Saturday, August 11, 2007

FD Turf War Grossly Overstated

Lack of education again caused Albero’s brain to surge into speculation mode. Maybe Albero would like to reliably inform us what it is Delmar Fire Dept would have to fight about if a substation was built near the mall. The same situation exists there as it does on the Westside. What the city imposes taxes on it must provide service for. That’s cut and dried. Besides, several years ago the Town of Delmar annexed property all the way south to Leonard’s Mill Pond. Salisbury can’t move any further north along the Rt. 13 corridor and that area shall remain under Delmar’s fire protection.

A good reporter should look into interesting point such as demand for services after annexation according to Albero. Maybe he can find us a good reporter.

Remember this as well. There are Mutual Aid Agreements in place thought-out the county that provides automatic simultaneous coverage by two or more departments if a major alarm is struck. Response is not necessarily the issue. Maybe a good reporter could recognize this and give an accurate accounting of the real question.

I believe the term “Turf War” is grossly overstated here. The situation has been resolved and accepted by all concerned.

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