Tuesday, February 26, 2008

SFD in the Past

This is a photo of what is believed to be a 1941 Dodge AX Coupe. This was the Chiefs car for the Salisbury Fire Department when Kido Disharoon wore the Chiefs badge for the Department. I'm not sure but I believe Kido in the gentleman pictured to the rear of the car wearing a suit and hat. A reciept for this vehicle is still in the archives at the SFD and the total price paid was $922.00. Extras on the vehicle were a siren, a spotlight, windshield wipers, and sun visors. Paint and door embelms were also extras. I assume the paint was extra because it was a custom color but that is not verified.

The car is being fueled at "Macks Esso Servicecenter" on the cornor of E. Main St and Babtist St.

If anyone is familar with Kido Disharoon please e-mail me. We would like to know more of his history with the SFD as well as his personal life and family.
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Hadley said...

Three, count'em 3, service station attendants servicing the customer's car.

Now THAT was a service station.

Soapbox said...

Yep!--3 of 'em
My guess is the man pumping the gas is "Mack" himself. That's why Mr. Disharoon is standing there with him. After all that was the most "important" job in this operation. The gentleman on the far right is cleaning the headlamps, Now I ask ya--When was the last time you got that kind of service?

Shoot, I'll bet most of the readers here can't even remember having an attendant pump gas, much less check the the oil, clean the windshield, pop a tire gauge on the valve stems, and say "Thank You!---Please Come Again".

Chuck Norris said...

The last full service station around here that I remember was Grants. Boy would that be nice now on cold days.

Hadley said...

"You can trust your car to the man who wears the star..."

Yes indeedy, I remember.