Sunday, February 10, 2008

Turkey Shoot in Delmar (Updated)

Nope! Albero was not running around downrange. I'll leave it at that.

We had heard that the Delmar VFW held a weekly Turkey Shoot behind their facility on State St. in Delmar. With little else on the agenda today, I and my better half, decided to give them a try. We got there a little early and had an opportunity to meet with the folks that ran the event and I must say we were treated magnificently. They explained the rules of the game, (every place is just a little different) and were genuinely interested in our participation.
Sooooooo- we paid the entry fee for ten regular rounds and waited for the games to begin. As other shooters arrived we were introduced to the regulars and everyone was friendly.

The VFW supplied the shells we used and they were very light loads. This was a refreshing change from some other shoots we have participated in. No-one was getting slammed by recoil and the playing field was much more even for everyone. Another refreshing idea they use—you shoot from inside! That’s right!, inside and comfy out of the wind and weather.

We were held at bay on the prize list until the 5th round when the wife, in a shoot-off, scored a first and brought in a spiral sliced ham. In round six I took a second and tucked away 3 ½ pounds of mild kielbasa sausage. I topped the field in round eight for a package of 10 center cut pork chops and in the final round, after another shoot-off the lady of the house took a strong second for another 3 ½ pounds of spicy kielbasa.

The VFW awards prizes for 3 places in each round for a total of 30 prizes. We brought home 4 of the 30 and that amounts to just a tad over 10% of the total take for the day. Not bad for the first time shooting there. The nice thing about it all is---they thanked us for coming and invited us back!

We will return. Probably not every week but you can believe this will be a great addition to our personal shooting schedule for years to come.

Oh, and just so you know. There is a lot of entertainment factor to be considered in the entry fee. Although we did very well in the prize department, the food we won did not add up to the $70.00 we paid for the two of us to shoot, but the friendship and camaraderie is as they say—“Priceless” Also, each shooter is granted two shots per round for that price and if you are so inclined there are additional “Free for All” rounds for cash payouts as well as “Dollar a Box” & "Five dollars a Box” shot cards.

I should also mention today they offered Beef stew and biscuits for the shooters at “No Charge.” However there is a donation jug set up to help off set the cost of food.

Thank you Delmar VFW. For the service of your members, for the service of your organization, and for the community recreation & friendship you offer and provide

Seven pounds of Kielbasa is a lot of sausage for a family of two, so we decided to share. It seems a memeber of the duty shift at SFD Station 16 today has a definite penchant for Kielbasa and can apprantly prepare it to perfection. Maybe now they won't have to take the Engine to Panera for their supper and the fuel savings will pay for the new Station on Cypress St.

Enjoy the sausage my friends!

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