Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Stay Out of Maryland

Westboro Babtist Church has been sent an $11 million message. Go here for details.


Richard Head said...

This has to be the most disgusting group on the planet. They make Al Qaida look like boy scouts. I don't know if the gentleman will ever see a dime of that money but I sure hope that those IDIOTS are gone.

karen said...

Good. They got what they deserved. They didn't care to live by the rules of God or decency, but perhaps they will think again before creating such chaos. Somehow I doubt it though, they will not stop until picketing becomes a crime...but thanks to our soldiers (alive and dead), it won't.

Sooper Trooper said...

Yea. Protesting against those whose who are protecting the same freedoms these clowns are excerising. These people sicken me using the name of God in vain for such displays. I've got a feeling God will have some special treatment for these folks on judgement day. At least I hope he does.

Salisbury News & Views said...

These "Christians" make me sick! No God fearing person would ever do what these sick individuals have done. Personally I think they need to be shipped out of this country on a paper-mache boat!

If they don't pay I say the family takes the land, church and other properties, auction it off and give the proceeds to the children of our fallen heros.

Salisbury News & Views said...

I Agree Sooper Trooper,
Like......Down Elevator!

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

The experts up here working for the O'Mally Gazette are saying that these non-Christian Kansans might appeal.

They leave out one important fact: if they appeal, it goes to the 4th Circuit, which is one of THE MOST conservative circuits in the country. They will not likely be swayed all that much. And at the Federal level, appeals can really only be made based on procedural issues, not factual ones.

Plus, the Snyders can move immediately to begin collection efforts against this so-called "church". If nothing else, this will choke off their ability to do this to anyone else.