Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pittsville Diner Still Has Its Place

Still has its place?
Albero makes this statement as if to say he concedes to the existence of this diner but if it went away---so much the better.
He is entitled to his opinion.

I have patronized the Pittsville Diner for more years than I care to remember. I have seen wait staff come and go. I miss some of the ladies that have waited my table and I have been elated that I only had to tolerate others for a short period. And I will say that this is not the only establishment I have had this experience.

I can say this about Pittsville Diner. The food quality has always been exceptional. Be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner I always knew what I ordered would be more than satisfactory.

The décor? I have no problem with that. I am not a NASCAR fan but I see no reason for condemning the management for choosing that theme. I am sure many folks are not fire fighters or fire buffs but that does not stop them from enjoying the theme of Station 7. I know for a fact Albero is not remotely close to being a fire fighter but he openly admits to patronizing Station 7. I am not a super sports fan either but I have been known to dine at “Break Time”, a well-known Sports Bar & Grill. I dine occasionally at the Wicomico Yacht Club and enjoy the nautical theme and camaraderie but,---- low and behold, I do not own a boat.

I have been to Station 7 restaurant. The food is good. The décor is interesting and is of a subject dear to my heart. But ---it aint nothing to write home about.
It truly lacks the down home personal touch that Pittsville Diner has. The extra little attention just wasn’t there. I didn’t feel rushed to finish the meal, but I didn’t exactly feel like I was welcome to enjoy a refill of iced tea or another cup of coffee.

I will go to Station 7 again on occasion. I do not think the place to be stellar by any means, but so far I found it satisfactory.

I have however found Pittsville Diner to be very homey, price friendly, consistent and of exceptional quality. I shall continue to patronize them on a regular basis.

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pb said...

I'm with you Soapbox....been stopping in Dave White's Pittsville Diner for many years, and will continue....whether passing through the town on business or out on a weekend jaunt with the better half...we often take Old Ocean City Rd. to avoid the touristas...lunch (homemade soup and ribeye steak sandwiches {greasier the better}) are to usual order. All the old time places like that are gone....the Oaks, B&G, Shelton, Acorn, the Hut are all gone....now its pre-pressed imitation beef with a secret sauce....kids today don't know what they've missed out on.