should be screwed one way or the other to give back. I'm not joking here either, I mean that.

However, $10,000,000.00 is complete BS and each and every one of you can't argue that, especially where it's located.

joealbero said...

Are you censoring your site. If so, I'd like to get the word out on that. What's the mater, afraid of the truth and looking like the Idiot that you are?

joealbero said...
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Soapbox said...
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Soapbox said...

Since I do not have a site meter I can't say how many hits I have and truthfully I don't care. If you can prove how many hits I have feel free to prove it. At least I don't have imaginary figures to post. Open up your site meter Albero. Let's see what is true and what isn't. Ain't gonna happen is it?

And yes I do censor my site just like you censor yours. I refuse to allow foul language for the most part and I must say you are you are pushing the limit with yor $$ for ss. This is the last comment of yours I will allow using such a format.
Also--I do not call anyone names and I will not publish comments that do such to me. Again you have reached the threshold. If you wish to comment here with opposing views feel free. Keep it clean and decent or I will reject your comments.
Read my very first post. I made it clear from the begining.

joealbero said...
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Soapbox said...

"My guess, you wear pink and sleep with a teddy bear."

Actually I prefer pastel green and itty bitty frogs.

Let me give you a little more to crow about. I'll be man enough to admit a mistake. I misunderstood what you said about people from all over the country.

However the questions remains.
Who were they?
Where were they?
What was their purpose in being there?

You have still offered a bold statement with no explanation.

o w grant said...

You can always tell when Albero begins to lose an argument (which is usually pretty quickly. He switches from defense of his statement to personal attacks on his opponent.
The content of the attack will contain either a homophobic, racial, or misogynistic reference applied to the oponent's personal life. Its the desparate tactic observed in 4 year olds when they reaize they can't keep up with their peers.

JAAB said...

Joe Albereo!
A legend in his own mind.
A clown in the eyes of others.

I for one read your site daily. I never go to Joe's any longer. I read the "All over the country" while scanning the blog ratings site and couldn't figure out what that meant. I even copied and pasted it but didn't post it. I also took it to mean the meeting had firemen from all over the country. But Joe's grasp of the written word is so piss poor that it could mean just about anything so I just dropped it.

Additionally I do not attend the meetings because of this clown and his antics. I'm told by numerous people that even DSC (although she won't admit it publically) is embarrassed by his childish, rude, overbearing foolishness. So b ottom line is what? Replace the rude childish overbearing Mayor with a rude Childish overbearing mental midget? Wow that's really a step up in politics isn't it.

JAAB said...

Grant you are so right....any your mommy wears combat boots! nannyboboo

joealbero said...

o w grant, (Charles Jannace), some of us do go to bed and sleep at night, (unlike crooked lawyers).

Now that I'm back up and around I'd be happy to defend myself. Keep in mind, I don't live on this site.

Soapbox, forgive me for the personal attack, I too was in the wrong?

Give me some time and I'll go through my notes and get you the name of the company and the gentleman's name visiting from out of town. I believe it was the design firm and if you go back to my pictures he's the gentleman sitting to the left of Chief See, that's a fact. I'll get you those details.

As for the Fire Fighters there, they not only packed the room but they also sat in the halls and outside the room because there was no room inside the conference room because so many concerned citizens were there for the rules change Louise Smith dropped.

There were quite a few representatives from the Fire Department there, trust me on that one. You are wrong there too.

Anonymous said...

If you look at my blog site, I posted My ranking compared to Sbynews ranking. JJ your numbers aren't adding up!!

Soapbox said...

"There were quite a few representatives from the Fire Department there, trust me on that one. You are wrong there too. "

How was I wrong? I said "From your photos I see 6 people in white uniform shirts..." I didn't say there were only 6 fire fighters there.

So you see---you also can mis-read a statement.

TomCat said...

Excellent job on proving once again that Albero is full of lies! Maybe he should stay in his own state and stir the pot there!

joealbero said...

You challenged me by making that statement, implying I was wrong or lying. Go look at my latest two posts. You're going to be amazed at what just happened at the new Fire Station. That See & Gordy, snagged once again!

Historical Wit said...

FOr someone who doesn't care about this blog, you are here a lot.

Anonymous said...

It's ALL falling apart for JJ. He spens his days bouncing from one blog to another answer rebuttles of his lame blog.So sad

TomCat said...

Yeah Soapy, he is going to prove once again how ignorant he is. I guess he expects SFD to dismantle and install "new" equipment for training purposes.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see anything in the briefing book for the council work session relating to the fire department moving the training equipment into the building like you said there is Joe. Can you point it out to me?

You said "this work was part of the last Work Session and it has NOT been approved as of yet."

I read all of the briefing book last weekend including the change orders, and did not see what you said is there.

Here is the briefing book for reference.

Anonymous said...

Joe, since you bring up your most recent posts, I shall respond to them here.

The worker standing on top of the wall without a harness is following OSHA standards. The height required for a safety harness is 25 feet. That worker is standing at approximently 22 feet based on the number of blocks. Most likely he is fine and doing nothing wrong.

Hadley said...

How DARE you challenge the GREAT ONE?

O W Grant- are you impersonating me?

So Joe, was there just the one person flown in from all of the county or country (I never know if you spell it wrong)?

o w grant said...

As usual, Albero, you're wrong. I wasn't Jim Rapp last time you attacked me, and I'm not Jannace today.

Contempt for you isn't limited to the tiny circle of individuals you're obsessed with. There's whole world of people who think you're an ass. You have a looooong way to go before you guess who I am.

o w grant said...

BTW, I apologize for the spelling in my earlier post. I was in a hurry to get to work.

TomCat said...

Robert Smith, you are one smart man! Did anyone hear Joe on the radio??? It was laughable!

joealbero said...

Mr. Smith, (or whomever you are)

Perhaps you should look a bit deeper. There were three custome made brackets to support all three pieces of equipment that have not yet been approved for purchase.

Not only have they been purchased, they have already been made without the approval of the Council and installed already.

Sorry Dude, SNAGGED!

joealbero said...

By the way Joe, do leave this Post up for a couple of days. It seems that you're getting plenty of hits off my name, as usual. Feels good getting all those hits, doesn't it? If you want to question me on that, just look at any other Post you've put up and you'll clearly see that I rule. ROTFLMAO!

I'd love to know what ANY one of these people visiting here have done for the City as well? You seem to be defending the crooked people here a lot, even though they've been snagged on a regular basis. That goes for you too Joe. Are you getting a feeling as if you're actually doing something for the community or are you feeling like you're simply feeding these anti Albero people and you're just another pawn?

Anonymous said...


Again, where is the proof that these brackets were not covered by some contract? Where is your proof that they weren't approved?

Until you can prove your allegation, it cannot be believed.

Soapbox said...

I will state again, I have no idea how many hits I get as I do not have a site meter. I have no need to self-satisfy myself with numbers, imaginary or otherwise. The only hits I am really sure of is from you when you comment. Thank you for the attention.

No, I do not feel like a pawn. I offer a more accurate point of view to the issues you raise.