Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Albero's "Shadow Jounalism"

Albero has some “Massive Breaking News” concerning the apparent theft scheme with Ray Lewis and some employees at Wicomico County Solid Waste & Recycling Center. I have nothing to offer on the issue itself but I feel Albero has once again exposed his posterior in another of his “Heard it Here First” self-ego boosts. He has, in the past, cried long, loud and hard about his family being included in the blather that he himself creates. Yet, in this so-called “news” he so urgently publishes, he has seen fit not only to mention Mr. Lewis’s parents but to photograph them as well. Not that this in itself is any violation of privacy necessarily, but Mr. Lewis‘s parents as of yet are not charged (so far as I can tell) with any wrong doing in this case. Therefore why is their presence so prominently noted?

It’s not just Albero’s photo and ever so subtle insinuation and casting of shadows that makes this notable, as it is the comments that accompany his posts. Comments are both pro and con about the parents but until or unless something is officially documented about their involvement, if any, they should be excluded from any conjecture in this matter

Albero continues to allow comments that are defamatory to persons not yet accused of any wrongdoing. It's not like these comments are posted automatically because Albero claims to moderate hundreds of comments daily. Why does he allow such inflamatory invectives? Right or wrong the Lewis family has the right to personal privacy on this issue. Although Albero has not made any accusations concerning Mr. Lewis’s parents himself, he has once again provided and allowed a forum for others to cast dispersions on those who may be innocent.

I’ll bet his little chest is bursting with pride while he basks in his counterfactual sagacity.


TomCat said...

May we all be there, cameras in hand, when the day finally comes and they take Joey away.

Bunker Britches said...

We can all hope that they do take him away.... but, I don't think it is either illegal or commitment eligible to have an over inflated ego or sense of self importance or exaggerated sense of entitlement unfortunately, there is not a pill or shot to cure it either.