Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Albero Breaks the Law!

Yesterday when I went vote at Parkside High School there were signs prominently posted informing everyone to turn off their cell phones and that "No Cameras" were allowed in the voting area. Albero, seeing himself above the law, saw fit to slip in the voting area at Parkside on the heels of a legitimate news agency and proceeded to operate the shutter of his camera. He cleverly did this after he had removed the lens cap from the camera and snapped the pictures in what he thought was an indiscreet manner as it hung around his neck. He never raised the camera to eye level, as anyone would do if taking legitimate photos. He also disabled the flash in order to not draw attention to himself. This is clearly evident by the quality of the photo posted here, which is the same photo he has posted on his BLOG. His actions were noted by one of the voter assistants, but before a voting Judge could be alerted Albero left the room.

Having professed loud and long his "honest and truthful", reporting this blatant act of violating election laws clearly proves he believes himself to be above the law. As a resident of Delaware his presence in a Maryland polling place was completely unwarranted. Had his intentions been honest and honorable, he would have asked the election officials if he would be allowed to take photos for the purpose of legitimate journalism. Knowing that any such request would more than likely be denied he chose illegally snap the pictures and then quickly leave before his presence was noted.

Albero has in the past professed much distaste for persons he believes to be less than honest. Even those that have paid their debts to society have, in his opinion, remained less than honorable in today’s world. Now with this violation of the rules the rest of the citizens are compelled to live by, I wonder what level of dishonesty is now acceptable by "Albero Standards"?

As the readers of this BLOG know I do not allow name-calling and profanity. However since Albero has graciously supplied us with a taste of his true colors, I see no reason a few descriptive words or phrases that the readers may wish to supply in the comment section should be disallowed for this post.

No vulgarity please. Lay it on me!


jcinsby said...

Thanks for clearing that up. I, too, was wondering why an election judge would allow someone to take pictures in a polling place. Voting is one of our most sacred rights and having someone sneaking around photographing people while voting is horrible.

Dude said...

I think we're long past using descriptive words to describe this lying sack of fecal matter. His being is a sad commentary on society today. Nobody should be surprised at all at any action he exhibits. He's about as a low a form of life (if you can even call it that) that I've personally ever witnessed.

Chuck Norris said...

Albero shoulnd't have had access to the voting room...

§ 10-308. Access to voting room.
(a) Individuals allowed to have access to voting room.- An election judge shall allow the following individuals to have access to the voting room at a polling place:

(1) a voter;

(2) an individual who accompanies a voter in need of assistance in accordance with § 10-310(c) of this subtitle;

(3) polling place staff;

(4) a member or other representative of the State Board or local board;

(5) an accredited watcher or challenger under § 10-311 of this subtitle;

(6) an individual under the age of 13 who accompanies a voter in accordance with § 10-310(c) of this subtitle, provided that the individual is in the care of the voter and does not disrupt or interfere with normal voting procedures; and

(7) any other individual authorized by the State Board or local board.

(b) Limitation.- Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (a)(6) of this section, not more than two individuals under the age of 13 may accompany a voter in accordance with § 10-310(c) of this subtitle.

[An. Code 1957, art. 33, § 10-308; 2002, ch. 291, §§ 2, 4; 2004, ch. 317.]

TomCat said...

It just shows he has no respect for anyone's rights. Why was he even inside Parkside since he can't even vote in MD? He has no conscience or life. 17 Posts yesterday. Pathetic.

Historical Wit said...

Legal action?

straight shooter said...

I'm sorry Soap, try as I might I can't come up with anything non-vulgar. Does anyone know what penalties can be given for this violation of law? In addition, he describes how he talked to people going in and coming out. If that was MY polling place, you can best believe he (and the officials) would have gotten an earful had he stopped me.

bud said...

We need to identify the jurisdiction and exact location of the offense and forward the same to the State's Attorney.

Chuck Norris said...


It occurred at Parkside High School.

bud said...

Maybe we should all call State's Attorney Davis Ruark(410-548-4880) to see if he condones this criminal act in his back yard.

Richard Head said...

Is there anything happening with this? Just curious.