Monday, February 18, 2008

More on "Friends of NRA" @ Delmar

The bucket auction (shown here) is always popular with the guests. More of a drawing than an auction I suppose but the items up for "Bid" are always nice and are of good quality. Knifes, scopes, binoculars, gun cases, & knapsacks are just a few of the things to found on these tables.

50/50 tickets are sold for much of the evening and as I remember the take for that this year was nearly $500.00. Side games are set up at several tables as well as "roaming" games around the room. Yes--there always seems to someone asking for money but again the prizes are of good quality, and after all it is a money raising event for the programs sponsored by the "Friends of NRA". Many of the programs I am speaking of center on youth shooting sport and firearm safety. Want to know more about "Friends of NRA"? Check this link:

This picture was taken early on in the evening. By the time all was said and done there were over 120 folks at the event. The dress is casual and so is the atmosphere. It's a good time to see familiar friendly faces and old friends.

Notably absent this year were Dave & Shelia Watson of "Daves Sport Shop" in Quantico. I'm sure many of you remember them as their business was really an institution on the lower shore. Dave and Shelia always supported the event and were heavily involved with putting it on each year. Dave & Shelia closed the SportShop last year shortly after this event and moved to Colorado to retire. They are certainly missed.
Also absent this year was the local artist Mr. Robert Barnes of West Ocean City. Mr Barnes has for several years donated an original painting to the event which always brought a tidy sum. I know Mr. Barnes was not in the best of health and possibly this event was more than he was able to handle this year.

Joe Dixon of Delmar fills his plate from the buffet table. Patrons to the event moved down both sides of the table as the VFW members kept the food coming. I don't believe there was any hesitation in the line and everyone had plenty to eat. Chicken, ham, crabcakes, veggies and rolls were the fare for the evening and it was grand.

Once again I have to commend the VFW members for providing a great evening for all to enjoy.
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TomCat said...

I didn't see Joe in any of your pics. Was he not invited or too afraid to come. LOL! His blog has been off line for a half hour tonight that I know of.

Soapbox said...

Nope---Albero was not present. I will say his name was mentioned several times, but not in a complimentary way.

Bunker Britches said...

Which Reminds me.... YOU went to Delmar....... Albero's kingdom without a police and lawyer escort after his threatening you? Are you nutz??? Knowingly going that close to the Mighty Albero's stronghold!!! And I'll bet you didn't even tiptoe through town.
NYUCK Nyuck, nyuck!!!!

Soapbox said...

And heres another flash for you BB.
I went back on Tuesday to cash in the lottery tickets I had won! Not only that I went up to Bryan & Brittingham to make a purchase. LOL