Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kettles, Pots, and Racism

joealbero said...
"YOU keep his Wife, Children and other allegations out of it and they will get Posted. I have been extremely fair but some of you (expletive deleted) want to purposely be suggestive without ANY evidence."

Can the kettle possibly be blacker than the pot?

Also on Alberos BLOG by G.A. Harrison:

"Perhaps Mrs. Shields will one day understand that Lincoln freed the slaves and she can move off the plantation."

A little innuendo there? And it's posted on a site whose owner claims to abhor racism.

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Anonymous said...

How many times has he posted pictures and comments about the Mayors kids and other peoples wives. Gay people, fat people, old people, you name it.
Just because Albero's brother is married to a woman of color Joe thinks that gets him a free pass on not being a Racist. BS
Give me a break!