Friday, February 15, 2008

Another Illeagal Photo?

Albero proclaims to have been at the location for the Harris victory party last Tuesday when the word was recieved of extended voting hours. Although not specificly stated as such the photo at right certainly appears to be a polling place. Once again the quality of the photo shows the flash as being dis-abled as not to draw attention to himself as he snapped the picture.

Harris must be very proud to be associated with such a individual that considers himself above the law. So much for Albero's family values and honesty.
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Malabei said...
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Soapbox said...

Nice try "Malabei"

My virus protection captured your infection.

joealbero said...

Steal another one of my photos and you will be sued. This is your last warning Joe Perdue.

Another crooked Fire Fighter with a reputation of being a thief. You do not have my permission to use my photos and if you ever title something again suggesting I'm breaking the law you will be sued so bad you'll never financially survive.

Grow up Joe or go broke. Just try me one more time and you'll see what I'm talking about. You may think this is FUN for now but you won't be laughing when I sue you. You've been warned.

Soapbox said...

Bring it on Albero.

Thought you didn't visit this BLOG anymore. LIAR!

Run Around Sue said...

Sue Sue Sue! I'm gonna Sue!

Bunker Britches said...

Albero posted his photos in a public forum, you copied the photo and gave him credit for the photo, how is that stealing?
How is this defferent than Albero posting copies of news print from the Daily Times or other newspaper as long as he states the origin? I haven't seen any copyright notices on his, or any blog that I have visited.
Gee, I thought I knew you pretty well, I didn't know you had a reputation for being a thief. What am I missing?
Speaking of being sued.... Did you or any of the identifiable individuals in Albero's photos sign model releases to allow their photographs to be published on a public forum?

straight shooter said...

Wow Joe P! As Joe A is a person of utmost integrity and would never, ever steal photos from anyone else or pass work off as his own (even AP stories), perhaps you should listen to him. I wonder if the lawyer that calls you will be the same one that called me?

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Joe P,

If he tries to sue you -- if he can even find a real attorney -- count me in to start helping you raise money for a Legal Defense Fund.

Unfortunately, Jihad Joe doesn't understand that copyright does not prevent the use of his photos on your blog site, since the Fair Use provisions clearly cover COMMENTARY and CRITICSIM.

But what do you expect from a vacuous blowhard-- the king of flourescent light condoms.

He is a poster child for a prophylactic.

Richard Head said...

Soap....let us know where we can contribute to the "legal" fund. LOL. You're a real winner Albero. A fat liar too!

Hadley said...

Oh, Delmar Dayglow, YOU HOO, you is full of Doo Doo. Everyone knows that your threats are empty and hollow.

Go and hide in the bathroom.

Hey Shooter, when that lawyer called you did he leave his name, or just say "I am the lawyer for the Delmar Dayglow."

bud said...


Seriously dude, when are you going to learn that no one around here shudders at your threats? As far as many of us are concerned, you're an absolute nobody. And just to refresh your memory, you lack any leg to stand on in this matter. My response to you a couple weeks ago(linked below) explains all that's necessary in cases such as this.

Davis Ruark should review the picture itself carefully and file appropriate charges if applicable. In the meantime, go entertain your couple of followers. Unlike them, we aren't impressed by your tough guy talk.

Oceanshaman said...

Here we go again . . . too funny . . .

Dude said...

Wow. Who didn't see yet "ANOTHER" lawsuit coming. I mean, it's been a couple of weeks since he tossed threats Bud's way. I got a few coins in the piggybank. Let me know where to send them!

This is hilarious. JoeBlowhard is going to bust a vein soon.

TomCat said...

Hey Albero, you ever hear of law suit abuse? It's idiot's like you that tie up the court systems and waste taxpayer's money. No wonder we have so many gang running wild around here! Soap borrows one of your pictures and that makes him crooked? Look at all the illegal and "borrowed" work that has been on your own blog. . . Oh, right you are above the law . . . my bad!