Monday, February 25, 2008

Albero the Attorney Part Deux

So let’s take another look at this. In my original post I stated that Mr. Todd had officially placed handgun charges on Mr. Davis Ruark. I did so after reading Albero’s post on his BLOG in which he accused Mr. Todd of being despicable and not adhering to the “brotherhood” of law enforcement. With those accusations in place I proceeded to express my take on the situation without delving into its particulars. For that I apologize. But then again, I was merely commenting to inept drivel Albero professes to be fact.

It has come to my attention that Mr. Todd did not charge Mr. Ruark with the handgun violation. The OCPD did so after conferring with Mr. Todd and obtaining an understanding of the current laws covering the situation. In my opinion this was a commendable effort on the OCPD as it now shows they wish to remain above board and to be certain of charges they prefer. Does this make them evil or vindictive against Mr. Ruark? Absolutely not.

It is the OCPD that has taken the high road on the issue and have chosen to be overt. There may well be arguments for both side of the issue especially that of “professional courtesy”, but by taking the action they have the OCPD has placed themselves well into the realm of legitimacy and that is a much easier battle to fight than that of malfeasance.
By conferring with Mr. Todd before being hasty shows a concern to correctness. It is the job of OCPD to make the charge without prejudice, it is the States Attorney’s concern to prosecute or dismiss the charge.

This only makes Albero’s accusations of desperation and despicable attitudes towards Mr. Todd even more preposterous.


Salisbury News & Views said...

I've been reading all kinds of "stuff" about Davis Ruark during the past couple of days. It amazes me how someone with such ill-repute could hold a public office let alone be walking the streets.
He's screwing his help!
He's screwing his help that is married to a state trooper!
He's on drugs!
He's left his wife and kids!
He's a drunk!
He's a drunk carrying guns!
He's taking "gifts" under the table!
He's a snake!
He's this, He's that!

What he is.......He's States Attorney for Wicomico County. He deals with the dregs of our society. He puts them in jail when possible. He lives with the constant knowledge that these criminals or their family members may try to take him out. Or worse harm a member of his family.
He carries a gun damnit, probably sleeps with it too. So What! I for one don't blame him, I would do the same thing if I were in his position.
I can not understand how David Ruark can be sooooooooo terrible a person. He's been the States attorney for as long as I can remember. If I'm not mistaken (I may be) he's a democrat. He must have been doing something right all these years to remain in office in this decidedly republican county.
There are many important issues in our community and in our country. I just don't see why this unfortunate incident should get so much air time. We all know his career is over as States Attorney and it is a shame for it to end this way. Let's give the man an opportunity to get his life together and move forward. We all would expect the same courtisy if we were in his shoes.

Salisbury News & Views said...

PS you spelled Attorney wrong.
Far be it for me to criticize. I flunked spelling

Soapbox said...

"PS you spelled Attorney wrong."

Thanks SN&V

It was late and past my beddy-bye time.

TomCat said...

Where is Outraged Richard, he should be having a blast with all this stuff!