Thursday, July 12, 2007

Where's Albero?

What has happened to Albero? No late night posts yesterday and now this morning there aren't any new posts. I certainly do not idolize the man, but with out his drivel none of the other BLOGS have anything of interest. It takes from my morning routine when his posts are late. It tough to get myself started without my morning chuckles.

Surely he has not been silenced by counsel.


Anonymous said...

Here is a novel idea... how about trying to keep an open mind. It seems to me there are only two avenues of thought in the Eastern Shore blogging world... for or against Joe. But then again it’s your soapbox and you can say whatever you want about anybody... oh and good move being anonymous, you wouldn't ever really want to be accountable for what you say. And before you play the "your anonymous card" I only comment, I don’t have a blog spouting my views.

Soapbox said...

Your right! It's my soapbox!
How is it you see my mind closed. I merely asked a question and made comment.

By the way---Welcome to my soapbox.

Michael said...

He's back, talking about the Council meeting last night.

As for other blogs, I thought I had something of interest myself, just not one pertaining to Salisbury directly.

But I'll add a link to your site anyway.

TomCat said...

Love it! Nice to see more people get into positive blogging.

Anonymous said...

And before you play the "your anonymous card" I only comment, I don’t have a blog spouting my views.

Uhmmmmm, Anonydude, every time you answer a blog you post your views. That's what a comment is!

JJ is .....where? I think we need to ankle bracelet him....for the safety of all.

Anonymous said...

as a mater of fact, i too, missed jj not posting for my morning routine, it jammed me up... without his post how can i move on to the other blogs for my daily entertainment before the real world begins for me.

Anonymous said...

Oh my...Mr albero is feelingg the heat. he has a new post out bashing everyone and apparently YOU are Barrie. O JJ, feeling like you're losing the limelight?? my my my, must be sad.

Oh BTW'e no longer a virgin.

Soapbox said...

Oh BTW'e no longer a virgin.

Darn---and I was saving it for someone special.