Sunday, February 17, 2008

Friends of NRA @ Delmar VFW

Last night the annual "Friends of the NRA" dinner was held in Delmar at the VFW on State Street. This is the second year the event was held there and as usual the hospitality of the VFW members was extrodinary. They prepared a fine dinner with oven roasted chicken, ham, crabcakes, green beans & mashed potatoes. The food was served buffet style and lines moved quickly as the staff made sure there was always ample supply of food on the table.

The event itself consisted of a silent auction, a live auction, a long table of bucket auction items plus several side games for a huge variety of prizes. The first picture you see here was the "Ladies Table". This was a whole lot of the Fru-Fru stuff that the ladies get excited about. You know what I mean, candles and scents, pretty pictures & stuff.

Here you see a wooden , hand painted Bald Eagle. This statue stands about 19 inches tall and was produced exclusively for "Friends of NRA" by "Big Sky Carvers"

This is only one of 1100 made and each one is numbered and personalized. This was one of the many live auction items sold last night.

The last photo is Ms. Michelle Philips with a bust of Teddy Roosevelt in his Rough Rider garb. Mr. Roosevelt was a staunch supporter of the 2nd amendment and the NRA. Each attendee that purchased sponser tickets recieved one of these busts plus a mini-multi tool, and a "Friends of NRA" cap.

A good time was had by all especially by this household. We won several prizes last night including handgun cases, Leupold folding pocket knife, Longaberger purse and a Remington .22 magnum rifle.

I certainly hope the dinner returns to the Delmar VFW next year. Once again the folks there provide excellent hospitality and service.

Thank You Delmar VFW!

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Bunker Britches said...

I want to go next year. How do I go about it? Join the NRA? If that is all it takes, I'll sign up in a heartbeat.

Soapbox said...

You do not have to be a member of the NFA to attend. We usually get the ticket info in January. If you e-mail me @, I will return to you the name and address of the local contact person. You can drop him a line and ask to be placed on the mailing list.

Early bird tickets were $30.00
($35.00 after 2/10) and Sponser Tickets were $270.00. Sponsers recieve 2 dinner tickets and sponser package.

Bunker Britches said...

Does the $30 (#35) pay for the dinner or just entry? What the heck is a bucket auction?

Bunker Britches said...

I absolutely LOVE the bust of the eagle.

Soapbox said...

$30.00 ($35.00) is the cost of the dinner ticket and allows entry to the event. Tickets for the bucket auction and side games are sold seperately once you get in the door. You cannot come to just play the games, a dinner ticket must be purchased.

The sponsor pack gets a memorial statue, (different each year), a hat. another item of some sort (this year was a mini-multi tool)
and a number of tickets for the bucket auction.

In the bucket auction there are items laid out on a table and each item has a plastic pail with it. If want to "bid" on that item you drop one of your bucket tickets in the pail. After the live auction they drw a ticket from the pail and if it's your ticket you win that item. Each ticet pack has one or more "Bonus" tickets which go into a seperate bucket auction. Those buckets are usually blue and those prizes are usually quite nice, such as the Model 5 .22 mag we won.

I believe the tickets are 5 for $20.00. There are also &50.00 packs and $100.00 packs of tickets. Then there are other side games played all night for many different items. Those game run from $10.00 on up, depending on the prize.