Monday, February 11, 2008

Certificate of Thanks to Crisfield Fire Company. 1886

A friend of mine from the Crisfield Fire Department sent this photo as he was sure I would be interested. How right he is. After the great fire that all but wiped Salsibury off the map in 1886 the "Commissioners of Salisbury" sent this thank you certificate to the Crisfield Fire Department for their assistance in fighting that fire. It seems the call went out for assistance and a "Special Train" was rapidly employed to move the horse drawn steamer to Salisbury. I believe another steamer was sent from the city of Wilmington Delaware to assist as well.
Twenty acres of the city was laid to waste by that fire but the citizens endured and the town was rebuilt. The area that burned is today known as the "New Town" area and is in reality the oldest section Salisbury. The entire story of that fire may be the topic of a future post.

This is a photo of the actual certificate and remains in the possesion of the Crisfield Fire Department, and I believe is on public display at their firehouse. Thanks go out to S. Ward for this picture. He has also shared some other photos I will share with you at a later date.
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