Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Christine Sheddy

There is a tragic mystery afoot in Pocomoke MD. It seems last November Christine Sheddy of Bowers Beach DE. was visiting friends in Pocomoke when on the 13th she went missing. Without a trace, unexplainable, she simply disappeared, leaving her three children with the friends she was visiting. Her disappearance was reported in a timely manner and the details of her visit and other pertinent information was forwarded to authorities.

It seems to become even more tragic if the reports of impropriety with in the sheriffs department concerning this case are true. It seems virtually nothing was done to advance the investigation for over a week and little new information has come forth since.

I am not close to this incident in the least but I have been asked to share this information as a service to the family. It is hoped that the more information and posting that can be made on this case the better the chances of getting answers. There is a reward of $5000 offered for information leading to the finding of Christine. If anyone has any information, please contact the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office.

As a final note I will add there have been some allegations made concerning Ms. Sheddy’s character and past. As in any case such as this the validity of such allegations are questionable at best. I ask everyone to look past those careless statements and consider what is absolutely real, that being, Ms. Sheddy is a human being and is missing. There are three children without a mother, and there is a family grieving for closure.

If anyone has any information, Please---Please come forward.

More details to this story can be found on "Off the Cuff" BLOG. A link to that that BLOG is in the link list to the left.


TomCat said...

Thank you for helping this family. Outraged Richard posted so many horrible things on my blog, I had to delete them all.

christines mom said...

Thank you for posting this story. We can use all the help we can get. I am deathly afraid that everyone will forget Christine. Please help me to not let that happen.

angelina1075 said...

I have been following Christine's story since shortly after it happened through a missing person's link on
I just want to say that my heart goes out to Christine's friends and family, and I keep praying for her safe return home ... especially for the sake of her two little boys.
Christine seems like a beautiful, free spirited and creative young woman just trying to make it for herself and her young sons.
I will continue to do my part in reposting her picture and her story wherever and whenever I can.
Thoughts and prayers are with Christine wherever she may be and with those who love her. .....