Saturday, February 2, 2008

SFD in the Past

Shown to the right are two photos of the Salisbury Fire Department and City Hall located on W. Church St. I do not know when these photos were taken, but I am sure they are pre 1920. The first photo is actually a postcard of the era and shows the building pretty much in it’s original form. The second is a photograph taken from the opposite direction of the first, and you can see that two of the main doors have been replaced with a double door making the entrance to that part of the bay wider. It is my guess this was done to accommodate motorized equipment or possibly it was needed for the extra length of a ladder vehicle, horse drawn or motorized. If I can find out more about this I shall post it.

I do know after the fire department left this building in the late 20’s it remained as the City Hall until the current City/County building opened. For a period of time after that it was used as the Police Station for the City after they left the building across Rt. 50 on Lemon Hill Lane.

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Chuck Norris said...

I saw the building is for sale now.