Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SFD in the Past

Fire fighters from Salsibury Fire Dept work valiently to save the life of an elderly lady removed from house fire in the Fruitland/Allen area. I am not sure of the exact date but it was quite a few years ago. Unfortunately the victim sucumbed to her injuies despite the efforts of Tony Sterling (left) and Fulton Bagwell (right) and an unknown person in the center.

The dedication these two men had for the service is quite memorable. Tony left the SFD several years ago but was without a doubt one of the most influential persons in recent history ever associated with the service. Fulton rose to the rank of Assistant Chief in the volunteer division and was also very knowledgeable & an asset to the department. Sadley Fulton lost a heroic battle with cancer a few years ago and he is sorely missed by family and friends.
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Jocker said...
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Tony Sterling said...

Hey Joe, thanks for the kind words. I think we all did our part in doing what we thought was in the best interest of the Department, you included. I didn't do anymore than anybody else, just made more mistakes which may be why it appeared that way to you. lol! Again I want to congratulate you on what I think is an excellent job you doing, and valuable service, recalling the history of our Department. (btw/ it was me that posted that comment a couple of weeks ago where Josh saved that guy hanging on the side of the hospital.) This is only my second post ever and thought you were suppose to use a fictitious name. Keep up the good work!