Friday, February 8, 2008

Albero's Traffic Woes

WOW! Albero posted this photo showing the traffic on eastbound Rt.50 at about 3:30 (or so) proclaiming the folks living in the Camden area are now in danger becuse the new fire station is on the opposite side of the river. This is so unfair to that neighborhood!

Answer me this Albero. How fair has it been to the folks on the westside for the past 130 years or so with the fire station on Church St., and later Division St.? This traffic problem through the city is far from new and it's dilemma works in both directions. Maybe you should take a closer look at the access to the westside from any of Salisbury's 3 stations. There are only 3 routes across the river in town, two of which are over draw bridges that may be open any time. The third, when the bridges are up becomes extremely congested. The next access to that part of town is Naylor Mill Road well to the north. Access to the Camden area from station 1 and station 2 does not require the crossing of a drawbridge and the access routes are many and varied. Yes, there may be a small delay in the Camden area but does it compare to the delay that may, and has been experienced by the westside.

Are you putting the Camden area above the properties on the westside? Is the population of that area any less deserving of rapid fire protection? Kinda' sounds like your being a little biased to me. Maybe just a wee bit racist?
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gull92 said...


Don't forget, his girlfriend Debbie Campbell lives there! She couldn't possibly be exposed to any undue danger, now could she?!

Bunker Britches said...

Albero Racist? Naaaaaahh, not possible considering the objections he has posted on the use of the N-word and the implications and statements of the employees of the Fire Department and EMS being racist. Albero even having one hair racist....... not in this world!! Even if he does pick on poor Shanie Shields time and time again. That is all in good fun since they are such good buddies. Nyuck nyuck nyuck.

Inside Looking Out said...

That traffic congestion has been there in that area for years now and steadily getting worse. Nothing has been done to alleviate the situation by the city or SHA by simply coordinating the lights at Lake St. & 50, Mill St. & 50 as well as Mill St. & W. Main St., Mill St. @ 4 points(Mill,Carroll, Camden,Riverside Dr.). Let's not forget to put S. Division and 50 into the mix as well.

A friend said that one of the biggest problems is the order that the lights turn red and green. The way they are now, they start red at Mill & 50 and go westerly towards Delaware Ave. but the traffic is bottle necking as the more outward lights remain green while cars stack up for the Mill St. light. The solution he sees is that the lights begin red at Delaware Ave. and phase in easterly thus relieving the traffic from stacking up at the other lights.

Add in the fact that I've even noticed that the traffic turning onto Mill from westbound 50 ignore the turn lane light as it goes yellow and keep piling onto Mill St. with the light at Mill and W. Main St. still being red, this causes a backup on 50 itself with eastbound traffic simply stuck waiting for the Mill St. traffic to clear the eastbound lanes of 50.

I'm hoping I've quoted him correct, I think I have and when I heard his explanation it sounded legitimate. His bases of his explanation is that when Mill St. & 50 light turns red, the other lights remain green allowing the traffic to stack up and by the time Mill St. turns green, the traffic is all the way back to Delaware Ave. and takes forever to begin movement.

Until the City and SHA admit that there's a real problem and ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING to alleviate it, it's going to remain a problem.

I'm not saying that I stated the absolute answer, but I really think it's well worth consideration. I'm in no way saying I'm an expert in this field, just tired of myself being stuck in that traffic morning after morning after morning.